Knitted Too Closely

You could say that I wasn’t actually thinking, when I made out with the figure lying next to me in bed. The glasses of wine I had at my sister’s best friend’s wedding rendered me so weak, that I didn’t do anything else but stripped down to my boxers the moment I stepped into my room.

I couldn’t have asked for more when I felt her hand going into my boxers, holding my half-erection so gently in her palm while stroking it slowly. Like the gentleman I was, I reciprocated by running my fingers up her arm, until I confirmed the absence of any bra. Cupping my hand on her ample bosom, I gave it a squeeze before my index and thumb located the nipple, where I rolled them carefully in my fingers.

Hearing the moans in my ear, that could be the best thing that happened that night. I slid my hand lower down her body just when she started jerking me quicker, forcing exasperated groans out of me at the same time I pushed my middle finger into her clit.

The both of us just moaned and twitched as our lust for each other intensified, signal being the erratic and uncontrollable shivers she got during an orgasm.

Like clockwork, her legs went over my legs and I automatically laid flatter on the bed, leaving her to put my manhood where it belonged – inside her pussy. I remembered smiling ever so slightly when I found my cock buried in the narrow, but relaxed vagina, fitting so ever snuggly around my hardened rod.

When she began grinding her hips on me, I felt more relaxed than ever, having no other job to do except to enjoy the ride. I didn’t feel much anywhere else except on my cock, where her vaginal walls tightened and loosened, as orgasms came and went for about two times.

At one point, her warm, sweat-covered chest touched mine and I lazily rolled us over, so she could take a breather under me. I didn’t even lift my body up when my hips started ramming, right up the pussy that I was forcing apart with each thrust.

I couldn’t have expected the moans, that sounded so sexy and implorable, to drive me even crazier. I grabbed her ankles and held them wider, while twerking my waist even harder. In time, her legs broke free of my grip and locked itself around me, causing me to lose control in an unbelievably tight hole.

My body just kept pounding her, getting more violent with each orgasm she received. When it was time to unload my seeds, I called out my demise and tried to raise myself away from her, only to roll over sideways, still trapped between her legs.

In the confusion to break free from her, she managed to roll us back into the cowgirl position, where she rode the cum out of me. Nonetheless, I held nothing back when I ejaculated my full load into her suction-type pussy, pinning my hopes on the effectiveness of the morning-after pill we would definitely need to get.

Once the deed was done, she got off my cock and pulled the blanket over me, leaving me to go back to sleep almost immediately.

The next morning, I woke up with a completely clear mind, possibly due to the alcohol and sex that drained me thoroughly. After a sumptuous breakfast, my plan to tidy my room was interrupted by my sister, who needed to go to the clinic.

For a morning-after pill.

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