Twice Heartbroken

‘Let’s take a shower first’, she said cheerfully while lowering the tube dress she once avoided due to the insecurity she felt with such ‘open bottom’ clothes. I wasn’t any more concerned by how strangely enthusiastic she was, than her motive behind this meeting. From the way she tried to be friendly with me all over again, to taking my clothes off for me to take that shower.

In there, she did most of the work, wetting, lathering, scrubbing, rinsing me before she washed herself. Right down to my private part, I could tell that she was doing her best to rekindle the interest I once had in her.

Naked, we climbed into bed and sat facing each other, but not for any conversation. She went ahead to touch herself between her legs before my very eyes, putting up a performance I never knew she was into. All I remembered about her personal, sexual preference, was the handy massager she would masturbate herself with.

While she was at that, she slid herself closer to me under she could reach my cock, stroking it in a way that brought back those painful, albeit pleasant memories we had on bed. My lack of response didn’t seem to deter her, especially when she put me down in bed before lying on my chest – like old times.

‘Do you want me to suck you?’, she asked, but did not wait for an answer. Her head went straight for my groin and caused a wave of pleasure to hit me hard. Unlike the times we were together, she was more – skilled. Her lips, they were sliding unobtrusively along my cock, going as far down to the base as I knew she couldn’t then.

The fingers she kept moving in her pussy, resulted in some of the hardest suction, deepest penetration into her face. By the time she raised her breathless chest, I was flopping on the bed like a fish out of water.

‘Is it good?’, she asked with a smile on her face, like she was doing it for a review. ‘Yes’, I sighed with the last of my breath, before she climbed over me without a condom in sight.

For the first time that day, I was shocked, at how wet she was when my cock popped into her. Instead of lifting and dropping her thighs, her hips were doing most of the work, sliding my cock in and out herself so erotically.

‘BEH.. BABY! YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!’, I couldn’t believe what just came out of my mouth. Once the innocent, inexperienced girl, has turned into the perfect girlfriend, wife, to marry.

After five more minutes of drifting in and out of insanity, she collapsed next to me with a blissful, smiley face. It was my turn, with her.

I positioned myself under her butt in missionary, and pushed my cock inside her hands-free. It was at that instant she stuffed an end of the towel into her mouth, to suppress her agonising-sounding screams as I slammed my hips forcefully down at her. The seemingly monotonous motion was actually a torture to execute, more so when she made that squinting expression to ‘squeeze’ my manhood.

To think that I was about to be owned by something I taught her, she managed to catch my orgasm and released her ‘grip’ before I lost it. Like the youthful girlfriend she once was, she excitedly flipped herself over on her knees and wriggled her ass at me, as if asking me to help myself to her pussy.

I put my cock back inside and watched her reach for her butthole, gently pushing her middle finger into it. Of course, I didn’t let her to that and took the chance to explore her other hole myself, with my finger.

Those two holes, were ‘fucked’ at the same rhythm until she was sprawled flat on the sheets, groaning and screaming into the pillow as I struggled to hold my load in. The double stimulation kept her pussy in a constant, sporadic state that I ultimately fell prey to.

Pulling out just before the ‘moment’, she spread her ass cheeks for me, to put it into that hole. With some help from my saliva, I managed to stuff her asshole full of meat, not that I lasted very long in.

In seconds, or a few thrusts, I lost control and came inside her, each squirt stretching her anus so wide that she had to rub her own clit for relief. Once we were done, we went for a thorough cleanse of our genitalia, though I left the shower with an erection not too different from earlier. She had gone down on me to ‘check’ with her tastebuds, to appease her own mind.

We spoke for hours that day, in bed, on top of me, behind her, in 69, while she went down on me, as I ate her out from under. She had just broken up, with a guy who didn’t seem to have any patience for her.

And I didn’t take her back either, keeping our relationship purely sexual for however long we were single.

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