Rounds after Rounds, Fact or Fiction?

There is something about guys going rounds after rounds in porn and even in some stories, but how possible is it? Surely it’s a Godsend if you do not get soft, but what does it take you to get up and going after you jizzed?

To start things off, there are two kinds of mode you can be in after ejaculating. One, shrinking till you are about 1.5 times your ‘sleeping’ length, the last bit of blood flowing slower back into your body. Two, you are still semi-erect from 7/10 satisfactory sex, or just being in the right mood (you could possibly be puzzled too).

Rarely, and I mean just twice or thrice in my entire sex life, have I ever put on another condom immediately and went again. Not only I might ‘shrink’ inside her, it might take a longer time to get to my previous hardness too (I call it ‘long but soft’). Not so sure about her mood then, but there is little I can do to quicken my erection process.

Sometimes, it’s not her face or look or actions that can’t make you harder any faster. Men in general, lose some steam once he comes. There is NO way he is 100% into you after freeing all those sperms, and he would appreciate a pause no matter how short it lasts. Ladies might find it a challenge to decipher what men are feeling at that point. ‘Can I touch it?’, ‘should I pounce on him and kiss?’, ‘I want to make him hard right now so we can do it all over again!’.

My most preferred chain of event is to have some time alone, while she kisses and snuggles up to me lovingly. She understands that it is really sensitive there and would let it get to whatever size it wants. Then, she can slide her head down to my belly and kiss it (or wipe it first), sucking on it with LITTLE tongue action.

Once it starts to grow again, she is free to gently stroke it till I say ‘Let’s do it again’. It might take ten full minutes, or two minutes. Just take things slow. If you are not the type that wants to put it in your mouth after he shoots, clean it up for him. Wet wipes or fingers, don’t try to peel his foreskin back if it went into hiding. Just hold it in your fingers/ hand, and shower him with patience.

I know it’s quite frustrating when he doesn’t get your message and ends it right there. But a blowjob always works (at least for me). Else, let him rest and you start playing with yourself. Once he decides to ‘help’ you, he pretty much made up his mind. You will be irresistible with those horny moans. Even if he doesn’t do it for pleasure, he would do it for you.

It IS possible for men to cum rounds after rounds, and with each shot, he will need more and more time to rest. Have snacks, watch a movie, nap, talk about what you love on bed, what you fantasy about, his sick fetish that you suspect to be a victim of, the guy who keeps asking you out. Don’t go back to doing your work once he cum and then only return to check if he is up and ready. As much as he loves being your lifetime protein shake supplier, he would definitely prefer to be an ox the cow keeps wanting more of (not saying anyone is a cow here!).

Rush and he will feel conscious about meeting your needs. A woman who knows how to please herself will put his man’s heart at ease. Cause he wouldn’t have to worry about you cheating on him because of his sexual inadequacy. You are not with your partner just for sex right?

Trial and error, to see what works best. I’m sure so many sessions have passed without any exploration after sex. Why not take things slower and see if you can decode his body? Both will stand to gain if you two found a trick to harden him.

Just don’t go ‘Metapod! Use Harden!’ on him, even if he is your cute Pikachu. Perhaps I can write the next entry for the guys to get your not-so-interested-in-sex ladies up for some fun.

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