Big Pharma

After spending two more hours on his laptop at the hotel lobby to finish up the work, Kane was left with no choice but to return to the room May, his secretary, was soundly asleep in. It was during the hot shower, that his brain could process the intensity of the work to come in the days that followed.

Firstly, he was summoned at a short notice to an emergency board meeting, that was out of the country. There, he was made to recall the ideas and changes he proposed some time back, in front of the directors. Who could have blamed him for being overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of all that just happened, despite receiving a ‘promotion’ to the rank he needed to be, to execute the overhaul.

After the shower, he threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, sitting as gently as he could, on the bed next to May, whose peaceful, tranquil face seemed to be the only thing that calmed him down.

(May whispered) ‘Boss?’

‘Go back to sleep. I still have work to do.’

‘It’s late already.. Go sleep too. I’ll help you tomorrow.’

With that, she pulled the blanket over his legs and went back to sleep. It took him a few more minutes, to doze off on his side of the bed. The night, that was supposed to past unfatefuly, took an expected turn when she rotated herself towards him, stirring him awake with her hand in his shorts.

‘Hey! No.’

‘What? It’s tomorrow already.’

She easily overcame his resistance by stroking his growing erection with a thumb over the tip, dominating the most ‘dominant’ figure in her office. Not only was he well-respected, he was also unarguably the most eligible bachelor, in the eyes of all the female employees. Even the guys, held him in high regards.

(May whispered) ‘Just relax k? Catch some sleep if you can.’

Her head then disappeared under the sheets, to make him groan as her lips went around his cock, throbbing in full rigour of his muscular build. It seemed almost too natural, for May to be pleasing him that way, taking a whole lot of stress away from his mind, and replacing it with sexual high.

Every stroke she made up and down his shaft, he would reacted wholeheartedly, succumbing to the sensitivity of his manhood. Little had she expected, that she would get turned on by going down on him, to the point that she was ready to fuck him even without a condom. At some point, she found him to be delicious, or simply put it, a joy to suck.

Five minutes later, she climbed over his groin under the sheets and slid down his abs, using her pussy to devour his youthful, twitching cock. Kane’s attempt to take control was casually thwarted, with a few simple rocking motion of her hips, that slipped easily up and down his penis.

He could tell from her eyes, that she really wanted to do her part for the ‘company’, by first knowing him inside out. The rest of her ‘work’ came instinctively, without much effort, as her body bounced harder and faster as the night faded away.

While he had no issue being hard and long enough for her, it was the repeated splitting and closing of her vaginal walls that was consuming her. She had gotten so wet that it was keeping him on the edge.


The warning came at the exact same time May was about to receive the orgasm she had been riding him for, thus unable to consciously pry herself away in denial to her desire for climax. Just as she collapsed from the biggest orgasm that resonated crazily through her body, his trip came to an end inside her, pumping her full of cum she didn’t know was possible (in terms of quantity).

‘No! Don’t take it out yet.. panting I’ll.. I’ll get the morning-after tomorrow.. don’t worry.’

Ignoring her advice, he lifted her off his cock and placed her in bed, before sitting under her butt where her knees were raised to her chest.

(May whispered) ‘Boss?’

‘You should catch some sleep, if you can.’

He gave her a grin and proceeded to plug her pussy full of cock, for twenty minutes of non-stop, violent, forceful sex that caused her to get so uncontrollably wet, for him.

Over the span of ten hours, he came five times into her, thrice at night, twice in the morning. It couldn’t be helped that her panties were thoroughly soaked with the cum she couldn’t keep in, until the duo dropped off the paperwork before heading home to catch up on sleep.

The fact that they worked in a pharmaceutical company, where Kane had access to ‘samples’ of various contraceptive pills, surely helped with cost-control for the late nights they had to pull in order to implement the overhaul he was tasked with.

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