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This entry is written for a female friend, who then became a reader of this blog. Any resemblance or similarity to the names or event in this entry is purely coincidental. This story is written in the first person perspective of Elsa, the female lead.

It was hard notice the wide shoulder gentleman in a suit amidst the happening tables, he was just sitting calmly and smiling whenever someone spoke to him. It didn’t seemed that he knew many of the people around him, just like how I was at this wedding. It was my best friend, Serene, who would be the lucky girl to get married first between us. We had known each other in university, being the pair that always kept to ourselves during the three years of school. And how, there she was, happily standing on stage with the man of her dream.

Everything was so grand and beautiful. A part of me was jealous, but most of it happy for her. As much as I tried to clap and listen to the emcee of the night, the brown haired guy was getting all of my attention, sitting directly in my view, turning his head occasionally whenever a joke was made. That messy backcomb of his, with that neatly fitting blazer, made him much more better looking than the groom on stage.

The wedding ceremony was a standard one, with ‘yam-seng’ (giving cheers to the couple) and then the service of food. I had been watching him since I was ushered to my seat, and every move of his, be it bringing food to his mouth, swirling the red wine glass, to skilfully using the chopsticks, it made me want to know more about him. The bride and groom went around the tables for the group photos, and it wasn’t long before my table’s turn was done. No doubt I did not know anyone beside me, Serene did her best to host me within her efforts.

At 10pm, guests started standing up and leave, so naturally, I had my purse on my lap and ready to go when that eye-candy stood up. But he was still seated, enjoying the bowl of yam desert which many had left untouched. His table was almost empty, and so was mine. Swallowing a mouthful of red wine, I picked up my purse and he lifted his head to look at me.

Oh dear, how I wish he knew my heart had stopped at that moment. The breathlessness, and chill down my spine. Had he noticed me all the time? Or was it only now? I took my purse and walked to his table, shivering from the coldness and excitement that I was actually making advances on a stranger! He saw me stop by his side and rose to his feet, stretching out his right palm facing upwards. Instantaneously I could not move, not even a single bit.

He reached for my hand and took it to his lips, giving it a peck in front of the few guests who was making their way out. I shyly looked downwards and he went behind the chair next to him, pulling it out for me. Wow! When was the last time someone did that to me, apart from the waiters at restaurants? I sat down and he overturned an empty wine glass, unused by the guest next to him. The wine poured like diluted blood into the glass and I took it in my cold hands, unsure of what mess had I got myself into.

His spoon was laid nicely outside the bowl and he turned his chair to face me. To make things even more awkward, he had to bend his back and look at me from below, where I was looking.

Man: ‘Hi. I am a friend of Jake, Rufus. And you are?’

Me: ‘Elsa.’

Rufus: ‘That’s a nice name. Are you a friend of the couple?’

Me: ‘Serene?’

Rufus: ‘Ah I see. Hope you enjoyed the dinner.’

Right then, a waitress approached the table and started stacking the plates of dirty dishes, roughly handling the fragile glasses as though it was porcelain. While my eyes was distracted by the noises and their tired faces, his hand went under mine and lifted it up, holding it firmly once it was at his hip level.

Rufus: ‘Come.’

His voice couldn’t be louder and clearer in my head. In fact, that was all I could hear. I stood up and allowed him to lead me through another exit, where other guests at the hotel were waiting and chatting. As we walked hand in hand through them, eyes were on us, which wasn’t a surprise. He was a tall big guy in a suit that contoured around his shoulders and buttons locking loosely over his figure, while I was in a short a ruffled pink tube dress that ended just a few inches above my mid-thigh, enhancing my favourite part of my body – the legs. I had to admit I wished we were an item, but till then, I had no idea what was in store for me.

We went through the automatic door and a posh two door sports car, which I didn’t get what model it was. The valet got out of the driver’s seat and the bellboy opened the car door for me, letting me in while Rufus went to the other side. The engine of the car had a low pitch hum that I had never heard of, being in Singapore for so long, it was an experience of a life time to ride in something this powerful, yet tamed under the caring owner. We turned out into the streets and the zooming started, whizzing past lamp post leaving streaks of lights in my vision. I was truly mesmerized how he managed to get me into the car so soon.

During the ride, we did not engage in any conversations. It was a very silent but thoughtful journey to wherever he wanted to bring me to. I perched my elbow up against the windows and leaned my head on it, glancing at his driving and carefully turning of the wheel. It was as good as sliding on ice. I could fall asleep that instant, but it was his focused and unwavering eyes that was so seductive. He never brought his vision off the road, assuring her safety in that small but wild car. Although my purse was too narrow to cover much of my high hemline, he had never once took advantage of it, except to keep driving.

The car went pass the busy roads and turned into the rows of luxuriously designed bungalows, if not private landed properties few could afford. In front of us, a gate rattled opened and we made our way into the porch, where the lights came on without flipping a switch. Everything was so fascinating to me, since it wasn’t everyday that people my background would see such things. And.. Here I was, at this man’s place, without a single idea of what was he up to.

Rufus: ‘Elsa, you don’t have to worry. We won’t do anything more than what you are comfortable with.’

What did he meant? I had been comfortable all these while he had been leading me to wherever he wanted me to go, and still could put it in such a beautiful statement that it was my choice? I had basically zero defense against him. We entered his house and the tall ceiling made the whole place felt more like a ballroom rather than a home.

I placed my purse on the cushion that was slightly mismatched with the rest of the interior, but upon resting on it, I realised he preferred his home to be comfortable more than looking good. After a few minutes of him in the kitchen, he appeared with two wine glasses in his hands, presumingly for what we knew better as ’round two’. A soft couch, dimmed lights and classical music playing in the background, it was a perfect blend of ambient to just did what we did, seated partially sideways and looking at one another.

There didn’t seem to be any words that was worth exchanging, not even anything about the dinner or our own lives, that would make things more romantic. With one of his arms stretched across the headrest, it was an invite to be in his embrace, but I wasn’t sure. It was unlike me to be so initiating or defenseless, but that’s how it was then.

Rufus: ‘Would you like to dance?’

Me: ‘But I don’t know how.’

Rufus: ‘I can teach you.’

He got up and helped me up, taking my hand to place on his back while his hands went behind me and the other to my hand in midair.

Rufus: ‘Don’t look down.’

He held my chin and lifted my head up. I wasn’t trying to get the steps right, but it was more towards avoiding having to look into his eyes. The more we stared at each other, the more lost I felt in his gaze. As soon as our eyes met in the standing position, his face leaned towards mine and planted his lips on me, pressing that strong yet subtle softness on my trembling mouth. It was not the first time someone had gave me a surprise kiss, but it was nothing like those. The stable, unwavering kiss that sucked my fear away, replacing it with confidence and appreciation.

I had tried hard to resist my hands from going up his neck, and he had sensed that control as well. Instead, he wrapped his arms around my back and hugged me close, with my arms tucked in front of my chest like a little girl in daddy’s arms. Still, I raised my arms and held the back of his neck, bringing him into my kiss, that showed him how weak he had made me. We wobbled a few steps to the sofa and I was leaning against it, unable to back away from his kiss.

Soon, his tongue tapped onto my lips and I parted to let him in, reciprocating with mine sliding against his. His hands had stayed on my back as we made out, and mine too did not move much from his neck. I was sure we could do this all night if he had wanted, and from the length of time we had been frenching, it seemed that he did liked it. Mysteriously, the gentle strokes of his tongue stirred something taboo in me and the warmth from his mouth was begging to be transferred elsewhere.

The air conditioning wasn’t cold, but the distance from his hand that had moved down to my hips, was just too close to my privates. Something in me wanted more, which he had been good at holding back. His hands then moved back to my bum, and his fingers ran up and down my back, rising from my ass, to my back and then down again. That electrifying sensation was almost driving me frustrated and my focus was no longer in that kiss we had held for so long.

Finally, he pulled away from me and I had to take in a breath of him, flooding my mind with his manly scent that came from a perfume never revealed to me. Looking concerned at me, his eyes brought mine into that dazzling gaze once again.

Rufus: ‘Elsa, do you want to come up to the roof?’

Me: ‘Is it accessible?’

Rufus: ‘Of course, it’s my house, and it’s really more of a balcony than a roof.’

I happily pulled my dress straight and followed closely behind him. The climb up the three stories were a little tiring, but the sight at the top floor was breath taking. His apartment was one of the other five that was as tall, and the sky had seemed especially dark, littered with diamond-like sparkles. We went to the day bed right in front of a covered jacuzzi and he removed the cover on it, pushing a button to run the pool for the first cycle of washing.

Rufus: ‘I know you weren’t prepared for this, but will a bathrobe help?’

I stood there staring at the pool and then his face. Was I suppose to give him an answer? Or can I just reject? I had not known him for too long to get this naked, not when I was so conscious about my figure. I gave him a shake of my head and looked away, letting him pick the signal that I wasn’t that prepared.

He had understood my intentions perfectly and turned down the rest of the lights on the balcony, only keeping the blue illumination from the bubbling jacuzzi lit our presence. There was only one day bed for your information, and I was just taking up half of it. He sat down beside me and we both did not speak a word for close to five minutes. In my mind, the wonder of how could he be so eligible and yet choose me of all the attractive women in the ballroom? There was no answer no matter how hard I thought.

After that, he turned towards me and I looked at him, only to spot him giving me a silly smile.

Rufus: ‘I know we haven’t known each other. Can you close your eyes?’

What could he do? Give me yet another kiss? I could take the uncertainty and I did as he asked, turning my head forward where the breeze was brushing across my face. The bed felt lighter as he left, and the warming pair of hands landed on my shoulders, tensed from my line of work in the bank with irregular hours. I did not managed to get much sun on my skin as most of my shifts were at night, but I was satisfied with the tone of my complexion.

His nimble fingers squeezed my stiff muscles and I just laid back, letting him work on the stress that had built up over the year I had been working. His skilful use of the whole of his hands pushed on all the untouched, aching parts of my shoulder blades, and I could sense that my muscles relaxed to such a point I could not feel them anymore.

Slowly, his hands went to my neck, and pressed on it with only two fingers, going in circle at a pressure that was considered too light for me. Nonetheless, I understood he was a careful person when it came to handling ladies. It was just in him. His hands advanced downwards into my tube that had padding to hold up my assets, and he just slipped right in, expanding the width of it to accommodate his entry.

Cupping his hands around them, light squeezes were made and it was those between a massage and foreplay. None of his fingers actually touched my nipples although there were accidental brushes against them. As much as I wanted to enjoy, he was progressing in a pace I had never felt, especially when a woman is that exposed and convenient. Soon enough, his fingers did hold my nipples and the light rolling action was awakening my body, exchanging the coldness of the wind with my body warmth.

He reached further down my body and arrived at my navel, where he could extend his arms no more. Naughtily gathering that middle part of my dress up with his fingers, my black laced panties showed themselves and I perched my body higher on the backrest. It was my pair of undies to go with this pink dress as it was a piece that made me felt even sexier with the lace-lined edges, tickling my inner thighs as I moved about in it. He was one of the few guys who managed to peek at it while I was still clothed, but I had no qualms or doubts about showing it to him. After all, he deserved it for all the things he had done for me, a lady.

With the adjustment in height, his fingers landed on my panties and began rubbing with his two fingers on it, stroking it back and forth, until the warm moisture was felt. As his head was right beside mine, I could only look shyly away on the floor while he was trying hard to listen to my response. I even thought that my hair was doing a good job to hide my embarrassment, but nothing could beat what my body had told him, especially with that wetness collecting in my undies.

Rufus (whispering): ‘Elsa, could you remove them for me? No wait, why don’t I take them off for you instead.’

He went to the empty space beside me and tucked his fingers into the sides of the black strings, tugging them down my legs that I suddenly wished they were longer so it would provide me more time. Once they were off my feet, his body just leaned close to me and his hand glided down my dress till it disappeared between my legs, prodding on my clit that was always sensitive by nature. But for a long time, I had learned how not to be affected by it, and his finger was ruining all the self-control I had applied to myself. As soon as the short but quick vibrating of his fingers went off, my body was drained of energy and succumbing to his speed.

I managed to hold his hand just before he tried to push them in, but I found myself assuring him he wasn’t hurting me, which he totally did not buy. It wasn’t anything personal when I stopped him, but I preferred not to be fingered, saving the best for the best. It was him that I desired, but there was no other way to tell him that. Moving on, he then shifted his body off the bed and sat between my legs, that was shut tight that moment.

Rufus: ‘You don’t like it?’

Me (looking away): ‘Just shy?’

Rufus: ‘Don’t be. Just close your eyes. I promise to stop when you want me to.’

That was another thing I was afraid of, what if I never wanted him to stop? He parted my knees and spread my legs keeping it bent, and the tickle of his hair on my legs served as a guide to how close he was. My clit felt the slippery wet tongue of his and the rest was pretty much overwhelming. He worked his way up and down, going as fast as he could, and just as he needed a rest, his lips would hold my clit, sucking it in an increasing pressure until I groaned and held his head. He was a man who knew his way around a female’s body, and still doing a good job at it.

I had restrained myself from holding his head and doing anything to him, but I admit it was at my wits end. His constant up-down strokes were driving me wet and wild, juices leaking down onto the wooden bed. With my dress hiked up halfway across my butt, he had full access to me and I just had to stop him after a while as my clit got too sensitive beyond control.

He got up on his feet and stood in front of me, and I knew that time was of the essence. I did not say a word to him but I guessed the glimmer in my eyes was on the bulge, that was painfully poking against his pants and whatnot. Without further ado, his belt slipped open and zipped undone, even giving me a laugh as he tried to wriggle his pants and underwear down.

Before I knew it, his pink throbbing manhood was in front of me. It did not seemed to be scarily big, nor disappointingly small. In fact, I was glad he was this size and nothing extraordinary. He then climbed onto the bed on top of me and resumed the kissing that I had began to miss, dipping his tongue into me while his hips closed into my opening, pushing my dress higher to my waist.

As our lips bonded, my mind was down below, trying to feel the instant his tip touched me. He did took a while, but the whole thing was going slower than my body wanted. It was so hard for me not to wrap my legs around him and just pull him in, our intertwine of fate was definitely more than that. Slowly, his penis touched and separated the sensitive folds of labia, spreading them wider as his girth penetrated gracefully into me. Somehow, the length felt longer, with him taking his time to slide his meat in until I felt his groin on mine.

That full, satisfying and safe feeling was what I had been missing for the longest time, and all along, there was no one deemed to be worthy to give those to me. He stayed motionless in me for some time while our tongues danced, before he held his upper body up with the help of the bed that was levered upwards at my back.

Suddenly, the gentle brown haired man became a powerful figure, blocking out the beautiful sky and turning it into a fiery lust-filled aura that matched how I was feeling then. His hips then began pounding that rod into me and pumping me with heat and strength that I wanted to be infected with. His strokes weren’t those robotic in-out ones, but rather it was the scooping action he did that got around to stimulate my G-spot that I even had problem reaching for.

The constant gliding motion around my entrance was bombarding my head with the enlarged nerves exposed by the stretch, but the brushes my G-spot felt was mixing the pleasure with a sense of confidence, powered by lust that I had never expected. I was caught aback by the slurps that our genitals had made, but his irregular speed was something my body could not catch up with. He was going fast to let me reach my climax, but slowed down when I was about to orgasm, only to pound me hard to grant me a breathtaking, moan-filled and body-shaking one.

Somewhere in me, I wished he would never cum and continue on for as long as I wanted, but in time, he paused while inside me to catch his breath, lying his head beside mine. As much as he tried not to, his hips was still thrusting into me periodically while our private parts enjoyed the chilling wind while resting.

Rufus (whispering): ‘Where would you like me to finish it?’

Me (whispering): ‘Tell me where you want to finish it.’

I had no idea why I said that, but that fateful reply I gave threw me into a confusion of worry and thrill as I did not get a reply, and he was still thrusting deep into me. I would totally not had minded if he said he wanted to plant all his seeds into me, but on a second thought there was no way I was prepared to bear a child at my age of 24. So, the lack of answer made me throw those thoughts to the back of my head and let him decide where to bring it to.

After a short while, he backed his body away from me, giving me space to get on my knees and rest my arms on the back of the mattress. I felt his hands on my waist and he lightly pulled me towards him, poking his dick at my pussy without any compromise. With one powerful thrust, his meat filled me up once again and I had to let out a moan that was more meaningful than just pleasure. A few seconds was all I had before his hips slapped against my butt, driving that long pole into me over and over again.

My mind was all over the place as the new angle his dick was in, scraped against that forbidden spot where my own fingers could not reach, stroking it with that hot tip and slippery squeezes of my pussy. Sure, that word seemed to be a little degrading given how much I respected myself, but it was that moment I wanted him so badly, to keep going and delivering the orgasms that drove him even faster, using those tight moments to pleasure himself.

His poised impression that I had had gone irrelevant, as he groaned to express how much he wanted to cum and yet give me my climaxes. I knew there was only this long he could hold out for, and I was fully prepared for wherever he wanted to release that jet stream of cum that he had worked so hard for. Taking a two second pause, he reached for my black panties in the distance and pumped his dick harder into me, making me moan out of my comfort zone and as though he was the director of our little sex act, he pulled out of me the moment my body contracted from an incoming orgasm and used my panties to wrap around his swollen little head.

I had turned and sat down to look at him while my fingers went to my pussy to tease that calm clit of mine, finishing my orgasm at the same time his cream flooded my panties. I was both glad and dismayed that he did not cum in me, but I figured that was a question I did not want an answer to. Through my wide opened eyes, I saw his sticky cum shot through the thinner material and collected at an area I could not identify in the dark. All the six or seven waves of milk just got soaked up by my panties, and it could not excite me more with the thoughts of wearing it later.

He took a few minutes to rest while wiping his dick with that tiny piece of lingerie, occasionally still shooting some leftovers onto the floor. I was seated with my legs together sideways facing him, while he gave me a partly shy and lost look, guilty that he had creamed so much into that underwear of mine. I stretched my hand out with a ‘servant’ look, spreading it open to figure out which direction it was in, and got off the bed to put it on.

The wetness of the cum trailed up my legs as I pulled it up, and the warmth soaked panties squished slightly as I adjusted it to comfort. The sensation of a wet, silky fluid in my undies was unfelt before, but it was maintaining my level of horniness. He picked up his pants and led me down to the ground floor, where he went back to his room to get dressed and washed, leaving me to use the kitchen’s toilet to clean whatever I wanted to.

Inside, I merely took a leak and went back out to sit on his couch, while feeling the juices getting smeared around my pussy. Rufus returned after a while and got me into a comfortable sitting position, with my back on the armrest and legs by the side on the floor. Throughout the get-to-know-each-other conversation at the end, his hand roamed under my skirt to give me another clit rub, where I climaxed once again before I decided it was enough.

Me: ‘I shall get going now.’

Rufus: ‘Let’s go then.’

We made my way home and he drove with the same silence and focus on the road, bearing no attention to the changing radio stations that I toyed with. Well, the only thing that he responded to was when I reached for his groin, and unzipping it to give him a ‘stay alert’ handjob on the way to my place, giving him another happy ending just as he parked his car.

That night, the scenes of us getting hot and steamy kept replaying in my head, and there was not a single sense of regret nor guilt, for I knew he gave me something not anyone could. Plus that house, car, I was sure he knew what he was doing. A man with such power over his own life got my admiration, but deep down inside, I knew it was time to find myself again, to live as myself.

Since that day, the desire to find the emotions of that night did appear once in a while, and it had served as a reminder to either find someone as good, or wait. Just as I finished recounting what happened that night, my fingers were back where they belong, juicing me as I try to fall asleep.

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