Protein Shot

(She asked) ‘Can I ask you for a favour?’

‘Sure. What is it?’

(She continued) ‘Have you ever received a blowjob at a staircase?’

(I answered as casually as I could) ‘Umm.. I guess so?’

Looking at her wide, hopeful eyes even confused me further, considering that we were just neighbours, though for a long time. As often as we have seen each other, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I bumped into her while training for my upcoming IPPT. Soon, we established some form of routine to ask each other before either of us went for a run, not that her nor I were always willing (or available).

She didn’t wait any longer for my response and led me up a few more floors, where she impatiently backed me up into a wall. Any hesitation was soon gone once she put her forehead against my chest, massaging my groin with one hand over my shorts. Given how close we were, every breath of air I inhaled contained her heavenly scent, despite having ran over 3km.

In no time, my erection reached the length she could easily wrap her fingers around, after fishing it out of my underwear. The handjob, although done in a monotonous way, certainly felt good, but I couldn’t just get ‘in the mood’ with anyone jerking me off.

(She asked) ‘Are you cumming soon?’

‘No. Not yet. I don’t think I can cum that easily.’

(After some hesitation, she asked) ‘Are you clean?’

‘Apart from the sweat, I am.’

Unsure of what she was up to, she turned her back on me and lowered her shorts and panties. Standing with her feet shoulder-width apart, my cock went under her pussy, and felt her fingers on its tip. ‘Bumping’ me with her butt continuously, the soft, fleshy folds of her pussy, coupled with the light rubs on my dick head, worked wonders getting me as horny as I could be.

Just two minutes after that, she stopped abruptly and straightened her body onto my chest.

(She whispered) ‘Are you clean, drug and disease-free?’

‘Yes. Why do you ask? Are you?’

‘Uh huh. I am too.’

Suspiciously, she bent her chest forward far enough to get a firm grip of my shaft, directing it towards the overly-wet pussy that we have avoided from the start. Little effort was needed for her to slide me right in, to the depth of her vagina. As soon as I felt how tight she was, I simply grabbed her waist in fear.

For a second, we were stuck in that position, wondering who would be the one ‘doing the work’. Once I ‘walked’ the both of us to the railing where she used for support, our minds were simultaneously made up.

Her slim, skinny figure made it easy for me to hold her steady, while her firm, toned bum allowed me to bang her as hard as I wished without hurting. She was soon moaning and sighing with each thrust I delivered, reinvigorating our resting bodies.

As I felt the imminent end coming, I gradually slowed down to a stop, pulled her shorts up and put her hand over my cock again. I could almost see her delight when she quickly went down on her knees, and took my cock deep into her mouth.

Her back and forth movement was perfect to keep me edging, but it was the ‘end’ that we were both looking forward to. So, I held her head still and moved my hips instead, replicating the way I fucked her from behind. Not only did she not mind, she even stuck one hand back into her shorts to masturbate.

(I suddenly grunted) ‘I’m cumming.. now!’

Her lips slid right down my shaft, all the way to where my trimmed pubes were. The tip of my cock, which I believe was in her throat, proceeded to spew hot, thick cum right into her belly. That ejaculation was so satisfying in the way it emptied my soul, mind, and body at once.

As the quantity dwindled, she took me out and sucked on it carefully for every last drop, until I crumbled onto the ground. All she did next was giggle, and licked her teeth clean with her tongue. Before I put my shorts on, she stole one last kiss and cleaned it of any remains.

(She gleefully said) ‘You will sleep well tonight!’

(I asked in return) ‘Wouldn’t you?’

‘I will too! That’s my protein shake.’

We then parted ways on the floor we lived on, and I received a knock on my door a second after I closed it. Her younger sister, standing outside the gate, confused me with her worried look.

(Younger sister whispered) ‘Can I have your number too? I want to jog with you also.’

With that, the frequency of my jogs went from ‘2-3 times a week’, to ‘daily’, where the post-exercise exercise kept my sexual health at its peak.

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