Naked and Afraid

(I asked) ‘Am I like really hard? I can feel it throbbing.’

‘Mmm-hmm.. ‘

My head fell back into the pillow as her lips went up and down my shaft, keeping me suspended in a state of euphoria while she moaned sensually to some movements between her legs. Just as I had suspected, she was masturbating as she went down on me, driving me crazy physically and mentally.

It wasn’t until a long time later, when most of my strength were depleted, did she stop and proceed to climb over my hips. Knowing how frisky she could get around me, I didn’t think much of her ‘eagerness’, let alone her urges to go for round two.

Without any protection, my cock slipped right into her pussy the first time, shocking me awake with her tightness and warmth. I started out very relaxed under her, but the ‘high’ came so hard and fast that in just a few minutes, I was left weak and helpless under her.

Once we interlocked our fingers with my hands above my head, her hips just went berserk on me, slamming violently over my dick in long, big strokes. From a snug fit at the base of my cock, right to the tip where I thought I would slip out of her, she had full control every time she came down on me.

In the middle of my breathlessness, she rotated herself into reverse cowgirl and laid herself down unto me, still bouncing her ass over my cock. Halfway through, I flipped us over to put her under me, and took up a variant of the doggystyle position, where she remained flat in bed, on her chest, while I pumped pleasure between her wide-open legs.

My mind was barely in one piece when I fucked her from behind, only remembering how hot and wet she was getting with every of my deep, forceful thrust. The faster I went, the tighter she got, until I was trembling uncontrollably on top of her.

(I whispered) ‘I’m cumming baby.. I’ll take it out now.’

Like always, we let off a groan as my cock exited her, getting back into the initial position where I was lying next to her. Without making any unnecessary moves, she sat between my legs and resumed sucking me passionately, blowing my mind into bits again.

The final moment came when she wrapped a hand around my cock, pumping the shaft while sucking the tip, until my abs cringed at the explosive orgasm into her mouth.

As usual, I was sucked till dry, and had to beg her to stop before she would let me rest. We rested for a while before she climbed out of bed again, possibly to wash the parts that I have penetrated her at.

Right before I closed my eyes, the lights were turned on and the sight of my naked, drunk, younger sister standing at the door, left me speechless in shock.

‘Kor.. your girlfriend left a while ago.’

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