Blew Him Away

As soon as the secondary school teacher got into Eric car, he slid his hand between her thighs before driving off. Rachel had long gotten used to his daring advances, somehow changing her habits around his after months together. In the two seater GT-R, the tinted windows protected her from prying eyes while she stripped her underwear off, blouse replaced by the buttonless denim jacket she carried around.

His hands moved up her legs into her skirt and found the smooth patch of skin, which she shaved daily as he requested. For better access, she tucked one leg in and raised the other onto the dashboard, letting him finger her till she felt more relaxed – and wet.

‘My pants.’

She did not need to hear more from him and leaned over to undo his jeans, whipping his cock out for her mouth to instantly suck on. Everytime she was in his car, he would ask her to blow him for as long as the car was moving. This time, she had no idea where he was heading, since he could speed for long distances at once. Rachel just focused on teasing that little head of his, using her tongue to taste each part of his cock that she had gotten so familiar with.

The pre-cum, had slowly became her signal for a job well done, only to get her sucking him harder so he would groan out loud. All of a sudden, he pushed her head down and caused her to choke on that deep throat, after which he grabbed her hair to mouthfuck her. As much as she disliked the gagging, he was complimenting how further down her throat he was going after so much practice.

Before she realised, the car had came to a stop somewhere and her vision gradually turned dark to the breathlessness of taking him so deep for so long. He pulled her head up without warning and slanted his body to reach for her pussy with the further hand, gasping at the small puddle formed between her legs on the seat.

‘Shit. Go to the back first. I need to clean this up.’

She climbed through the two front seats and stayed in a corner with both feet up, dragging a finger repeatedly to feel what made her boyfriend so excited. True enough, she could sense the juices still leaking from the asphyxiation earlier, luring her into a solo masturbation while he left the car after cleaning up, for a smoke.

The pleasure-deprived teacher then crawled to him, and opened the door to continue playing with his dangling cock out of his pants. Suddenly, she turned her ass to him in doggystyle and backed up at him till his dick was in contact with her pussy.


With a cigarette still in his hand, he held his cock horizontal for her to conveniently ‘slip’ it inside her. Not wanting to fill the car up with his smoke, he kept his head above the hood as he thrust his hips, pleasing that cock-hungry girlfriend with his deep strokes.

The cute kitty just stayed motionless for him to fuck, until she saw the cigarette butt flew across the rear windscreen. She crawled on her fours with him into the car and felt his hands around her waist after the door slammed shut, beginning the car sex proper in the chilly vehicle.


‘Hehe. Let’s test the suspension today!’

He slammed his cock as hard as he could into her and hammered her really bad, setting off screams from her as her pussy felt the full length of his bumpy shaft dragging along her vaginal walls. Each thrust sent her deeper into a trance, and her volume fluctuated as he controlled his speed to last longer.

‘Arghhh! Why are you so tight today?!’

‘It’s you who is big!’

‘Move forward a little. I have no space anymore.’


She knocked his ass onto the seat and took up a seiza pose, the traditional Japanese way to sit. With his cock buried deep inside her in that position, his struggle to push her away slowly got weaker, while she fucked him in an up-down bouncing motion.


His wet forehead hitting her back told her all she needed to know and her pussy tightened like how she had done her Kegel exercises, trapping blood and milking his spurting cock dry at the same time. With that thick slab of throbbing cock inside her, she came after the last squirt shot into her, accidentally relaxing her pussy to form a mind-blowing suction.

‘I can’t pull it out!’

‘Then don’t!’

He had to topple her forward before a pop sound freed his shrinking cock, which didn’t get to enjoy much rest before she took it into her mouth again. During the forced blowjob, she kept tugging his legs backwards until he was lying against the door.

‘Eh eh!’

Her head bobbed even faster after he went completely out of control, hips thrashing around to the deep throat he regretted getting. His fingers couldn’t free themselves around whatever he held onto, falling deeper into helplessness at her raging blowjob.

Finally, his arms fell away and she faced a lifeless body attached to a shrinking penis that later spewed cum into her mouth like a soft rubber hose. Seeing him in such a state, she wiped and put on whatever she could back on, until ten minutes later when he shocked himself awake.

‘What.. *pause* nevermind.. ‘

He was desperately trying to recall what just happened but couldn’t. He had this confused, bewildered look on his face for the whole trip to drop her off at her place.

‘We had sex. Remember? Then I sucked you so hard till you went unconscious.’

‘Really? That happened?’

His tone was no longer the arrogant, egoistic tone she heard him command her in, turning into a gentle and courteous guy she couldn’t believe. Whatever it was, she preferred this ‘him’, letting her head home without any more sex at his place.

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