Wireless @ SG

‘Are you sure?’


Ryan’s new girlfriend tightened her grip on his wrist as he pushed the wireless vibrator into her pussy, in the bus on the way to a movie date. He adjusted her panties and skirt straight after it was in, but did nothing to trigger the toy until they reached the ticketing counter.

‘You go buy to the tickets.’

Hayley walked to the staff with the twenty dollar he gave her and proceeded to buy the tickets, getting a little vibration in her vagina when she handed him the money. Her legs immediately wobbled a few times to Ryan’s delight, and her face was flushed on the walk back to him.

(she whispered) ‘Can you turn it off? I can’t walk like this.’

‘Nooo.. You can walk just find. Let’s go in now.’

He liked how she hugged his arm close to her boobs whenever she got worried, and that was how they made their way into the theatre. Once seated at a corner, he threw his arm across her chest, reaching under her skirt to feel that wet panties soaked with her juices. She had no idea why was she so turned on, only focusing to keep her moans down.

(she whispered) ‘Do you want to put your hand inside?’


She pulled her panties open for him to lay his finger on her clit, where he rubbed her randomly when there was no one around. Hayley had one hand on his bulge too, squeezing it gently to keep him moving as fast as he could. Soon, the lights went down and he went on to slowly pull that toy out, to a single gasp from her when the widest side popped out of her pussy.

(she whispered) ‘Shit. Am I very wet?’

‘Yeah. Put your hand into my zip. I’m not wearing any underwear.’

She slipped her fingers into the small opening and used however many fingers she could to stroke him, while he pushed her panties down her legs so she could raise her feet onto the chair.

‘Hey.. Slowly k?’


The sexcited boy shoved a finger, then two, into her slippery wet hole to masturbate her in front of the animated film, just like how she finally got the button at the top of his jeans undone. Embarking on an all out handjob, she kept him twitching non-stop in his seat, making him speed up his movements at her pussy.

One hour into the show, he suddenly replaced her skirt down and wore his pants back. He couldn’t take her teasing anymore unlike how much she was enjoying his fingers.

(he whispered) ‘Do you wanna get a quickie at the door?’

‘If you want. But you got bring condom?’

‘No.. ‘

‘Let’s go.’

They left the dark hall and stopped between the two one-way doors, for her to strip her panties off from under the soft cotton skirt he was grinding his groin on. As soon as she was done, he turned her towards the door where patrons would need to first push-to-leave, for her to hold it shut in case anyone walked in on them.

He was quick to flip her clothes up and stuffed his impatient, throbbing cock into her pussy where the fastest, quietest sex began in the privacy of the unintended use of the two doors. The way he slid his unnatural straight cock into her, it totally split her head apart with the electrifying jolts of pleasure, stretching her vaginal deeper than he ever done in missionary.

Halfway during the fast-paced sex, juices began to trickle down her legs, absorbed by the low socks she wore in her flats. He was just hold her waist tightly as he rammed deeper and deeper, causing her knees to give way to his violent thrusts.

‘I’m gonna climax dear.. ‘

‘Really?! Me too!’

‘But condoms!’

He pulled out that instant and continued jerking himself while she squatted in front of him. As soon as she popped the tip into her mouth, he held her hair in a bundle and thrust his hips into her face, going as fast as he could into the tongue she used to block her throat with.

‘Let me try deep throat for a while.’

‘Mmm.. ‘

He sank his dick another time into her mouth and felt the fearful trembling of her throat, which only endured five more strokes before he came right into her belly. The only good thing that came from a deep throat was how she could skip tasting his cum, and took it right down with a little sacrifice.

The duo immediately wore their clothes back and left the place, for the toilet where she put the wireless toy back on for him to tease her till they went back to his place. At home, they were free to get naked and fuck in whatever positions they wanted in comfort.

Aren’t they a lovely pair?

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