Cheater Cheated

From a distance, the sight of a recruit reluctantly waving goodbye to his hot, young girl in a tight spaghetti top and mini skirt, reminded me of the times I spent in NS, seeing many couples separate for a week at a time to serve their country. She stood at the gates till I passed the guards, who gave me a casual salute even though I was in CV (civilian). Being a lieutenant in charge of the new boys, the strictness they knew me by was effective only when I was in uniform.

‘Hi! Are you an officer from this camp?’

‘Yeah. How did you know?’

The girlfriend of that recruit joined me on the long walk to the ‘nearest’ bus stop, chatting as if she was ‘single’ when her boyfriend isn’t around.

‘My boyfriend always complains about how his officers tekan him lo.’

‘Is it! Can I have his name? Haha. Joking joking.’

We hopped on the next bus to the MRT station and she kept asking about the different training we, the officers, had from the recruits. As curious as she was, I couldn’t ignore how close she was getting to me, at one point hugging my arm when the bus swayed to its sides.

At the gantry of the train station, her body language had sent me enough suggestive hints that she wanted me for more than just ‘conversations’. The twirling fingers around her hair, seductive lips-lick, and the obvious blushing on her face and chest, I had seen these signals more times than I was interested in.

(her asking) ‘Can you wait outside the toilet for me?’

‘Yeah sure.’

I was so sure she couldn’t do anything to break the determination I had, to keep my NSFs physically and mentally fit. I figured it was bad enough to give the country two years to show off her military strength, let alone bearing anymore emotional trauma.

After a few minutes, she came out of the ladies and stuffed a pair of warm panties in my hand as soon as I was within reach.

(her whispering) ‘Do you want to fuck? At my place?’

(me whispering) ‘Sorry. No.’

My answer was apparently NOT taken seriously when she caught my hand and dragged me towards the cluster of housing blocks. There were just too many ‘military’ signs on me to show I was in the army, from my haircut to the muscular figure, donning the ‘standard’ polo tee and jeans that we were only to book in in. Not about to attract any unwanted attention, I followed her obediently to the void deck, where it was quiet enough for me to turn her down properly.

‘Hey look. I cannot do this. I AM thinking of your poor boyfriend who is training so hard in camp, and I am asking you to be his pillar of support.’

‘.. Fine. At least send me upstairs. Then you can leave.’

There was no reason not to entertain her last request and I went into the lift with her, where she suddenly leaned her body onto mine. Having nowhere to back up to, she slapped her palm over my groin and kept massaging that uninterested cock till a weak boner reached out for her fingers. I was at a point of no return when gave in to her kisses and carried her to the doorstep without giving our lips a break.

For the whole time she fumbled her bag for the key, my hands worked tirelessly on her naked chest, setting a new record to open a simple lock while high. As soon as we tore through the door, our clothes began to line the floor until we were in nothing but skin.

(her panting) ‘We have two hours.’

‘Got it.’

She dashed into the kitchen first and made me lean against the beautiful marble countertop, tying her hair into a knot (without rubberband) before she took my enraged cock into her mouth. When she placed my hand on her head, I immediately knew how she would like ‘this’ to be done. Guiding her head down my rod, the little resistance from her body did not stop her from executing the toe-curling deep throat. I used both hands to shove her face into my groin that she was gagging non-stop on, saliva dripping from my balls and her lips at each thrust.

In the mouth of a petite girl, I couldn’t believe how big I ‘looked’. Imagine a thick Bratwurst sausage, dripping ‘oil’ as if she was only allowed to savour and not eat it. When my cock finally felt the ache from being too hard, I helped her up and spun her around, lifting her onto the counter so I could sit on the dining chair and have her oyster as appetisier. After she moaned to a finger shooting into her pussy, I kept my tongue wriggling on her clit, getting my ears warmed as she rocked her body back and forth to each speed bump.

Out of nowhere, a trail of golden syrup, which I later tasted as maple, flowed from her belly over her pussy, causing me to lash out on her like an actual oyster – in the same can-taste-but-cannot-eat torment. When she finally started trembling, did I know I gave her the first clitoral orgasm her boyfriend couldn’t after trying forever.

Once she recovered from the jitters, we moved to the dining table for me to slid my cock into her in missionary style, without a single thought about using a condom in all that fire roasting our guilt to a char. As she requested, we went to her bedroom with my cock inside her, collected her blanket and went, into her parents’ room to fuck on top of her blankie.

We toppled on the bed with her below and our invisible restraints just broke free for the wildest thrusts I ever let loose on anyone. Besides fucking a cute, horny little thing, she was attached to a guy IN MY CAMP! I couldn’t care less about how he would feel and forced myself to move faster than ever, pleasing my handjob-bored penis with that cock-starved pussy.

After seeing how she orgasmed twice so easily, I got more adventurous and carried her into her room, where a full length mirror stood next to her wardrobe. I pushed a cushion stool in front of it and bent her over, quickly ramming my cock into her before she said anything. The shock sent her screaming and got me pumping, filling her princess room with pure, raw sex. I held her head up by her hair to make her look at our sinning faces through the mirror, coincidentally angled right next to the (wardrobe) door where photos of her and her boyfriend was plastered all over.

I could only imagine how fucked up that scene was, to put her through something that might well backfire on the sex I was getting out of her. About ten minutes into that mindless rough doggy, she came another two times and I got too tired to move any faster in that slippery cheating cunt for me to cum.

So I sat down on her bed and she crawled to me in a half-angry, half-impatient mood, sucking on that wet cock at her own pace. Working with that soft lips and nimble tongue, all I needed was a few minutes in that glorious hole before I came into her. She skilfully used only her lips to massage my shaft for everything I had and gave a final suck on her way ‘out’, clearing that pipe with my head for fresh thoughts.

(me saying) ‘We have about half an hour to clean up.’

‘And get dinner after that?’

‘If you want.’

I went to the bathroom first and came back to her room all dressed, with all their photos lying in a mess on her bed.

(her confessing) ‘I know he is cheating on me with a fuckbuddy when he says he needs to rest every Saturday. Every Sunday before he book in, I will be wondering why he cums so little, even when he says he don’t masturbate in camp. Fuck. I’m so stupid.’

She stayed very focused on her phone throughout the whole walk to a coffeeshop, smiling widely at one time and then ordered a lot of food from the tze char stall to feast on. Whatever that made her so carefree and coy about paying for the meal, it didn’t stay bother me anymore once we started fucking at a staircase, with her at my disposal to use her however I liked. In a way, being made to do things might well be better than cluelessly trying to make someone whose mind is in two places, tick.

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