Nicole arrived at the stranger’s house after a long walk from her place. She had been instructed to meet him at his place after he left a photo of her masturbating in her room, having her image taken from the window she left open by accident. She gave two knocks on the door and the sounds from the television went off before the man opened. He was way taller than her, about 1.7 meters, and had a lean body under the Bali singlet. She stepped in quickly before anyone she knew might spot her and went straight to the wooden sofa in the living room.

Man: ‘You can call me Pat. What’s your name?’

Nicole: ‘I am Nicole. How many photos do you have of me?’

Pat: ‘Let’s just say I have videos too.’

Nicole: ‘Huh! Can you delete them?’

Pat: ‘That is why I asked you here. So we can work something out.’

Nicole was speechless at that last sentence and put her bag at the side of the sofa. She knew how she looked was way mature to lie to him she was underaged or even make any threats. Bound to be doomed, she was prepared to give that man sex to settle the issue. He changed his place to the seat diagonal to her and turned on the TV monitor to show her the porno flick he was watching earlier.

Pat: ‘I want you to finger yourself.’

As prepared as she was, she knew her dignity would have to go for now. Nicole got up and stripped her shorts and underwear off, before sitting back down and spreading her legs on the floor. Her hand went between her legs and the awkward masturbation began with her rubbing her clit with two of her fingers. Clearly, she was more experienced than that. As she looked at the screen to avoid eye contact, the rate she was getting turned on was even quicker than doing it herself. Soon, the area around her privates were wet. And he stopped her before she could slip her fingers in.

Nicole: ‘Is that all?’

Pat: ‘What do you think?’

His body was slouching on the armchair so much that he was almost lying down, and the tentage built in his underwear was a hint. Nicole almost got up to him but that was not what he wanted.

Pat: ‘Look under the table and pick one.’

She peered over the glass coffee table and saw two toys, one being a rabbit vibrator and the other being a thick penis shaped dildo. Her hand reached under and picked the meat coloured toy, before leaning back on the couch.

Pat: ‘You know what to do with it?’

Nicole gave him a nod and her eyes went back on the TV, while her legs spread again and the tip of the toy pushed into the entrance. She fiddled with it by thrusting it gently while letting more of it penetrate into her, after all, it was her first time with a toy and the thickness of it was pushing all her buttons. The toy lubricated by her juices, did not take too long before it was magically appearing and disappearing into her. Her moans were also getting louder as she increased in speed, pumping the toy so quickly until she climaxed. As she cummed, she looked at Pat and watched him admiring the exposed parts of her body, neck, arms and legs, that was glowing with sweat.

Pat: ‘Good. I think you’re wet enough now. Come over.’

He pulled his underwear down to let his dick free while she went down on her knees, before her mouth gobbled his stick up and began sucking him off. She knew what was at stake for her, and that thought never left her head for once. Working her soft lips around his shaft, and using her saliva as lube, her head slid up and down the rod, and was rewarded by the manly noises he made. Not only did Nicole not feel disgusted, but the domination and control over her was making her comfortable. There was no need to wonder what was needed to be done next, since he was giving instructions.

After enjoying her mouth for about five minutes or so, he lifted her head up and walked over to the armchair directly opposite him.

Pat: ‘Come. Get into doggie on the seat.’

She followed him and placed her knees on the cushion, arms resting at the neck rest. He then slid the windows open and she was looking right over to the block next to his. Sure that no one could spot her, she did not move and just waited for him to go behind her. The entry felt familiar to the toy going inside of her as the size was about the same, but it was much hotter, and lively. Nicole could feel his heartbeat and the pulsating expansion of his dick.

Pat took a while to enjoy the short moment he was inside of her before starting to thrust his hips, back and forth into the tight pussy he had been served. Grabbing her waist firmly, he went deep and shallow, fast and slow to his preference, but it was making Nicole slightly desperate. It had been a long time since she had sex, and to get an orgasm from it was even rarer. But whatever that man was doing, she knew an explosion was about to happen.

Finally after teasing her for a long time, he gave her what she had been dying for. The last lap of furious strokes at her drove her weak and high that he had to hold her breasts over her shirt while she orgasmed. So vigorous was her reaction that his dick had to slip out of her to prevent her from falling off the chair. It took her a couple of minutes to recover from the convulsion, but she was still energetic.

Pat: ‘Looks like you had your fun. It’s your turn to help me off.’

He turned off the TV and went to the centre seat of the couch, while she moved like a drunk over his lap, before holding his dick upright. Sitting back, her pussy lowered itself all the way balls deep, and then she began rocking. Bouncing on top of him, his hands were free, so he went under her shirt, her tube bra, and gave her small tits a massage. With the extra stimulation from her sensitive nipples, her movements got faster and she even squeezed him harder as she grind her hips.

Given how wild she was going on top of him, he could not last long either. Right then, Nicole hugged him close to her and he felt a warm flow of her wetness down his balls. He lifted her waist slightly above his hips and then jerked his body upwards, pumping his dick deep into her pussy. Nicole did not have to do anything but tried to relax her body as his meat ran along her vaginal walls, until he whispered the deadly word.

Pat (whispering): ‘I’m about to cum.’

Without sitting back down, she carefully lifted herself away and sat beside him. Her mouth went over his penis once more and this time, she threw her face at his crouch until his dick exploded, sending the liquid soldiers into her mouth. Pulse after pulse of cum filled her mouth up and the taste was not so bad she had to spit them out. After he gave her a tap on her head, she pulled her mouth away with a tight seal to prevent any leakages.

Pat: ‘You can swallow it now.’

Well, that was what she wanted to do anyway. Two gulps cleared her throat and she was officially drained. He brought his iPhone to her face and showed her that one image and another video was deleted. There was just a page full of thumbnails, pictures and videos included. Deep down inside, she realised she was more willing that supposed to be, to have his dick inside of her and filling it up with his meat.

Nicole: ‘Can I go now?’

Pat: ‘Yupp. You want to leave me your number so I don’t have to leave anything in your letterbox?’

Nicole: ‘Yeah yeah.’

Pat: ‘Great. I’ll see you in a few days.’

Knowing it would not be ending soon, she went back to her house and took out the dildo she smuggled along with her. Taking a look at the opened window, she turned her body to face it and dildo went to work, dipping into her sore pussy and going wildly.

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