On the Double

Without wasting a second more, I pulled Maeve close for a kiss and cupped my palm over her groin, middle finger massaging her clit as our tongues intertwined. She too, was quick to stretch the waistband of my shorts wide enough to stick one hand in, so she could relieve that tension causing my cock to throb so wildly.

At an instant, she dropped to her knees and took my cock deep into the back of her throat, sucking my mind numb with all the tricks up her sleeve to get to her dessert. My hands found itself going around her head and after getting a reassuring nod, I pulled her head into my groin for an exact, replica of how good I would feel if I was in her pussy.

Guiding her head back and forth, my hips were thrusting in the opposite direction her mouth was going in. I pulled both of us away at the same time, and pushed my cock into her inescapable mouth together. At one point, she took over the control and let me shove my cock as fiercely as I needed into her face, using the ‘recoil’ to deliver waves after waves of pleasure from her lips slipping down my shaft.

In less than three minutes, my vision went white as my hips buckled, for the impromptu load that filled her up so much she had to swallow one part of it. Unlike the pace we started in, she took her time to suck me thoroughly empty, before leaving a coat of her saliva to moisturise my penile skin.

Next stop, my place, for an all-out, fuck-till-we-drop night.

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