Samantha’s Selena’s

Samantha and Selena had brought their boys apart for a talk on a night they drank quite a bit to celebrate one of their eighteenth birthday. As one of the silly ‘dares’, Selena challenged Roy (Samantha’s son), to tell her something about his own mum, while Christ share something about her. Of course, Samantha was more than happy to take it up since she knew her best friend would later tell her what was it (or were they) like how she would do the same for her.

Exactly 18 years ago, they were the two girls all of their friends knew as ‘crazy’. Hanging out with the wrong group, they spiralled down a never ending pit of heartbreaks, then getting shitfaced drunk, and dancing their brains out before finally fucking without regards. In that year (when they were 17), the BFFs found themselves pregnant, and decided to give birth to two (luckily) gorgeous boys against the will of their parents

At age 34, the two mums had gone against all odds to secure a position each in the same company, using their after-office hours to maintain their figures in little hopes to find a partner for themselves. As for the two kids, they have been hanging out together for as long as they lived side-by-side in their humble two-room apartments, under a little-publicised programme by the government for single parent families.

Once Selena brought Roy into his mother’s (master) bedroom, she didn’t hesitate to sit on his lap, wrapping her arm around his neck while breathing alcoholic breaths down his neck.

‘So, have you ever fantasised about your mum?’


‘And me?’

‘No Selena.’


‘Okay. Just a few times?’

The drunk MILF pulled her shirt (she’s casually dressed in tee and shorts since she lived next door) off and flashed her heavy C cups for that excited little boy, who only thought for a second before he squeezed those firm breasts like how she expected him to. The two of them fell onto the bed and began making out as if they had something for each other since forever, hands taking off more clothes as Roy turned the lights down.

‘Samantha.. ‘

She looked at where Christ was covering, and noticed the ‘mountain’ he was trying to hide, though feeling a little more awkward than turned on in that high mood. He did not wait for her to react and climbed on top of his buddy’s mum, pecking her on the neck where she was extremely sensitive to. Not only was she twitching, her body became limp as soon as he pushed his hands under her shirt, massaging those braless boobs like they were his first.

Well, THEY truly were his first, from how quickly his mouth went over her nipples to suckle them for the milk which had long been ‘sold out’. Her shy hands lying by her side was placed over her own shorts, faced upwards to rub that bulge he was grinding her with. It didn’t take her long to slip into them, stroking that erection she had not felt in a long, long time.

‘Has anyone given you a blowjob before?’

‘Yes. My girlfriend.’

‘Hmm. Then this wouldn’t count as cheating right?’

Selena jumped onto Roy’s legs and slid herself over his calves, bending over to suck her first cock in 5 years ;) That naive young man couldn’t keep his groans in at all and blurted out loud enough for HIS mum to hear from the outside. He quickly silenced himself after realising what he just did, but couldn’t stop the escaping gasps from the deep throat she was treating him to.

Her lips gently pressed on his shaft while her head bounced up and down, gilding her tongue so calmly under thick rod overwhelmed with pleasure. The wetness he felt on his calf came from the grinding Selena did, getting herself off while blowing his mind off with her skilled mouth.

‘Your turn to go down on me soon.. ‘

‘Anytime Selena.’

As she rotated her pussy to his face, a loud groan from Christ twitched his mum’s pussy, who was just getting started with 69. Samantha was gagging non-stop being mouth-fucked by Christ, in a 69-ish position where her head dangled over the edge of the sofa, legs held against the wall above the leather backrest. He had spread her legs apart to eat her out, while his pounding cock kept her panting for air.

Samantha could feel him grow with each thrust, till her jaws were aching from that unconventional 69. After he helped her sit upright, his strong hands split her thighs to the sides and his nodding dick began to approach her pussy.

(her asking) ‘Should we use a condom?’

‘For my first time?’

‘Then no.’

She placed a finger on her clit and rubbed it fast, as he pierced through that tight gap which stopped his breaths till he was fully buried inside her. Not only was it unbearably tight, the perfect amount of juices (which she thought was always too little), stimulated all the nerves along his shaft.

(him groaning) ‘fuck.. You feel like my girlfriend.’

(her panting) ‘Oh don’t fall in love with me now.’

Slowly, his hips started to thrust and she went all light headed with his inch-and-half wide member pushing all her buttons. The creaking noises of her bed had joined her rhythmic gasps, getting faster as that fit young man hammered her on his knees.



The smirk on Roy’s face was full of confidence upon hearing her comment, as he paused after sending a single thrust into Selena’s pussy, causing her to let off a voiceless scream when pain shot through her spine from his forceful penetration. His hips started ramming her in deep, long strokes while he held her down by the neck, putting her in a half-asphyxiation mode to squeeze his cock (with her vagina) faster. He looked as if he was possessed when he unleashed his Kraken on her, pumping that curved dick right at her G-spot without a rest.

There was no way she could stop the orgasms that left her body thrashing around uncontrollably, only to be pinned by both his hands playing with her tits. Her nipples turned so sensitive that they played a big part to the orgasms as well, bombarding her one wave after another.

The two mums were fucked mindless by their two boys, whose dicks, special in their own ways, kept working tirelessly to please their ladies beyond what they could handle. The alcohol that started the kinky bonding, slowly wore off to let their primal instincts take over. The newly-turned men, spared no energy to drive their women crazy with orgasms they couldn’t deny they loved over the causal encounters they had at pubs and bars.


Both Selena and Samantha had to make sure they heard right when the two boys cried out at the same time, voices mixed in a scary coincident. As if they, the ladies, were connected to the same mind, they tightened their pussies like how they had practiced with the Benwa balls they bought together.

Everyone, everyone in the house were screaming their lungs out as the four of them came together – at once. Cum that fired so desperately hard, vaginas that convulsed so wildly, cocks that thickened as they were overfilled with blood, juices that leaked like water from broken taps, a single moment had connected the four in the most unimaginable game of ‘Truth of Dare’.

Gradually, the gasping, panting noises died down and there were no more sounds until Roy and Selena came out of the room. Seeing her friend holding her bra, panties and shorts, her shirt sticking to her braless chest needed no more explanation to how much fun they had. Since it wasn’t the first time Roy saw his mum naked, he helped her gather herself and sent the other family out.

(Selena asking) ‘Roy?’

‘I’m Christ. Roy is sleeping with my mum tonight.’

(Selena saying) ‘Let’s go into the room.’

With more privacy, the two twisted pair could then really let themselves go and keep it within – the families. This wouldn’t count as incest would it?

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