Family Greeting

‘Remember to greet my dad k?’

‘I will. Fuck man! I’m trembling so much!’

Reina, my fling-of-two-years-turned-girlfriend brought me to her place for the first time when her parents were home, making it the first time I would see anyone from her family.

‘Hello Uncle. Hello Auntie.’

‘WHAT UNCLE! Get used to calling us mummy and daddy!’

The joke only added on to my stress after their indirect acknowledgement, which meant they had left their daughter in my hands. Her mum did not say a word when she served me some snacks and a drink, leaving her dad to ask me all the formal questions about my lifestyle and our relationship.

‘So, have you two had sex?’

As much as I wish to be surprised, I knew that was coming sooner or later.


‘I hope she is making you happy that way.’

‘Don’t worry.. dad. She is.’

‘Mei (her pet name they address her by), did you use what you practice on me on your boyfriend?’

Huh?! Practice on me? Does he meant like verbal sex education or.. I couldn’t believe my ears and knew it had to be a misunderstanding of his actual question.

‘Yes Daddy.’

‘Do it for me to see. On him. Dear! Come out!’

Reina shifted the coffee table further away and sat between my legs on a stool, giving me a guilty look as she removed my jeans. His wife was did the same thing too! But she took an extra step to strip her panties from under her nightgown. The two of them began to stroke our dicks while masturbating themselves, paying all their attention to the enlarging member in their hands.

‘Son, I have been training them since a long time ago, but rest assure that I have never fucked my daughter. I will be honest with you though, I have used a dildo on her. That’s all.’

After hearing what he just said, I couldn’t thoroughly enjoy Reina’s mouth that went up and down my cock, mind still trying to make sense of what he did, or had done to her. The way she made me cum in seconds, to the occasions I thought I had problems when I took an hour to unload, it was actually due to the ‘training’ she received from her dad.

‘See how they don’t have any gag-reflex? Bananas.’

His own wife had took all 9 inches of him into her mouth, without showing the slightest bit of discomfort. Their little girl also took all of my cock in her mouth, pleasing the 2 inches shorter rod with such bliss I couldn’t understand how she could still enjoy it.

‘Daddy, J is at his maximum size now.’

(mum to dad) ‘But you’re not there yet.’

(dad to mum) ‘Don’t worry about it. Just move on.’

The ladies then pulled their other hand out of their pussies and rubbed their juices over both palms, going in for a Jelqing massage Reina had done on me before.

‘Have she done this for you?’

‘Yes she have.’

Her dad laid his head back and had his eyes shut when he asked me that, reaping the results of his teachings. I ended up like him while my girl continued the massage, being really obedient without teasing me like how she would whenever we got frisky.

(mum to dad) ‘I think you two are ready.’

(dad to me) ‘Do you want to fuck her?’

I looked at Reina and caught the subtle nod she gave, and answered yes.

(her to mum) ‘Doggy?’

They bent over the wooden coffee table and switched the channel to a Korean drama show, while we, the men, teased them with a slow entry.

(her saying) ‘Hey you f.. ‘

(dad to her) ‘What was it you want to say to him?’

‘Nothing dad.’

We timed our strokes and moved at the same speed, satisfying the ladies who were moaning louder as we thrust. I was surprised when HIS tempo actually helped me to last longer, and I believed we were experiencing the same tightness seeing how the mother squeezed her girl’s hand from time to time.

‘Let’s get up now.’

I listened to the all-powerful dad and sat back on the couch, watching the two climb over our laps to slide our cocks into themselves. While her mum could grind her husband in swift and gracefully strokes, Reina took up a squatting pose, and swung her pussy at my belly in an attempt to imitate her mum.

(mum to me) ‘She just couldn’t move like I do no matter how she tried. So, this is the alternative.’

‘This is good too mum.’

She placed her head on my shoulders as I groaned harder, feeling her lips nibble on my ear while at it.

‘Ladies, end the session in this position. First one to.. arghhh! will get a.. arghhh! two-days staycation paid for by the losing.. arghhh! team! Dear!’

Her mum was grinding him at an unique angle, while smiling at her daughter’s increasing speed. I could tell that the reward was meant for us anyway, but we would have to put up a good show to deserve it.

‘Dear! You’re cheating! Stop squeezing on the way down!’

It seemed that she have been forcing blood away from his penis, the opposite of how Reina’s vagina was milking me in an upward motion.

(him whispering) ‘Go help your daughter.’

Mum dismounted his unbelievably tall erection and pulled my arm towards the TV so I could lie flat on the couch. She then went to her daughter’s shoulders and pushed them down, while Reina ‘resisted’ in the other direction.

The fastest, hardest, deepest penetration happened that night when they did that and managed to make me cum within a minute of their tag-team effort. That orgasm, which we both had, was one of the most intense that we ever had in our relationship. We were both shocked by the amount of cum that burst into her hand she placed under her pussy when she got off me, a thick, whitish cocktail of our raw, pure love.

Reina didn’t disappoint them and slurped up the handful of ‘half-boiled egg’ for supper. Her parents went into the bedroom to pick up from where they stopped, while we cuddled on the sofa with more teasing. Of coursIn a way, I still couldn’t stop thinking about what she went through with her dad, but he promised, that she will be mine to train and own from that night on, since I was his top choice for her daughter.

If not me, who else would she be pleasing right?

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