Emotional Sex

‘I’m sorry J. I don’t know who else to turn to.’

‘It’s alright. Take all the time you need.’

Natasha, a friend whom I once spoke/ texted a lot with late into the night, came to my place out of the blue and didn’t stop crying since we sat at a bench in a nearby park. Without a clue on what happened, all only I could lend her was my shoulder, and shirt to soak the tears with.

In the confused, motionless hug, she suddenly pushed my cheeks together and kissed me, going on to wrap her arms around my neck and climbing into my lap to make out.

Of course, my tongue stayed behind the tight lips in shock, until she pried my chin down.

‘Wha-ish happen-ing?’


The frown on her forehead silenced me in sympathy, though I was still trying to figure out if I should stop her or let her knock herself (or ourselves) out. She grabbed both my hands halfway through the lip-lock and slid it under her shirt, cupping my hands over her braless tits which I didn’t notice until then. Feeling her nipples poking hard at my palms, I took over the massage so she could get better soon.

Abruptly falling away from me, she dug her fingers into my shorts and yanked them down forcefully, almost pulling me off the bench if not for my witty.. or not so witty move, to lift my ass up.

With my pants right under my balls, she gracefully caught that dumbfounded erection in her hand and literally threw me back by zooming in too close into my face. Her handjob began while I was leaning backwards at a forty-five degree angle, more worried about being spotted than the regret she might have later.

‘You’re getting hard so fast huh.’

‘What has come over you?!’


Her sly grin was nothing more than scary, once she turned her face away, going towards my cock that was covered in smegma, from the rought handjob in her dry hand. In a swift move, she had covered my dick in saliva, cleaned of any itty bitty bits I was so sure would turn her off.

Besides mmm-ing at the inedible sausage, a kneading hand under her shirt was quickly leading this whole mistake into a bigger wrong. Before I knew it, she pushed me flat on the wooden bench and stood over my hips, lowering her shorts before squatting over my excited manhood that was standing so straight.

Why the hell wasn’t it thinking about the situation at all?!

Her plump mould split in the middle as the tip pierced into her, giving me the front view of the penetration that swallowed my cock whole into the barely-wet pussy. So! The saliva was..

A groan from me interrupted the train of thoughts and I couldn’t look back anymore even if I wanted to. The petite 22 year old was hopping on that rock hard – rock, squeezing blood upwards like the increasing sensitivity that was growing exponentially for the imminent end that was ‘cumming’.

No, I wasn’t prepared to come this far for a simple cry of help at all.


She started rubbing her clit right then and I could feel the slippery grip on my shaft tightened, to which I just held her waist down. A stupid move or not, it didn’t matter when she rode me back and forth, throwing me into another realm, with that new set of stimulation on my erupting balls.

Her face, she was no longer look at me when she vibrated her fingers on her pussy, body trembling harder and stronger while I cringed my abs so hard for the ejaculation exploding into her vagina. I could totally imagine myself to be the ‘girl’ when she rocked her hips while I was cumming, pushing the load deeper into her with each stab.

My mind faded in and out of sanity with the Northern Lights flashing in my eyes, while my balls fired everything it had at the weak but definitely more energetic, body. As she glared down at me with a satisfied smile, she picked her hips up and squinted her eyes to hold my cum inside her.

We wore out clothes back as soon as she was off and cuddled for a bit more, helping her spread my semen over the slight abrasion from the dry-to-wet hump. When we split ways under my block, we had sort of returned to our old days, talking about life and everything related. Now, we have more face-to-face time, to help each other relieve our stress at a much more intimate level.

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