Helpful Much

(She whispered) ‘Eden, can you help me?’

The middle-aged colleague approached the newest staff for help after everyone left the office, apparently for something he knew she couldn’t ask with someone around. He followed her to her office where pictures of her happy marriage lined the table, with a gym ball and yoga mat to remind him of why was she the most talked about OL amongst the guys.

He turned red the moment she stripped her black panties off her legs, and hopped onto the table to spread her legs for him.

‘Don’t be shy first. Can you see the lock?’


He peeped harder with the sun setting outside the window behind him, and located four padlocks around her hips.

‘What’s this?’

‘A chastity belt my husband put on me. He just couldn’t trust me completely. Can you use this to cut them loose?’

‘I’ll try.’

His boner died down after seeing what a situation she was in, and didn’t ask more questions before snapping those small locks off one by one. The whole contraption was made with two leather bands, the thicker one around her waist, and a narrower one under her groin. Two locks by her hips held the thick one in place, and the other two at her belly and lower back secured the vital one.

(him fidgeting) ‘The centre strap seems stuck.’

(her screaming) ‘Don’t pull! Don’t pull!’

‘Huh? What is it connected to?’

‘Just take it out very slowly.’

She tightened her grip at the far edges of her desk like she was giving birth, and let him pull the strap, with two dildos attached to it, carefully away from her body along with some fluids that dripped loudly on the gym ball under her desk.


‘Shut up. Don’t say anything.’

The dildos that measured eight and six inches respectively, have been inside her for as long as since she started working, after delivering her second child.

(her murmuring) ‘It’s hurting so bad.’

She was checking herself between her legs when he looked at where she was staring at, before a single gasp from her sobered him up from the whole awkward situation. The simple massage she had intended to relief the pain with, soon turned erotic, setting of moans as she enjoyed the ‘reward’ after going through so much torture.

‘Can you help auntie?’

‘Can you not? You’re not an auntie k? At least not what the guys see you as.’

‘Oh? What do they see me as?’

‘Valencia. It’s our codeword when we talk about you.’

He sat on the gym ball and ran his fingertips in circles around her clit, while telling her about all the inside jokes they had on her. From fucking her in front of her husband, to getting a blowjob from her under their desks, every of the fantasies involved everyone in the office.

(her moaning) ‘Come, use your tongue.’

She pulled his head into her legs and felt the energetic flicks of her colleague bringing her closer to an orgasm. Besides having Eden as her first young stud to please her, it was the unfair treatment from her husband’s insecurities that loosened her morals up so much that this couldn’t be better a revenge for what he made her go through.

Her legs started shivering as a climax floated through her spine, to her pussy where thick juices gathered at her love hole for him to lick up. He got up on his feet after the foreplay was done and lowered his black work pants, for a penis nothing less than excited to greet her.

(her murmuring) ‘Gosh. Stand against the window.’

She sat on the gym ball and took his throbbing, ‘livelihood’ into her mouth and tasted the familiar salty scent, from a hardworking young man who was just starting out from the bottom. To hear him whimper so helplessly, tremble so uncontrollably, twitching so subtly, she felt youth returning once again. Her experienced mouth placed her above the league of the sweet OLs that were currently working in the company, sucking him dry of the hopes and motivation after he ORD-ed.

(him groaning) ‘Valencia!’

‘Oops. I got carried away. Come. You know what to do.’

‘No condoms?’

‘I couldn’t fuck anyone with that strap-on right? Besides my husband who I took his virginity from.’

Eden’s confidence flashed across his face and he sat on the ball after she made way for him. Straddling herself over his lap, she used her toes to bounce herself on top of him, using his dick to gorge whatever lust she had been holding back from. His dick that grew larger inside her, soon overtook her husband’s size and she was just going wilder by the thrusts.

(her groaning) ‘Arghhh! You’re a better fuck than him!’

He easily lifted her onto the table with his strong arms and hammered her pussy violently, paying no attention to the toppling photo frames that were better off facing down, so he could get his share of office sex that he read once too often online.

Her legs and inner thighs turned numbed quickly to his forceful thrusts, dick sinking from its tip to base into her questioning vagina. He had turned into the 8 inch dildo that her body recognised too well, raping all her sensitive spots she never expected someone else besides her husband to get right.

While her voice turned hoarse from the excruciating groans, she saw no end to his eternal hard on that was overpowering her womanly senses. At the peak of his machine-gun-level sex, Valencia slowly faded into a trance still in disbelief of what she had gotten herself into.


She jolted awake at his signal pushed him away without hesitation and he grabbed her hands instinctively, dragging her ass off the table onto the ball. His hand caught a bunch of her hair and his dick came in her face without warning. Fucking her mouth to his heart’s content, no amount of choking or gagging could soften his merciless advances.

It took him at least five minutes before he stopped shoving his hips at her, just in time for the biggest load of cum to fill her cheeks up. Her unprepared, confused mind choked on the overpowering amount of cum and channeled the excess out of her nostrils, burning her nose as he drove his cock into her throat to push some of it down.

The breathless woman was held in his hand for as long as she needed to compose herself, before he used her black panties to wipe her fucked face.

(him asking) ‘Tell me. Would you rather get fucked like this or have your dear husband shove that thing up your two holes again?’

(her panting) ‘Like this.. ‘

As violent as it was, this was something she guiltily enjoyed without regret. Despite feeling more the pain compared to the long days of dildos inside her, she, at least, had the attention of someone who appreciated her, though differently. Having her best parts of a woman used for one man’s pleasure, was way better than be treated as lesser being to fill whatever void her useless man couldn’t find peace with.

Yes, she is going to be Eden’s fuck toy for as long as he wants to.

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