Not Everyday

It wasn’t everyday when a guy tells me (a guy) that I’m handsome, especially in front of his wife who had paid a visit for a drink at my bar. The conversation was quite comical and it was mostly the husband talking.

Husband: ‘You look quite handsome hor? Like my younger son, his smile is very charming. See, my wife doesn’t dare to look at you after I say you’re handsome. Shy.’

I could only smile at them and steal a glance at his wife who was wearing a red sleeveless chiffon top and those kaki coloured shorts. She was looking down at the menu with a smile after a short eye contact with me, face reddening. I was allowed to drink with them as they stayed past my shift and they were potential spenders too. For the hour we chatted, they had downed at least three bottles each, all with their alcohol content eight percent and above.

After they had enough, I sent them their check and the wife, Sofie, signed on the credit card bill. In a drunken state, we left the bar and the husband offered to send me home, although they lived much closer to the place. At such a late hour, I couldn’t reject his offer and hopped into the backseat, where Sofie joined me so as not to let me feel left out.

Right after the car started moving, the husband teasingly asked if she was drunk and feeling hot. Her reply was a little blur, but she knew what she was allowed to do. Her pants was removed off her slightly muscular thighs and before I could respond, she was leaning onto me with her hands rubbing my hard on under my jeans.

Sofie: ‘You want to take them off too?’
Me: ‘But your husband.. ‘
Sofie: ‘He’s fine with it.’

I didn’t waste anymore time and pulled my jeans off, letting her help me remove my briefs at the same time. Her hand came forth to stroke my dick and I placed my arm across her chest, rubbing on her pussy that felt nothing like her age. It was so soft and wet, labia showing between those pink lips like bacon out of two muffins. She started moaning as soon as I went faster on her clit, and her head kept sliding down my chest until her mouth was over my dick.

There was no way anyone could tell that such a decent looking wife would be so open to such random tryst, plus her enthusiasm sucking me was much to be complimented. Sofie had did a great job in driving me so high that I couldn’t focus much on her but only groan as she sent my shaft deep down her throat.

Since the ride had been shortened by the expressway, the car stopped at my void deck soon enough and the husband stepped out of the car for a smoke, while his wife leaned back onto the passenger door with her legs opened. I knew what to do next and laid between her thighs, dick held in her hand and guided towards her pussy. Within seconds, I was inside her and that loose, wet environment told me how much sex she had.

Not complaining, I thrust gently at her until she told me to go faster, and harder, in anyway I liked. She loved to be taken on rough and I gave in to her request. Pumping fast and furious, the moans drowned out the radio and her juices were leaking all over the seat.

Sofie: ‘I’m going to cumm.. ‘

I just kept going until she raised her hands to the little handgrip above the windows, screaming loud enough to attract her husband’s attention. Her pussy tightened to a more comfortable width and I just rammed deeper. There was nothing to stop us as her legs went around my waist, pulling me as my dick stroked her sensitive spots. It was so erotic to be fucking someone’s wife, guilt-free from her husband’s acknowledgement.

We changed to doggie shortly after and remained in that position for the rest of the time. That meaty hips cushioned my pounding so nicely that I went on for at least another fifteen minutes, pausing only to experience her orgasms work around my rod.

Me: ‘I am shooting soon.’
Sofie: ‘Cum inside me. I’m on the pill.’

I grabbed her waist harder as I rammed with all my might, until my dick could not take it anymore and exploded deep into her womb. She turned her head as soon as the first wave fired and that lips bitting expression just sent my heart soft. That look on her face was priceless. There was no holding back to my groans as her pussy contracted while I ejaculate, flooding her pussy till some of it leaked back out.

Slowly, I backed away and sat back on the seat, watching her hand went to her pussy to finger herself with my cum. She adjusted her position to face me and went down on me again, licking the mess up and giving it a final kiss on the tip.

Sofie: ‘You know, you do look charming with that smile. I knew it before he said anything.’
Me: ‘Thank you. And you are a very sexy mum in my eyes.’

She handed me my bag after I wore my jeans, and waved goodbye as I left for home. Her husband shook my hand and thanked me for the night, before leaving me his number. Upon my bedtime, he sent me a file through Whatsapp, and the curious me was well pleased to see the car’s camera recorded the kinky car fun of his wife and I.

Well, it’s time for sleep, and I definitely hope to see them again.

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Haha! Well, this story was what that husband was hinting so strongly at while I was at work. The wife was slightly high and shy. Couldn’t forget her face.

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