Making sure to give her mam a good farewell, Liz locked the main door and went straight to sir’s room, where he was reading the morning paper on the bed. Like second nature, she locked his door and pulled her oversized t-shirt off, before climbing into bed with her breasts bouncing freely.

Sir remained focused on his reading while Liz removed his shorts for him, without any underwear to hide his raging erection. She swiftly reached for the couple’s drawer of ‘surprise’ and pumped a generous blob of lubricant, that was smeared over his dick shortly after. The well-practiced helper needed no more than a few strokes to force him to set the newspaper down, diverting his attention to the waves of pleasure weakening him.

Keeping very silent, she put her hands on the bed so she could suck on his willy, starting with a playful kiss on the tip, followed by the sensual parting of her lips descending over his loin. To start things slow, she made long strokes up and down his shaft, lips applying the least pressure she could muster. Once he started panting, her head bounced harder and faster in his groin, taking his manhood as deep as she could take down her throat.

The blowjob barely lasted three minutes when he had to stop her, for the next part that she couldn’t help but grin cheekily to. Wading forward on her knees until they were right beside his hips, she held his shoulders for support as her body lowered over his upright cock. On top of convenience of the loose shorts she wore, her ‘aim’ was so accurate that he almost let a gasp escaped, if not for her palm over his mouth.

Sitting comfortably over his thick shaft measuring close to eight inches, Liz could barely contain her moans when she began riding, slamming her ass onto his lap relentless to keep the pleasure going. The harder she rode, the thicker he would get inside her. The father of two had no need to do anything else but hold his load for as long as he could, although he once again, failed to improve his stamina when the clock showed 8:15am.

The ten-minute morning romp came to an end the moment he whispered the signal to cum. Liz then gracefully raised herself off his cock and shifted backwards until her mouth could reach his member again, resuming the blowjob to suck him until he filled her up with breakfast.

As usual, he went for his shower after unloading, and Liz made her way out of the master bedroom after putting her shirt back on, for the older brother’s room. There, she took her time to tidy the desk Aaron burnt his midnight oil on. At 8:25am, ten minutes before sir would leave home for work, Liz pulled away the sheets Aaron was hiding awake under.

Without any shorts or underwear on, she could go down on him immediately. Besides the slight musty, morning scent, her saliva worked great at diluting his saltiness. The morning blowjob went exactly the way she did for sir, starting slow, then intensify until he was about to cum.

Unlike sir, big brother preferred a workout to start his morning off. So, Liz went onto her fours at the window where she was allowed to smoke, while Aaron guided his cock through the gapping leg-hole of her shorts, and into her pussy.

The both of them stared into the community park, filled with joggers and cyclists, bodies jerking so ever slightly in discreet. A minute into the standing doggystyle, Aaron stood straight for the change in pace, sliding his cock quicker in and out of Liz’s convulsing vagina.

The last quarter of her cigarette went un-smoked as he rammed her head dizzy, length so perfect at hitting her g-spot over and over again. Soon, Aaron had to slow down because of how her pussy was squeezing his cock a pulp, giving them the cue for the last part of their morning romp.

Taking one last puff before squatting in his direction, the speed her mouth was filled with his cock forced smoke out of her nose as he face-fucked her, for close to three minutes. Near the end, just as his balls shrunk, she pushed him back far enough to only keep the tip around her lips, for a few flicks of her tongue to trigger his humongous load.

A few seconds later, after she sucked every last drop out of him, he took his towel and left the room to take a shower. Liz, sore in the mouth and pussy, walked into the younger brother’s room, to see a snoring boy-man.

Carefully, she raised his blanket and put a hand underneath, blindly placing it at where his cock should be. Her stealthy movements kept him asleep as she started rubbing his cock outside his underwear, before slipping her fingers into the fly of the boxers she knew he would wear for sleep.

Once she felt him stir in the bed, she picked up her pace and seamlessly transitted into a handjob as his wake up ‘call’. Not wanting to wake him up in a disruptive manner, she went under the blanket as well and proceeded to suck his cock. Somehow, she actually found it cute to have one inch magically turn into five, reaching the back of her throat without much effort.

Things couldn’t get anymore perfect when he held her in his arms, turning themselves over so she could be below him. For the maturing young man, he decided on the missionary stance for her, which she did not mind at all. He was the only one who made her felt like a woman, although it would only last about ten minutes.

With his arms straightened at her shoulder joints, he raised and dropped his hips, sending the most erogenous chills up her spine at every penetration. Like her, he increased his speed gradually over the minutes, until he lost his rhythm again and simply rammed his cock into her. Not that it hurt, she would always calm him down by rubbing her own clit, so she would relax before squeezing him tightly.

The ten-minute mark could not have come at a worse time as she was seconds away from getting her daily orgasm. For the first time between them, she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him from pulling out. Instead, she pulled herself towards him to continue fucking his cock, while rubbing her clit, until her orgasm was immenient.

Blasting past his his breaking point, he came all over her body uncontrollably and did not stop for the next few seconds she fondled it. Once done, he collapsed back in bed and let her use one of his dirty towels to clean herself up.

After Liz saw big brother off for work, she went back to her room to catch more sleep before starting on the chores. That said, younger brother did not let her catch a wink when he stormed into her room with a vibrator and condoms.

That twisted form of daily sex roulette, would explain how she was getting two times the salary mam thought she was paid.

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