The Three of Us

‘Cher (abbreviation for teacher), you won’t tell in on us right?’

‘I can’t, can I?’

In the comfort of my car, I relaxed my back as Veronica and Jacey, seated on one side each, took turns jerking and sucking my cock, unlike what other girls at their age were supposed to be doing.

It all started a week ago, when I received a video clip in my WhatsApp, depicting explicit scenes involving a very young female body. Without thinking much of it at first, I deleted it and blocked that number, only to receive another the next day, showing a different girl, with the text ‘unblock 8237****’.

Weighing the dangers of possessing child porn and the implications the girls might get into, I began communicating with both numbers, in a group chat that linked them as ‘best friends’. Within three days, there were eight videos, two of which showed them masturbating each other.

At one point, I couldn’t help but suspect that the girls were coerced into those acts, impulsively waiving all my humanly rights to get even with those people.

As per their instructions, I waited in my car below a predetermined, housing block near the school I taught in, until two girls approached and let themselves into the backseat. It was then I realised that they are my students, in a secondary two (average age of 14) class. If anything, they were the most pleasant girls who are best friends.

‘Come sit in the back. Between us.’

Determined to catch the mastermind, I obeyed what Veron said and climbed between the front seats to them. Jacey then put a GoPro on the gearbox, to record how they undid my pants, and fondled my man parts until I was hard as rock. All the while, I was looking around sheepishly, more reluctant to get caught than catch whichever asshole forcing those two diligent girls to film their acts.

I couldn’t felt any more guilty when the girls squealed in shock, to see my fully-erected penis twitching in their hands. Without hesitation, and in some excitement, Jacey, the skinnier of them took my cock into her mouth, sucking at the tip until I was groaning for her to stop. Veron, the street-smarter one, wrapped her fingers around my shaft and jerked while her bestie slurped me up eagerly.

Their two-pronged ‘attack’ made things so unbearable so quickly that I had to stop them, before I blew my load. Instead of stopping, they actually swapped their roles and went down on me until I groaned helplessly to the orgasm pumping Veronica’s mouth full of cum.

Halfway through my on-going ejaculation, Veron had to put Jacey’s mouth over my cock to hold all of what I had stored. A few more seconds later, the squirting died down and I watched the girls kissed to balance their ‘loot’, before swallowing. Their interlocked hands returned to my semi-hard cock and squeezed the last drops straight into their mouths.

(Jacey exclaimed) ‘Mmm! Yummy right?’

(Veronica agreed excitedly) ‘Yupp! Taste nutritious!’

They left my car as casually as they got in, leaving the exhausted me no mess to clean up. Messages then resumed bombarding the group chat, lastly revealing their sexual desires for me. As troubled as my mind was that night, their ‘extraction’ put me to sleep earlier than I wanted to.

At 5pm on the very next day, we met at the same place, but drove to a heavy vehicle carpark since it wasn’t dark enough. Like the day before, they put the GoPro on the dashboard, aimed at the mentally-disturbed actors in the porn flick they would send to me after.

Jacey went first, going on her knees over my lap so she could stuck her ass out at the camera, to remove a butt plug from her pussy. In that position, Veron took my cock out and covered it with saliva from all of us, for the unimaginable penetration of my cock, into Jacey’s, smallest, tightest pussy.

Her face, voice and body language told me of so much pain and discomfort, but she never failed to maintain a trembling, pleasurable smile with each centimetre going inside her. By the time all six inches were engulfed in her youthful embrace, I was hurting at where her labia was. I could feel her pelvic bone pushing against me, yet she still wanted to move.

After struggling to ‘ride’ in that low ceiling, I put her down on Veronica’s side, against her bff’s chest while I fucked her in missionary. As advised, I ignored her grunts and screams as I rammed my cock into her, secretly happy that it hurt (me) too much to cum. For the five minutes I could endure, I went all out at her, wrecking her sanity until she went quiet.

Veronica, unlike Jacey, was easier to enter. To my surprise, she managed to fit herself in the space between the front seats, although she had to raise her body on her arms (as it is wider on top). I couldn’t be more glad for a more developed vagina, making it overly pleasurable for me to fuck her voice hoarse in doggystyle.

In the midst of her screams and exasperated breaths, her elbows slowly gave way and I ended up pounding her sideways, taking advantage of her ‘trapped’ situation. Five minutes later, my cock and brain sounded off the alarm specific for raw, intense sex with girls I shouldn’t be in.

A single jerk detached my cock from her gaping hole, and further cockblocked by the need to free her from the clutch of the seats. We returned to our seats and I laid back for two sex-toxicated ladies to suck-jerk me off. To be honest, after going through the unspeakable torment of their 14yo pussies, I didn’t feel bad at all bouncing their heads over my groin for ten minutes.

To finish the car sex proper, I fed them equal portions (as best as I could gauge) to them, and tidied the ‘crime’ scene. While they slept in the back, I drove the car to the block we first met under, and rubbed them awake on their clits.

To this day, long after they graduated, I got married, they got boyfriends, I got kids, they got married, the three of us would go for thirty-minute-long ‘rides’ that would strangely leave us tired, but energised for life’s lemons.

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