‘Just.. let me do the introduction.’

With that reassuring phrase, Jake was led into the hotel room where the brightly coloured hair girl was waiting, an influential trendsetter he immediately recognised. Once they exchanged an awkward handshake, Jake was briefed, by the man whom he saved once by tipping him off about a possible raid, to instruct the girl to do anything he wanted, or let her do her ‘job’.

To get them started, the man sat Jake down on the bed and asked the girl to do a striptease for him, before leaving the room to themselves. In front of the full-length windows, she began taking off her clothes, starting from the zip at the back of her bralet. Now, as horny as he could be, he was not the type to jump at every chance to fuck.

For the ten minutes she peeled her top, skirt, lingerie away, all he did was watch, with a small, gapping mouth. It was so fantastical to see a well-known, popular girl get naked for him, and even more unbelievable to be stripped naked by her. There was no sign of distress, fear, or sorrow. It almost seemed too, natural, for someone of her statue.

‘Do you want me to do anything else?’

‘Uhh.. no? I wouldn’t.. know what to.. to.. ahhh.. ‘

By then, her knees were on the carpet, between his legs she opened so she could reach his erection. The semi-hardness quickly turned stiff in her hand and mouth, taking turns to make long, tantalising strokes along his manhood. What really caused him to lose his mind was the sight of her pretty, made up lips, shiny pupils, staring at him as she moved her head back and forth.

The blowjob, all tongue, lips, and no teeth, caused him to want her even more. Imagine being kept by a well-to-do lady, good in looks, skilled in bed. The last thing that Jake expected was hearing her moans, possibly coming from that hand he couldn’t see over the edge (of the bed).

‘Can I be on top?’

‘Yeah.. we can start with that.. ‘

She stood up and climbed over his lap, moving together towards the centre of the bed where his eyes stayed fixated on her fair, shaven pussy that was, uniquely small. To put it in simpler terms, instead of a camel toe in her thigh gap, she had a seamlessly disreet, non-protruding lady-part.

The wonders of her pussy explained themselves once she stuck her ass back over his cock, spread those perfect ‘lips’ apart, and quivered on his way ‘in’. Tight, overwhelming and crazy.

His cock lost its sensitivity for the first time and all he felt was her opening, squeezing tightly around his shaft as she moved it up and down. Despite how many times he could have simply lost it and fucked himself to climax, he just looked at her riding stance, completely absorbed in her beauty.

When he placed a thumb under her pussy onto her clit, he surprised and wore her out within five minutes. It was only natural for her to get tired from the addition of his teasing.

‘You.. don’t want to cum?’

‘I do. But I want you to come first.’

‘That’s a first.’

She dismounted the stallion and laid beside him, for him to take up the missionary position between her legs. The rest unfolded like a piano melody, filled with slow, gentle, thoughtful thrusts that sent her moaning and gasping for air, over the orgasms that soothed her mood even more.

At no point in time, did he get feisty or urgent, pleasing her like the man his dad had taught him to be. From missionary, they switched to the doggystyle where he pumped so ferociously, yet passionately into her soft, muscular walls of her vagina. The ‘poor’ sexed-up girl ended up moaning harder and louder, to the man who strangely, wasn’t enticed by the gorgeous body he was going to cum into.

‘I.. I can’t move anymore. I’m tired.’

‘Let me do the work then. Lie down.’

They went back to the cowgirl position and she rode him more gracefully this time, paying a lot more attention to his expression, for the signs of pleasure. Again, his eyes were glued to her body, especially at her waist flipping in and out as her hips gyrated. His thumb went back to work, rubbing her clit until he was about to cum.

With a swift flick of her hips, his cock found its way under her pussy, clamped between her and his belly, to receive a ‘massage’ from her fleshy labia that pushed him over the edge multiple times.


As soon as she heard that, she cupped a hand over the tip and caught all of his cum, leaking only a few drops through her fingers. For him, as she claimed, she smeared his thick, creamy fluid over her chest and belly, as a moisturiser that dried up to leave her skin smoother than any other cosmetic products she had reviewed.

‘I like you, in this special situation I mean.’

‘Thank you.’

They then took a shower together and she treated him like a royal after that, finishing up their encounter with the best massage she knew how to give.

‘Can I have your number?’

Her question was so absurd he figured he had the duty to remind her of the possible consequences, or necessity.

‘Are you sure you want to mix this with your outside life?’

‘Well, you.. showed me that good guys can be found here, and I have no shortage of ‘bad’ guys in my outside life.

And so, their publicly-private adventure begins..

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