Part Time Love

‘Just make yourself at home k? I’m just happy that you decided to give Rachel a surprise with the house makeover.’

Having no place to stay with the renovations taking place at home, I decided to put up at her parent’s place, which was actually closer to my office than our place. As a one year anniversary for my happy marriage with a gorgeous and kinky wife, I had used her yearly week-long, company overseas trip to redesign the house. I just couldn’t wait to see her reaction when she sees the changes.

Her mum, a housewife in the mid-forties, kept herself busy with a part time job as a florist, to satiate her love for plants, and would occasionally go for mahjong with her yoga kakis. Despite her husband earning more than enough for two lifetimes, she kept herself in good shape to keep him uptight about her social circle. In a way, I had to agree it was the complexity of women to keep their men constantly worried, the more when they are well-off.

For the past two days, I had cooped myself up in the guest room, working my hardest since birth to avoid any awkward conversations with her. Still, I couldn’t avoid the nightly dinners she prepared as it was the only meal my father-in-law and her had before he worked the night shift in a MNC.

Once done, I would return to my room or go for a jog, which I settled for the latter on the third night to keep my senses sharp. After an hour of exercise, I returned home to see her in a tight shirt, with a pair of shorts that exposed the lower part of her bum. As deeply in love as I was with my wife, the similarities in their figures reminded me of how much I missed her during her absence.

Without thinking too much about her ‘casual’ outfit, I went for my shower in the common toilet and came out in a simple t-shirt and boxers attire. On the coffee table, was a glass of wine while she had the other one in her hand.

‘Would you drink a little with your mother?’

That evening, I had nothing more to do since I rushed a week’s worth of work in two days. So I took a seat next to her in the living room and took small sips of the expired grape juice. We began talking about my married life and it got to the topic of sex after the less-important stuff. Thanks to the alcohol, we held nothing back when we depicted all the crazy sex we had, until she asked me how old was the oldest woman I had sex with.

Now, for that, it was something even Rachel didn’t know. The details of the night I had a ONS with a married woman came out like a complain, with me going on and on about her poor bed skills and how I had the most tiring sex ever in my life. We had a good laugh at the whole story, as if it was one of those funny confessions on a magazine column.

‘So you haven’t had an experienced, mature woman. Right to say?’

‘Yeah.. There’s no need for that now. Rachel is turning into that mature woman soon. Haha!’

The hand on her lap got my attention when she moved it to her groin, wriggling her middle finger into the wide gaps of her loose, short shorts.

(her whispering) ‘Gosh. I think that got me totally wet.’

‘Haha. I think that’s the cue for us to wrap this up.’


The surprise came when she suddenly pulled her shorts off, and started touching herself as if I wasn’t there. Her moans immediately snapped me out of my drunkenness and I picked myself up to head back into my room, only to have her yank me by my boxers back into the couch. With my bottoms halfway at my thighs, she swiftly caught that erection in a tight clench and flashed the cougar look at me.

‘Would you bear to let your mother-in-law suffer while she gets all the cock?’

‘You’re drunk mum. I’ll help you back into the room.’


She pushed my chest against the backrest and threw her face into my groin, sucking me at the tip while I stopped her from going any deeper. When she rolled my sags in her palm, the pain forced me to release my grip on her and she just slammed her throat right down that solid erection.

How else was I to manage that sudden deep throat, except with a groan that got her speeding her blowjob up. The way she used her tongue to tease my cockhead, her lips were doing a great job pushing all the buttons on my shaft. I began slouching lower on the couch for her to pleasure me, but it was Rachel I thought about the whole time.

‘You’re really delicious. I can taste the oranges you had yesterday.’



She placed my hands over her braless, firm breasts to massage them while she capped me on with the condom she pulled out of her back pocket. Once it was in place, my lips met her passionate mouth that was filled with lust for her always-absent husband, like mine which was pining for Rachel. Well, the other part of me that was missing her was getting a handjob during the whole kiss, filling me with guilt thinking that she might be fucking someone else halfway across the globe.

(her asking) ‘Shall we get on with it?’


I carried her into the bedroom like a bride and dropped her onto the queen sized bed, quickly stripping ourselves naked to enjoy the cool air blowing at us from above. We didn’t waste anymore time on foreplay and I laid on top of her body, sliding my saliva-coated cock into her pussy that I couldn’t believe he, that lucky husband, would not fuck every night.

Not only it felt ‘Rachel’, the moans she made even sounded like her. Right then, I found myself frozen and overwhelmed with shame for what I was doing at her expense.

‘I’ll turn off the lights, and you’ll see Rachel.’

True enough, my hips began moving into the tight hole once I couldn’t make out shit with my eyes. The squeezing pussy milked me in exactly the same way, shaved to the skin without so much a prick on my equally smooth groin. I was fucking her with all the love I had for his daughter whom I had been waiting to plow my cock into again.

Next to the pillow, my phone caught my attention when ‘Rachel’ appeared on a FaceTime call, instantly killing my rapid thrusts in regret.

‘Pick it up. Tell her you’re masturbating. I’ll keep quiet.’

I accepted the call and heard her sensual moans on the other side, telling me how much she missed me.

(her on phone) ‘What are you doing now?’

(me on phone) ‘Masturbating to you.’

(her on phone) ‘Such coincidence. Let’s do it together.’

I forced a groan to let her know I was starting and continued pounding her mum, plugging and unplugging that cock at her plump, juicy cunt. As a precaution, I had covered her mouth with one hand, while using the other to massage her breast.

To have Rachel moaning while I was experiencing a living pussy, it felt nothing but sexy. When she came through the phone, her mum climaxed as well and I was left grunting helplessly at the vacuum inside her.

(her on phone) ‘You’re so going to get fucked out of your mind when I come back. Save it up for me k?’

(me on phone) ‘I am. I love you babe.’

As soon as the line was dropped, the mum in front of me hugged me and rolled me on my back, grinding her hips along my hips to get that cock up again. In her strong waist, I was nothing but a sex toy below her, getting all soft and mushy in the mercy of her trained muscles. With only more speed to expect, I was feeling cramps all over my body except for my dick, which was still excitedly hard inside her.


I screamed at the top of my lungs as my cum left before she gave an answer. When she hopped off me, the condom was getting pumped full of cum, making a slimy mess when she ripped it off hurriedly to take it into her mouth. With the coat of thick, white mayo dressing, she slurped everything up and sucked till I had to pull myself out from under her.

Like mother, like daughter, I couldn’t move after what she did, cramps still shooting through my back in declining intensity. She later massaged me from my calves up to my shoulders, before performing Lingam to get me up again.

‘Since I don’t have anymore condoms.. Can you finger me till you cum again?’

‘.. okay.. ‘

She knelt in doggy to get sucking again, while I rammed my fingers inside her for another climax we managed to reach together at the same time. For the rest of the four nights, we used the box of twelve condoms to fuck non-stop to sunrise. I would then sleep till noon when my father-in-law came home, and gave that horny mother-of-my-wife more rounds of noisy, good, time.

After my house was fixed up, I would still spend nights at her parents’ place whenever I needed to report to work ahead of time, which was instead counterproductive if I was too tired to perform the duties I arrived early for.

I guess I did exceptionally well for my ‘other’ duties as a filial son-in-law.

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