A Second Chance

As the lights in the theatre dimmed, she took my hand and put it between her legs, under the black dress that I didn’t know she was comfortable being in it at all. Not only was it short, the hems flared easily to her every twists, making me worried about her insecurity.

Guiding my hand over her silken panties, she pushed my middle finger into her ass crack to feel a hard, solid bump. Wondering what it was at first, my curiosity was soon answered once I fiddled with it for a bit. It was a butt plug, that I knew she never had the courage to even attempt.

Throughout the whole movie, I was hooked on the way she squirmed whenever I tugged at it, while she rubbed her clit profusely to alleviate her cravings. By the end of the show, her panties was completely drenched that she had to take them off, for a long trip home on the train and bus.

By the time we stepped into the lift up to her place, her lips were all over me, with her hands in particular, desperately trying to get into my pants. As much as I wanted to relief the tension in my underwear, I didn’t want to do anything in public. It didn’t take long for her to challenge that when she dragged me into the stairwell at the end of the corridor, to finally free my cock from suffocation.

Without saying a word, she sat me down on the steps and went on her fours, sucking me in an eager manner that I have never seen before. While my head was bombarded with pleasure, she stuck a hand down her legs and fingered herself, an act she seldom perform in front of me.

Once she got herself too sexed up to concentrate on sucking my dick, she turned her ass towards me and wriggled playfully, a open invite for me to remove the plug for her. I did just that and helped her up on her feet, moving over to the railing where she stumbled to for support.

Resting her chest on the shiny, metal rail, she then used one hand to split an ass cheek apart, before her other hand went between her legs to grasp blindly for my cock. Unsure of my suspicion, I let her put the tip of my cock into her pussy for a few thrusts, thereafter pulling me out to replace it at her asshole.

Wet as my cock was, it still ached a little when I popped the small head in. The process to get all of me in was a long and slow one, filled with groans and pauses as she quivered non-stop to our first, anal tryout. After two, painful minutes, I was able to gently slide my cock in and out of her anus, assisted by the continuous thrusting motion of her fingers at her pussy.

Doing my best to be as gentle as I possibly could, there exist a constant need to squeeze my ass to maintain my peak hardness, while shoving my dick up her asshole. In time, we got the hang of it and found ourselves at the usual, fucking speed, banging our brains out for what that was worth.

Our forceful, intense sex soon weakened her grip on the railing, falling us on our knees when she received yet another orgasm that resulted in more bodily fluids leaking out of her pussy, onto the wet patch we were kneeling in.

Not more than a minute did we last in the the impromptu, doggystyle position, when my body crossed the point-of-no-return for that orgasm that has been accumulating since my entry into her ass. At once, my cock flooded her innards with strong, powerful squirts of cum she giggled silly to, at the same time rubbing her clit to milk every last drop out of me.

Unlike how I had to forcefully ‘popped’ my dickhead into her ass, she ‘pooped’ me out effortlessly, clean of any stains I had expected to see. After cleaning up as best as we could, we headed back to her place and showered thoroughly, for another round of bathroom quickie.

Back in her bed, she kept her mouth busy on my dick for the whole time I cleared whatever unfinished work. It wasn’t until she rode me halfway that she started crying, for an explanation that I surely didn’t expect such an interesting night to end up with.

For one, I wasn’t the type that would ‘fight’ to keep anyone in my life. So, when she still decided to return to me, continue being my beloved, and let me make love to her, my grace has already extended way past her one-night folly.

Since that night, she gradually turned into, what you would call, a sub, that fulfilled every of my kinks and fantasies. In return, she was allowed to ‘catch up’ with any guys she had in mind, under my supervision and strict vetting process.

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