Hubby’s Surprise

‘Ohhh.. there you go.. ‘, James sighed as he took another mouthful of rice along with the fish his wife, Ivy, fried, while she slid her lips down his erection that was growing rapidly in her mouth. Like the wife she is, she spared no hesitation going down on her husband as he ate his late-night dinner, having worked the entire evening that day.

It seemed almost natural, for him to be dining in a light-headed mood, since she established that blowjob-during-lonely-dinner routine. Like every night, he took longer than usual to finish the food, after which she dutifully did the dishes while he prepares himself for a shower.

As soon as Ivy was done, she would join him in the bathroom, naked. She swiftly took over the scrubbing and rinsing of his musculine body, right down to his cock where her tongue, would complete the delicate task of readying him for ‘sleep’.

Back in the bedroom, he was tucked into bed at the quickest pace, so she could climb over his face in 69, for some dessert they simultaneously had from each other. In his half-weary mind, he still managed to send the most addictive shivers up her spine, igniting her craving to take his cock deeper down his throat, causing him to squirm uncontrollably under her weight.

Five minutes, was all that tired salaryman could last before her slurping mouth put him in a sleepy, calm state. The opportunist in her wasted no time in getting her into the cowgirl position, sitting enthusiastically over his throbbing manhood. Her hips immediately began riding to his disgruntled voice, part moaning, part sighing at her nightly ‘rage’.

She had found a deep, unhealthy liking to that particular stance on top of him. The tip of his cock would, without fail, hit her g-spot so hard and accurately. All that was needed to trigger an early orgasm, was just a brief rub on her clit that either of them would occasionally do for her.

That night, he instinctively did that and Ivy was brought to a screaming orgasm, squeezing down on his cock so tightly that he jolted awake. Little did she know, that she was in for a surprise that night, one that she didn’t know he was capable of.

Like a freshly-activated zombie, his chest bounced upright and threw her aback easily, allowing him to split her legs so wide that it ached a little. The monster in him then straightened his legs under her butt, to delivery powerful, downward thrusts that almost knocked her unconscious each time.

Only a few, hard strokes were needed to exercise his dominance on that sex-hungry woman, a statement she was too happy to acknowledge. His hips just kept pumping her pussy full of cock despite the hysterical moans she was making, quite impossible for their neighbours to not hear them. It wasn’t long until her eyes were rolling white from pleasure, pussy overflowing with juices from the high of his forceful penetration.

Her pussy, only got tighter by every second, a response that didn’t go down too well especially when James was supposed to be ‘punishing’ her. Unsatisfied with her behaviour, he yanked his cock out and pushed its tip into her ass, an act that they only did once during their dating phase.

At once, Ivy’s body started thrashing about in resistance to the sudden entry, mind doing not much better in the state of confusion and fear. James’ relentless attempts finally got him his wish, to make his dear wife scream as he jabbed his cock into her asshole.

In the struggle, she had managed to turn herself around, though the only thing that changed was the ease for her to grab hold of the sheets, as he hammered his way deep into her ass.

After a few long minutes, the volume of her moans lowered as her asshole accustomed itself to his size, and the speed they were fucked at. During the crazy, frantic, sex-in-the-butt, he too, had gathered himself enough to sober up from the madness.

Gradually, he let himself out (of her ass), washed up in the toilet, and returned to the bed feeling guilty. His wife, who was still too overwhelmed to move, slithered into his arms, before she put his cock into her mouth again.

This time, he stuck to what he was allowed to do, hold her head, and mouth-fuck her. In the process, she also used the chance to masturbate herself, recovering just enough strength to jerk him off at the money shot.

‘Goodnight baby’, she whispered, to iron out any guilt he might be feeling. Without any more funny ideas, the couple drifted off to sleep after going through the unexpected twist of event.

The next day, besides her pussy itching for his cock, her ass too, was feeling a void he had unknowingly awakened.

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