Third Wheeling

Standing in front of the hotel room like an uninvited guest, I sent the following message to assure Maeve of my arrival, ‘Ok. I’m standing outside now with my eyes closed.’ I heard the doorknob click and was promptly led inside, with more reminders not to peep. A blindfold was then fastened over my head, before being led further into the room.

Keeping still, my bag was taken, clothes removed a piece at a time until I was in my underwear. My hands were then placed on the bed, with instructions to ‘get in’. As suspicious as I was about her ploy, I definitely felt safe in her presence.

Like how our foreplay usually begins, she spread my legs and went between them, shortly after devouring my cock in her warm, hungry mouth. No matter how many times we have done it, I would always be weakened whenever she makes those long, slow strokes down my shaft, before pushing her lips together on the way up.

Every, single, descend would tip me over the edge just a little, suspending me in a pleasurable-desperate state for as many times she did that. There was also this trick, where she pumps my cock as she went down to it, that never fails to drive me into a mini frenzy until I had to beg her to stop. Either that, or I would be so incapacitated that only grunts and agonising groans would come out of my mouth.

The whole ordeal (with her mouth) lasted for a long time, that I guessed had passed in relative to my remaining sanity. My mind, body, and spirit was half drained by her appetite for my despair (of enjoyment).

In her cheeky tone, she asked, ‘are you ready for more?’, to which I could only feebly shake my head in denial of. As expected, the shutting of my legs were all the grace I was given to prepare for what would come next.

After she stepped over my hips, we interlocked fingers and I provided the support to balance her, as she lowered herself over my cock. I guessed it was only logical for our genitals to ‘miss’ since my cock was presumably, pointed horizontally. Needless to say, our next few attempts failed and it was time to let go of one of our hands.

Thinking that she was just playful when she gripped my hands tighter, I was about to ‘win’, when I felt a third hand hold my dick upright. Before I could react, a tight pussy had engulfed my cock in such heat and wetness, under a butt I didn’t recognise.

The struggle I put up next forced the woman on top to let one of my hands go, so she could focus on holding onto the other. As for that free hand, it found its way under her, Maeve’s pussy that was mysteriously, overly wet, again.

This person, on top of me, rode me as crazily as Maeve would, slamming her pelvic bone against mine to get the maximum thrust and depth from my cock. Gradually, my resistance was fucked out of me, channelling whatever left of my strength to control my urge.

There seem to exists a tendency to last ‘shorter’ when the foreplay was extremely mind-blowing.

In no time, or rather, given the double bombardment of ecstatic, sexual moans from both girls, I was at my wits end sooner than I wanted.


I immediately began breathing deeply for their contingency plan, except that nothing was happening. Maeve actually freed my hand and disappeared, for me to deliver the final warning to them.

Exactly a second from eruption, the pussy raised itself off me and a mouth took her place, making the familiar, deep-cave exploring journey down my cock for the white, hot lava to explode in her mouth. The ensuing, relentless sucking extracted everything I didn’t have, leaving me as limp as brainless I was for the next few minutes.

Lying lifeless in bed, Maeve helped herself to my non-responsive state, savouring sauce from the source while the third wheeler took a shower.

Some time later, once the girl left, Maeve took the blindfold off my eyes and we made sweet love in the darkness, going from furniture to furniture, pounding, riding each other in numerous positions. Besides the first load that went into her mouth, the rest was injected deeply into her vagina for storage, as dessert when she was ‘done’ with me.

‘Mmm’, she said after each slurp of her cum-covered fingers.

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