Wishful Desire

She whom not knew, worked right beside.
The unknown forces of words, were the only knowledge she had.
A curiosity bounded by the circumstances of ‘chance’.

And by ‘chance’, she saw the familiar layout.
One that is unmistakable, with four images on the side.
Causing her to ask, who I really am.

The mind of an author, publishing only in bytes.
Killing the cat, or rather, the pussy, unintentionally.
Our conversation, filled with excite, showed her one too many.

She now knew, who worked right beside.
The known forces of words, will just be enough to guide.
An interest summoned by a chance stumbled upon.

Two moons dawned below her waist, soon to be touched by experience.
The pillar of lust before her, was embraced in outmost care and gentle.
Starry nights, above our heads, cold winds to calm our wrongful thrusts.

A split of two, sent warmth to her core.
The bite of a forbidden fruit, sets us across.
Nails into flesh, sticky bods connect.

A hard thud on the wood, brought her voice out loud.
Arms resting flat, only her legs apart.
Embraced by graceful pleasure, awaited the burst of joy.

Fiery moans, unextinguishable by perspiration.
Growing hotter, going faster.
Beyond their control, a flash of light appeared.

Flicker, flick, the blinding lights stayed.
His skin so hot, melting onto hers.
The glow of kamehame, filled the unknown void, until now.

A perfect fit, for her stretchy container.
To hold his love, that he left trails of.
The breaths they took, kept a beautiful part in each.

An undying kiss, lingered on their lips.
They might part, but not their minds.
For the love, stays in and around.

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