Unknowingly Enslaved

‘Kylie, we’re going to drink at the karaoke, are you coming along?’

Josh, the guy her boyfriend invited her to celebrate his birthday with, popped that question knowing that she wouldn’t leave her boyfriend drunk. So the three of them took a cab down to a KTV where a VIP room was arranged for them, to go crazy without any uninformed interruptions.

Once the hard liquor was set down, each of them took a shot to start the night and Tim, her boyfriend, came up with a rule to drink after singing each song they chose. As the outgoing and wild girlfriend, she set the record for most shots downed, since she daringly sang five songs in a row.

As she was getting weaker, Josh began touching her when Tim was singing, as if intentionally ignoring her feeble cries for help when a hand went too deep under her skirt.

‘I think I’m going to puke soon. Toilet toilet!’

Tim dashed out of the room and left the pair in there, for Josh to start stripping her panties from under her dress. No amount of struggle was strong enough to push him away, and she found his fingers wriggling into her pussy while he held her fingers around his dick to jerk himself off.

‘Tim wouldn’t know. Don’t be shy.’

‘No! I don’t want it!’

His fingers only went deeper when she resisted, slowly losing strength to let him get his way with her. Once she turned quiet, he let her lay still while he took a small plastic pill bottle out, to dip an inch of his finger into whatever powder it contained. That finger found its way into her ass once he tipped her over on her ass, onto her back. A twist in her anus then cleaned it all off his digit before he wiped his hand like a surgeon after a successful operation.

Within two minutes, her subconscious began to take over and her hand Josh placed on his dick started to move up and down. Being the only signal he needed, he rolled her over onto her chest and flicked one of her legs over the edge so he could show himself into her ass. A single pierce sent her groaning wildly, and got even louder as he pounded her asshole sore.

The pair was drifting into a trance while they fucked, behind the back of the boyfriend who was probably suffering in the gents. Kylie couldn’t straighten her thoughts no matter how hard she tried, only to fall back into the enjoyment of the deep anal sex she was getting. What he put inside her, it was relaxing her rear so much that he could burying his cock so fast.

As for her pussy, a puddle had formed under where she laid, splattering as her groin slapped hard against it. Unknown to him, he had taken her virgin anal experience and showed her nothing but pleasure in there, dipping and pulling out of the sensitive rim where his cock was tightly held in place.

Minutes after, he wrapped his arms around her chest and brought her up onto his lap. Kylie started bouncing once she got her footing and easily drove Josh out of his mind with that high-speed laps along his thick shaft.

Now that she could reach her pussy, her fingers never left her clit for so much a second, while still hopping crazily on top of him.

‘Shooting! Shootinnnnggg!’

Kylie couldn’t help but wriggle her ass to the sides as hot cum fired up her ass, pumping continuously to her erratic hips movements. Just a few seconds later, he screamed out loud when her asshole clamped his dick so hard that he could totally feel the pressure building up in his loin, cueing her own orgasm that exploded as loudly as her groans she filled the room with.

After her climax, she blacked out immediately and Josh waved to Tim who was watching from outside, to tidy everything up before she regained consciousness. Resuming their singing and drinking, Tim had her in his arms when she woke up, in a daze but without any memories of what just happened.

‘You okay? I think you drank too much.’

‘Oh my god! Tim! He touched me after you left!’

‘Yeah. I came back in time and scolded him.’

‘Sorry.. I think I was too drunk.’

While she got tipsy again, Tim and Josh whispered something to each other for a long time. The night was pretty over when Kylie was wasted, and Tim decided to spend the night at a nearby budget hotel, with the bottle of white he bought from his best friend.

The impromptu Craigslist post he titled ‘LF A Willing Spender to Fuck my Girlfriend’ garnered overwhelming responses within a few minutes, showing him a side of Singapore no one knew exist. After the next thirty minutes, a Malay man entered the room, ready to fuck Kylie to get his money’s worth.

Little did he, and she knew, that the second dose of that date rape drug was given via the bristle end of a toothbrush into her ass. As part of the deal, Tim was left on his phone in the same room, filming the first of many sex that she would be getting while ‘out’.

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