Just as Maeve was sitting down on my cock in the handicap toilet of the mall that was half-open for its late night movie-goers, the door suddenly swung open for a group of two guys, and one girl to barge in with a similar, kinky mood like us.

Our worst fear, of forgetting to lock the door in the heat of the moment, came true when the three of them stared at our cowgirl stance intently. Instead of dashing out the door, Maeve turned the both of us towards their direction, giving them a front-row show of her riding my cock in pleasure.

To my shock, she reached for the guys’ groins and stroked them through their pants, while tugging at their belts to let them understand her plan better. The girl, came over to my side and fondled Maeve’s DD cups, turning her on so much that I could feel her tighten around my dick.

It wasn’t long before she had her hands full with two Malay dicks, throbbing wildly to the playful teasing of her fingernails. Halfway through their handjobs, the girl took my hand and was about to put it between her legs, but not before Maeve could stop her.

Instead of my hand, Maeve offered hers after she put one of the cocks in her mouth, sucking it at the same pace she rode me and fingered the girl. Somewhere between, one of the guys had enough and turned his attention to the girl, leaving his friend to get his little head sucked sore while Maeve continued to ride me.

At one point in time, I couldn’t watch her do this for me anymore and got up from my seat so she could bend over the outward-swinging rail for me. Wasting no more time, I shoved my cock into her pussy and hammered her mindless, hoping that she would hold out until he, or I, came.

Suddenly, the guys swapped their positions and Maeve had to take a pussy-juice-covered dick in her mouth, which she sucked on as forcefully as the man before. Within minutes, the two guys came at the same time, thereafter took their bags and left the toilet like they were ‘ahead of the game’.

Without interfering our standing-doggy, she stood in front of Maeve and massaged her boobs as I fucked her harder, until I was about to cum. Maeve then swiftly spun around, squatted in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. Her hands then went around my butt to push me deeper down her throat, causing her to gag for at least one full minute before I let out my sigh of ecstasy, that also filled her cheeks up with my cum.

I instantly became the handicap that needed to sit on the toilet bowl, while she slurped every drop out of me so loudly that it actually sounded delicious. The girl who was ditched by her friends just stood in a corner until we were done.

The three of us walked out without anyone spotting us, and we never saw her again. In any case, those two jerks should never have left her behind no matter if they were interested in her.

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