Rubbing Off

As quickly as we got naked in the room, we started kissing passionately once we jumped into bed, after not meeting for close to two weeks. That night, she had specially prepared a small bucket of water, with some essential oils mixed in it. My curiosity about that bucket next to us was soon answered when she dipped both her hands into it, and rubbed the fragrant, viscous gel over my chest.

A massage ‘oil’, I figured, once she began massaging my shoulders while she was seated on my belly. She even used her boobs to give me a ‘B2B (breasts-to-body)’ rub, something that we have never done before due to the hassle of it. Before I could react, she was licking down my lube-covered body, down to my cock.

At once, my mind went blank to the unannounced devour of my manhood, going as deep as she shoved her face hard like some deviant. With the both of us drenched in lube, it was fun and dangerous at the same time. I got so high at one point that I didn’t care when she slid up my legs, to lower her pussy over my raw, twitching cock.

The best part came once she began slamming her pussy down onto my groin, using my hardness to split her softness. Waves of blinding, electrifying pleasure made me shiver so violently, yet without the fear of cumming. Ten minutes of lightheaded banging later, I found myself craving for her dominance, by changing into doggystyle.

I could feel how easily my cock slide into her pussy and the rest was history. Naughty, dirty slapping noises filled the room up, although our moans and exasperated screams were way louder. In the heat of the intense exchange of bodily fluids, I accidentally slipped out of her pussy and we took the chance to switch to missionary.

Like how it would normally be, her legs were spread while I rammed the entirety of my cock in and out of her overly-wet cunt. Almost ‘step-by-step’, she grabbed her legs under the knees, raised them with the aid of each thrust I made, until she was hugging them.

Needless to say, I felt all powerful when I held her legs for her with one hand, by her ankles. All the while, my hips were still pounding meat between her plump vagina, though I was constantly overwhelmed by the sheer tightness.

More than twenty minutes had gone by when I realised it, and there was nothing I did to get that extra stamina. The only thing that I couldn’t make sense of, was how often she ran her hands over our bodies, and stuck her fingers into both our mouths, which led to the high frequency for her to ‘replenish’ the liquid we were covered in.

My brain couldn’t function properly for long before I was back to fucking her crazy. It was the first time I felt so turned on, gone so long, without losing control of my ejaculation. Only at the thirty-minute mark, a few minutes after her body went limp, that I was feeling, ‘it’.

‘I’m cumming now baby’, I whispered aloud to wake her up. She casually reached for my cock, took it out, and held it in her hand between her thighs (right above her pussy). I used whatever that grip was called to get myself off, spraying a record amount of cum over her chest and stomach.

Drained and dizzy, I caught a glimpse of her playful habit to put all of my love juice into her mouth before I fell asleep. Since I was especially tired, I didn’t move much when the same, cold gel was dribbled over my body again.

She did all the work the second time we fucked, in cowgirl over my lifeless body. Like before, I felt the same ‘high’ and ‘rush’ during the whole time she rode me to orgasm. I came a total of three times, back-to-back, inside her from one ‘sitting’.

In the morning, over room-service breakfast, she confessed that an aphrodisiac was mixed into the water. She tested it on herself once, and, basically, fell asleep with her fingers inside her. The sex we would have for the years to follow, were all ‘assisted’ by that drug we would slip into each other’s drink or food whenever we could.

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