Boy Boy

As 17 year old Jimmy wandered around the shopping mall after his friend cancelled the movie that they agreed to watch, the emptiness of the place was boring to him but there was an hour before the movie started. It would be a waste of the tickets that he bought if he skipped. So as he browsed in one of the clothing shops, a lady in her 30s saw his bored look and casual flipping of the hangers on display. There was no one else in the shop except the cashier who was busy on her iPad, presumingly playing games given the low human traffic that afternoon.

Rachel had ended her work early and was looking forward to buying some new clothes to wear, but the appearance of the young looking boy made her felt lonely. It was a case of two person alone who clearly needed a companion but had no reasons to be talking to each other. She walked to the rack where he was and popped a question about the quality of the clothes.

Feigning colourblind, she asked him to clarify the colour of the short skirt on her arm. The question was well handled by Jimmy and brought them into a conversation after she made her payment. Realising that they needed someone to accompany, he offered her the ticket which she took up without hesitation, glad that he had such an offer. Throughout the conversations and meeting, nothing sexual had came across Jimmy’s mind, but Rachel was feeling an urge to give the young man a try, to satisfy herself from the dry spell for the longest time.

They walked around the mall for a while more before entering the cinema, where there was only another couple at the far end corner of the theatre. The couple were so far back that when the both of them looked back, they could not even see their heads as the seats were levelled at the back.

The movie commenced without delay and she raised the armrest separating them, leaning onto him in the cold temperature. With one hand under his arm, their hands were on his lap and she placed her palm on his leg, gliding left and right into his inner thighs. Jimmy was slightly turned on by what she did but did not respond, since they were considered strangers then.

Rachel’s elbow nudged against his groin in an ‘accident’ and felt his hard on that was hidden well under his pants. Suddenly, the movie seemed irrelevant as her mind was tempting to tease him further till he lost control. Leaning her body closer to him, her other hand slid under his shirt and rested on his tummy, which wasn’t 6-pacs for your info. Still, his pants was those with a stretchy waistband that did not needed tying.

Pushing her hand into his shorts, she dug deeper into his underwear and held her warm rod in her hand, stroking it using his foreskin that had generously covered the length. Pumping slowly, it was getting Jimmy horny and that close to moaning out. Rachel then pulled the waistband down and exposed his dick in the cold air, while he gave the rows of seats behind another glance to confirm there was no one else.

Under the illumination of the screen, she could see the deep grooves of his throbbing manhood clearly, and it was red to be precise. She placed her mouth over it and let saliva coat the top before using her tongue to spread it around his little head.

The expression on Jimmy’s face could be summed in one word – lost. He did not know what to do as such things had never happened, nor was he expecting such an advance from her. But up till then, she was the one making all the advances without asking for anything. His eyes remained fixated on screen while she gave it another coat of saliva.

Once his dick was glistering with wetness, she got off the seat and squatted in front of the cushion. She bent over the front row of seats and brought herself between his legs. Giving his pants a tug, Jimmy lifted his butt and let his pants get yanked down to his ankles, a move that he had never imagined he dared to do. Rachel flipped her skirt up and moved her hips back until her panties was against the base of his shaft.

She reached backwards for his dick and pointed it forward, where used it to push her panties to the sides, piercing into the entrance of her pussy. Sliding her body backwards, his dick poked right in and a gasp escaped from his mouth. Rachel did not look at him once but only moved her body forth and back, using her pussy over his dick over and over again.

There was nothing for Jimmy to do as he just sat still and let her had his dick. The opening of her pussy was tight, and it was squeezing him in a milking action, slurping conveniently as though he was a toy. The scenes on screen was no longer in his sight, only the sexy figure that was continuously fucking his rod. She was getting so wet that her juices dripped onto his shorts at his feet. It was only a matter of time he cummed and the random contractions of her pussy told him she was getting pleasured as well.

It was his first time having sex, but the satisfaction of giving orgasms to her had beefed his confidence up. The few times he tried to hold her waist, resulted in her pushing him back to his seat to maintain control. As time passed, her body moved slower with the abundant number of climaxes, and it was time to give him his one shot.

Gathering her last bit of strength, she moved her hips in a circle and brought Jimmy to his limits. He leaned forward at one point and whispered that he was cumming. After hearing that, she just lifted her pussy away and turned herself around before squatting down, taking his juice-covered dick into her mouth.

Her head went into his groin and lips glided up and down his shaft, giving him the slutty looks as she tried to time her pace to get him to cum. True enough, he did not take long before holding her head and thrusting his hip into her mouth. Warm shots of cum sprayed on her tongue and she was still moving her mouth with her lips tightly squeezing around his dick.

The sensitivity had forced Jimmy into a slight spasm of his legs and it was only when he stopped creaming, that she stopped. Rachel gave his rod a final suck from the base up to his dick head, before removing her mouth with the cum still swirling around inside.

She turned his head to her and opened her mouth to show him her rewards, before swallowing it down and flushing it with a sip from the cup. They sat back down and adjusted their clothes to finish the movie, before separating after a hug at the exit of the cinema.

No doubt it was his first time, it felt good and satisfying. And for Rachel, she had confirmed her taste for younger guys and managed to get his number so they can meet up for more movies.

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