Wen woke up to the sounds of rain splashing on the metallic roof of the room she was in. There was an overwhelming sense of confusion as she felt her wrists cuffed by a what policemen used, and her legs faced the same fate as well. The blindfold was loosely pulled over her head but no amount of struggling could shake it away. A strong stench of cigarette and alcohol flooded up her nose and she knew it was an unfavourable situation for her. Through the gap between her nose and eyes, the only thing she could make out of her surrounding was the wooden walls and the rusty bed frames. Apart from that, the rest of the room was too dark to be seen.

Unsure of where she was, Wen took the gamble and screamed her lungs out, shouting for help in the loud splattering noise of the rain. A few moments later, the door slammed open and a man was heard entering the room. Her shirt was drenched from a leak in the roof, but the rest of the bed was fairly dry. Still, the yucky mattress was all she could feel on her legs.

The man walked to her and she heard him undoing his belt, before a distinct zip sound confirmed her fear. A pair of hands grabbed onto her ankles and the cuffs was released, only to be secured to one of the poles of the bed, leaving just one feet free to kick around.

His grip was stronger than she had thought, and so, there was nothing she could do when he forced her body to turn around, dropping her free leg onto the floor and leaving the other stretched across the bed. The awkward doggie position was better than none and with his hands on her back, she could not struggle nor close her legs. The chained leg was simply spread too far.

A hand roughly roamed across her bum, flipping her skirt away from doing his deed. His finger then slipped from her butt crack into her pussy, that was drier than a desert given her situation. A disgusting load of spit landed on her pussy and his finger went in easily. The unwanted pleasure was flowing into her body naturally against her will. Her body could not tune to the fact that it was rape, and the juices just lubricated his finger further.

He gave a few strokes into her pussy and pulled it out, manhandling her butts to raise them higher in a taxing position. She felt his damp thighs on her ass and then, his dick just met at her entrance. An attempt to close her pussy only made him felt better as he let off a long groan as his dick slipped right into her. Once she was snuggly fitted over his rod, the vengeful rape started and he did the one thing he knew.

Throughout the whole session, he had held her head down sideways on the bed and continuously slapped on her butt, until it was pinkish in colour. The pain travelled directly up her spine and shocked her, but there was a part that went to her pussy, contracting slightly as every slap echoed. There were other voices outside the room, men laughing and betting on cards. The tears that the bedsheets soaked did not help in negating the guilt at all, only worsening it by reminding her how helpless she was.

The man was pounding his hips on her throughout the stagnant sex, until he had enough and pulled out before he creamed on her smooth white ass, having her panties removed the moment she was pulled into their van. His warm cum dribbled down her hips and onto her skirt, that was flipped back down over her ass. He left after the ten minutes satisfaction ride and the light from the door was darkened again with another figure.

The second man unlocked the bruise-causing cuffs on her leg and he placed her back on the bed, this time facing upwards. Nonetheless, her leg was tied back to the corner of the bed but it had felt better than the stretch the previous man had put her in. The new unknown man raised her free leg upwards and rested it on his muscular chest. Although at such angle it might hurt, Wen’s dancing classes had helped at that moment and that was ironically why she had such a desirable body.

He shifted his groin closer and pushed his dick into her, filling her with the hot meat in a way that felt sexy. The instant he started moving it in and out, the sensation of love making came into her head. It was an unintentional thought but the way he moved his hips so gracefully, it felt more of a service than rape. More juices were flowing out onto the action packed zone and her moans came naturally, sounding so ever sweetly in the room.

He heard that voice of hers and continued moving in the same pace, squeezing her boobs once or twice to see if it helped. And it did. Her pussy closed in on his rod and he had to pick up his speed, ramming it swiftly along with the squirting sounds of her juices. He lasted for at least three more minutes, giving her an orgasm she did not mind having. At the same time, he used the tightened pussy at his fastest and did the final lap.

A perfectly timed second orgasm for Wen ended and he pulled out smoothly and brought it to her mouth, which she opened for him. He pushed the tip in and she sucked on it gently, which after a few seconds served the piping hot stream of cum into her mouth. Wen had to open her mouth after a while as it got harder to breath with the meat inside.

The man politely asked if she could swallow and Wen nodded, emptying the cum down her throat in a gulp. He then locked both her feet back, and left the room. Weirdly, Wen realised that her job might be just to pleasure the men, since they had not spoken a single word to her except to ask for a swallow. Before she fell asleep, the images of a good looking guy appeared in her head and the whole reenactment of the last guy came back in details, banging his hips against her thigh as his dick slurped in and out.

It was definitely still a must-must to escape, but the sex from him was too good to deny. What would Wen do?

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