Super Effective

There was no definitive explanation I could give when the rush of power, control, and liberation stiffen my grip on her shoulder and wrist. Part of me wanted to believe, that my kiss to her neck dispersed, the ferocious struggle she put up in the beginning, but enough time has passed since our acquaintance, that might well be the reason she had no more strength to resist.

Before me, she closed her tear-filled eyes hopelessly, letting a single drop trickle down to her ears. Strangely, I didn’t feel any sense of pity for her. Instead, the urge to ‘not disappoint her submission’ grew stronger, especially in my loin that was hardening to her helplessness.

Cautiously, I let go of the hand holding her shoulder down and reached under one of her knees to bend it ninety degree, away from her other legs. Seeing no signs of resistance, I freed her wrist as well and did the same to her other knee, splitting both her thighs a little too wide to reveal the pink hidden between her labia.

Without any more time to waste, I grabbed my cock and placed the tip on her exposed clit, rubbing and vibrating vigorously on it while my thumb occasionally took over to check if she was any wetter. When I realised that the ‘foreplay’ wasn’t working, I released a blob of saliva over her pussy, smearing it downward to where I was so ready to penetrate.

Once the tip was in place, I pinned both her knees down as my hip did the rest of the work, piercing through her unwilling, tight gap that garnered me a deathly-stare. My primal instinct then took control and proceed to fuck her unresponsive body, until I felt a little more moisture from inside her.

The more she tried to suppress her emotions, the higher I raised her knees (towards her elbows). At one point, I let her legs go and went into a push-up position, driving my cock downward, to finally hear a moan-gasp escape her lips.

Impressed with what I just heard, I pushed her hips together and returned to my upright-kneeling position, gradually ‘loosening’ the tensed mood in the room where she was held. It wasn’t before long she gave in to the overpowering thrusts that jiggled her breasts up and down, moaning loudly into the ceiling her eyes couldn’t look away from.

Next, I turned her sideways by picking up one of her legs, held it against my chest and violently twerked my waist at her pussy. One small adjustment at a time, she was slowly placed into doggystyle, except that she was reluctant to get on her knees (body was completely facing sideways then).

It was too late to uphold my principle to ‘never hurt a woman’ by then, making it guilt-free to give a hard tug on her hair to get her to listen to me. In no time, she was in a proper doggystyle position for me to ram the breath out of her, getting so loud at one point that I had to keep her face buried in the pillow.

After a few minutes of mindlessly fucking her increasingly tight pussy, I was at my wit’s end at ignoring my overbearing urge to cum. I would never imagine her to ‘ride’ my cock when I had to take that pause (or risk cumming into her). She literally handed me the last straw with her unconscious backward-humping move, cutting short my attempt to stay inside her any longer.

I pulled out of her at her last ‘bump’ and let my load spray over her ass. Just when I expected her to scram as far as she could from this place, she stuck a hand between her legs and dabbed her fingers on my cum. Before I was able to tell what she was up to, those cum-covered fingertips had gone into her pussy, as if stuffing herself full of me.

She just kept going until she finally blacked out, leaving me to tidy the mess I just made (with her).

When she came to an hour later, she recognised me immediately and threw herself into my arms. Everything fell back into place once I explained everything to her, and showed her the footage from the camera we set up to document the effects.

Still, I couldn’t help but shudder at the possibility that, if the wonder drug, with its ability to disassociate one’s memory from his/ her past, has failed (or worked too well) and left a permanent effect on its user/s.

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