The F***

After getting fucked so many times by dicks she has already lost count off, Sarah’s hands were finally freed, but not before her captors warned her against removing her blindfolds. Her hands were only removed for one reason – to put a dress on her so she could be brought out of the room. Unsure of where she was, the few minutes walk to the back of a car was mysteriously unhindered.

In there, her wrists were cuffed together again, further restrained to a chain. Sarah’s tears has dried up by then, from the pain inflicted by the men who one after another, forced their cocks into her ass, pussy, and mouth in no discerning order. Loads after loads of cum were pumped into those orifices, mostly into her mouth where she was then suffocated until she swallowed them.

While Sarah was exhausted beyond consciousness, the man seated next to her got her to suck on him for most of the ride, until he came yet another load down her throat. When the car finally came to a stop, the disoriented girl stumbled around as they dragged her over some cobbled stones, before the coldness of an air-conditioned room sobered her up.

For a brief moment, she heard loud, party music, then moans, somewhat painful-sounding, and reached a quieter, even colder room.

‘Open your mouth.’

Sarah listened and received a pill on her tongue. They let her swallowed it with some water, and no more sounds were heard. Suddenly, the blindfolds were pulled off her eyes, blinding her temporarily to the lights, and a guy not much older than her. He was already perspiring profusely, twitching in a weird manner as if he was holding himself back.

A wave of chill ran down Sarah’s back, undoing the flood gates between her legs. She started scratching the ‘itch’ on her pubic area, following it onto her clit, then keeping her hands to herself when it disappeared into her vagina. It didn’t take her long to notice that what was happening to her, was acting on him as well.

They were almost in a fit when two men then put them together, instantly igniting the unnatural urge to relieve each other’s itch. Sarah felt better as soon as his fingers were inside her pussy, thrusting as he scratched the spot on the underside of her belly. He too, was calmer once she started jerking him off, but that didn’t last long enough.

Five minutes later, the itch has spread to the entire of their private parts, meaning, the interior of her pussy, and the exterior of his penis, was heating up. Like a sex-starved couple, he slipped a hand behind her neck and laid her on the carpeted-floor. Without so much a wink, Sarah spread her legs for his approaching hips and moaned aloud for him.

Ankles tightly pushed against his butt, the two fucked so intensely-graceful, like ballet dancers making swift-yet-gentle curvature of their bodies. Staring into each other’s eyes as their hips gyrated, every thrust bumped the tip of his cock onto her g-spot, firing sparks into her dark brown eyes. Stroke by stroke, her orgasm grew in intensity until she squirted when she came.

Getting into doggystyle next, his hips bounced off and on her cushy ass, plunging him even deeper for a two consecutive orgasms that rendered her tipsy. When he passed the point of no return, his body lost control and went berserk inside her, pumping like a pile driver until his load exploded, inside and out of her when it overflowed her pussy.

Still standing firm and strong, he helped her to the sofa, made her kneel on the seat, and bent her over. As willing as she was to be fucked by him, she spread her ass cheeks so he could get his cum-lubed cock into her asshole. All that was left was fifteen minutes of anal sex, complete with hysterical screams and moans.

During that time, her mind was blown over and over so many times that she lost herself, just like he who came twice in her ass. Without giving in to the captors wishes, he kept going even when she fell unconscious, waking up to throw him a smile every now and then.

On his third load, the effects of the pill wore off and he shrunk out of her asshole. None of the onlookers could believe what they just saw, and could only return them to where they found her – in the bushes next to a reservation.

They both woke up some time much later and became best friends, who could get enough of the fuck-till-you-drop sleepovers.

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