Her Crush’s Responds

Rebecca: ‘Thanks for sending me home.’
Henry: ‘I am not going to let you to go home alone at this hour. Have a good rest k?’

The car turned into the 18 year old’s carpark and he stopped his vehicle in between two vans. They had went out with their poly friends that night and the low-profile-Henry did not let the rest know that he had a car, only to give in that secret to Rebecca cause she lived the furthest and looked lost when she realised she did not have enough cash for a cab. She had gone for the buffet dinner in a sleeveless t-shirt that had gapping arm openings, that type which you could look into to see the bra she wore. And that very bra she wore, was those half cup design ones that revealed about half of her cups. Throughout the ride home, Henry did not attempt to touch her out of respect, treating her only as a friend who knew how to dress up.

The both of them lit a cigarette each and stayed in the car, puffing away while gossiping about the rest of clique. Soon, she came to ask him if he liked anyone and he shook his head, citing his poor habits as a reason why no girls would like him. Rebecca knew that wasn’t true, cause she had been masturbating to him on countless occasions. That gangster-like appearance had a gentleman’s charm and attitude, one that she couldn’t resist.

Rebecca: ‘You know, I do have a crush on you.’
Henry: ‘But?’
Rebecca: ‘Have you ever fantasised about me?’
Henry: ‘No. I treat you as a good friend!’

Rebecca took a long drag of her stick and blew it out of the window, before dropping her cigarette outside.

Rebecca: ‘I think of you all the time, and I can’t seem to get enough of you.’
Henry: ‘Think of me all the time? Really?’
Rebecca: ‘To be frank, no.. I only think of you when I masturbate. Haha.’

Henry did not know how to reply her with that unexpected answer. He had not been with many girls before, but what she just said totally threw him off his shoes. The crazy classmate was known for her outspoken nature that knew no limits about offending people when it comes to opinions.

Henry: ‘I think it’s getting late. You should head up now.’

Rebecca gave a subtle nod and unbuckled her seatbelt, only to lean towards him and clicking his belt loose too. On her ‘return trip’ back to her seat, her hand laid on his groin and massaged between his soft cotton shorts. There was no better time than then, which was like ‘now or never’.

Rebecca: ‘Let’s not waste anymore time then?’
Henry: ‘Wait! You don’t know me that well! How could I?’
Rebecca: ‘I’m going to find out today. My way.’
Henry: ‘Are you high?’
Rebecca: ‘No. I need to do this sane, so I would know if I am masturbating to the right size and length.’

Her smirks threw all his worries out of the window and he couldn’t care less anymore about their friend-friend relationship. He undid his shorts, chucked it near the pedals and climbed into the back seat. Rebecca entered through the passenger door and joined him, quickly holding onto his rod once she unhooked her bra. Those small 34A cups weren’t much to look at, but he did not let her just do all the work. He reached into her shirt and fondled them well, to a point she couldn’t focus on jerking him off.

Henry: ‘Can you suck me?’

Rebecca did not say a word and used the hairband around her wrist to tie her hair into a bundle, going down on his tip with a smile. Giving his pee hole a kiss, she pushed her lips down his shaft and a long groan filled the car with pleasure. She was getting wet from the noises he made and there was no need to masturbate before she got her fun. Feeling that soft tongue licked the base of his dick, Henry couldn’t believed how much she was into him. He watched the girl sucked him non-stop and finally told her that he would like to return the favour.

Rebecca: ‘Just a bit more.’

She loved how much power she had over this guy whom still tried to act decent before her. His involuntary shivers were exciting her, forming a little wetness even before he got started.

Rebecca laid her back on the seat after she was done with him and parted her legs under the skirt, admiring the descend of his head between her thighs, disappearing only to feel his mouth touch that wet slit. She had long removed her panties when she visited the toilet before he sent her home, but he was too distracted to realise the nudity underneath. He clearly knew his way around to make her moan, sliding long strokes up and down her slit, occasionally sucking on her clit to hear the groans of affirmation. Never did she expect to cum from cunnilingus, but the tireless work he did totally drove her body wild and her pussy began splashing juices onto his seat.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Will you turn my fantasies into reality?’
Henry: ‘Which ones?’
Rebecca: ‘FFFuck.’

He leaned over her body and let his hips guide the long throbbing piece of meat into her, inching smoothly into the juicy cunt until his balls touched her ass. Rebecca had her hands around his back as his dick began thrusting, making squishy noises that sounded so hot and dirty. There was one thing she got right when this whole thing happened, that she would never get enough of it.

Meanwhile, Henry was in another world, looking at the sweet, young thing changing her expressions to his movements. Every angle he tried, resulted in a different volume, pitch or tone. Like her empowerment she felt while blowing him, he was in control this time.

The tease-fuck lasted for some time before he grew too impatient for himself, clenching his fists into a ball when he decided that it was long enough. Almost at the same time, her vagina contracted to an unbearable tightness around his cock, warning him about the climax he was about to fuck her into.

As soon as her hips arched upwards, Henry groaned loudly to that finishing move of hers and tried to pull out, only to be pushed back in by her legs behind his butt. That milking motion travelling down his dick during that inward thrust spilled his cum into that tiny hole, helplessly accepting that he was about to be a dad after this.

Rebecca (moaning): ‘Keep moving.. Don’t pull out yet.’

He gave in to her request since there was no turning back, and rammed his squirting dick deep into her. Another orgasm set off and instantly depleted his energy when her pussy was desperately squeezing him for more. The cute guy, overwhelmed by exhaustion, slowed down to a stop and let himself fall away from her. It was intense, but really, more life-threatening than fun.

Rebecca sat herself upright next to him and massaged both that sore pussy, and his scarred-for-life dick, making sure they were still capable of feeling and functioning.

Henry: ‘Are you on the pill?’
Rebecca (panting): ‘Uh huh.’
Henry: *sigh* ‘You gave me a scare there.’
Rebecca panting: ‘Well, I’ve been waiting for this day to come.’

She wore everything back except her bra and gave him a kiss before going home. He was cool to remain composed after all that happened, without any guilt or awkwardness. The thoughts of him fucking her hard kept surfacing while she was trying to sleep, and there was no doubts about what her wet pussy wanted.

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