Her Own Room

*Soft moaning in distance*

Hearing what I least imagined to be possible, I continued walking down the steps from my unit until I saw the back of a female student in a pinafore, arms vigorously jerking between her opened legs.


She flipped her dress down immediately over her legs and turned backwards to me, slapping her hands into the concrete steps that turned a shade darker from the wetness. Seeing her frightened look, I told her the only thing that might get her into trouble.

‘You’re too loud.’

(She whispered) ‘I’m sorry.’

‘It’s alright. Just stay safe yeah?’

Brought up in a house where I had to share a room with my younger brother, the ‘lack of privacy’ was well understood by me. She was quick to get up on her feet blocking my path beside her and held my elbows with heavy breaths.

(I asked her) ‘Is something wrong?’

‘Not really. But.. I moaned that loud for a reason.’

‘What reason?’

She pulled her pinafore over her head to reveal her bottomless state, along with those obvious signs of nipples poking at her P.E. shirt.

‘Feel me.’

I couldn’t turn away after she took a step into my face, grabbing both my hands and planting it on her chest. She easily squeezed her fingers over mine and gave off a soft moan, giving me no chance to talk her out of it.

‘If you don’t do what I say, I’ll scream.’

‘Okay.. If that is how you want to make me stay, I will.’

The impatience of her was slowly overwhelming her unknown desires as she lifted her shirt up to put one of my hands under, back on the same breast as when I was ‘out’.

(She moaned) ‘Sit with me.’

I could only listen to her then and stayed by her side as I massaged both of her boobs, while she touched herself to her heart’s content. At least five minutes passed in that position before she made her next demand – for me to take ‘it’ out.

The only thought in my mind was to ‘get this over and done with’, no matter how disadvantageous I was IF she decided to tell in on me after. I just couldn’t imagine my neighbours, or even family walking in on me doing this.

As quickly as I could, I lowered my jeans and whipped that fucked-up erection out, somehow standing hard in the presence of the underage girl. Seeing how excited it was, she moved my hand to her pussy as she leaned to my side, touching and stroking it to see how I would react.

Her sensual moans, combined with that playful hand of hers, got me so hard that it was aching.

(I whimpered) ‘Can you put some saliva on it?’

‘As lubrication?’


She ended the handjob right there and commanded me to stand between her legs, which were parting as I hesitated about ‘homerun’. It was the fail-proof way to leave evidence inside of her, and would definitely get me into trouble if I made her pregnant.

‘Should I shout now?’

‘No. You don’t have to.’

I went three steps down and kneeled under her groin, spread so wide for all the glory of her pussy that was covered in fine hairs. The secondary school student guided my dick while tugging against my neck for me to bend forward.

With the tip piercing into the first inch of her vagina, her breathing got rapid really fast. Both of us knew how un-ready she was for sex, but her clit rub somehow loosened the grip on my little head and the second, third, and all of me plunged into her.

While her entrance was painfully tight, her insides were pretty.. spacious. I dare not move at all in fear of hurting her, or even engaging in the act she wanted me to. Her body was trying so hard to adjust to the foreign organ, throbbing wildly against my shaft to hold ‘me’ in.

‘How does it feel to me inside me?’

‘A little scary, but warm and nice.’

‘Am I loose? I might have fingered myself too much just now.’

‘No. Not at all.’

She leaned back and continued masturbating herself on her clit, while I squirmed weakly to the contractions that was agonising to feel.


My hips started moving on its lowest speed setting and brushed her interiors thoroughly, reaching a depth I could feel was the ‘end’ of her. As we continued broadcasting softcore moans, her vagina gradually wrapped itself around my cock, stimulating all the sensitive spots on both our genitals.

In no time, I lost control of my urges and went all out at her, in an ever increasing pace. Sweet, soft voices turned into monstrous grunts as her consciousness faded her eyes white, small figure jerking helplessly on the stairs as I had my way with her.

‘Keep going.. Keep going.. ‘

The chant repeated itself to my desperate thrusts, pumping all 7 inches of me into that little body. It took her another few minutes before her pussy started leaking juices over our hips like a broken tap, and sent her into a fit that got me legitimately afraid.

However, the smile she was forcing told me otherwise and I just kept going, fucking that girl for all that was worth. After a ‘slow-down’ period for her recovery, we actually swapped to a standing doggystyle in front of the railing. Something in me just gave up thinking about the worst that could happen and, just get what I wanted.

Banging her from the back, her orgasms got more frequent, marked by the stream down her thighs down the floor we were having sex on. With time passing fast, I was pounding her at my maximum speed after her last climax sealed my cock inside her, sucking all my strokes deeper with the unintended vacuum.

Midway though our unchecked groans, the impending urge overtook my waist and drove me like a pile driver into her pussy.

(She moaned) ‘Oh fuck! You are driving me crazy!’

(I groaned) ‘I’m cumming soon! Sorry!’

I yanked my cock out before I ruined my future and she stumbled back down on her butt. The stern look on her face got me worried and I just stood motionless, ready to pull up my pants no matter if she was going to do anything to me.

(I asked) ‘Shall we stop here?’

‘No. Come closer.’

She held my cock in her face and took a few deep breaths before licking the wet tip. I could tell that a lot of thoughts were going through her mind then. It was like, she want to, but didn’t.

‘You are supposed to be my slave. But.. I’m really the slave to this.’

With that, she came and took half of it into her mouth, before she grabbed my ass to force the lower half down her throat. Her loud gagging noises really got to me then, going all weak waist down upon seeing her suffer.

As good as it (her deep throat) felt, she was in tears while at it. After one or two minutes of her resisting MY resistance, the ‘super high’ sensation blasted all morality out of my mind.

I came hard into her mouth after three more strokes, feeling all of my muscles pump every ounce of it into her waiting lips. Waves after waves, each jet became weaker until there was nothing left. Just as my mind settled into the resting mood, she took my shrinking manhood into her mouth again.

This time, she was relentless in sucking me dry till I had to jump back, leaving her animalistic self pouting. To think all it took was a little coaxing to get back into her arms, she cleaned me up with the fresh set of panties from her bag, before slipping it on.

(She spoke sternly) ‘I’ll see you here tomorrow. Twelve midnight.’



I got dressed as fast as I could and ran three floors up, before looking down the stairs to see if she had left. To my surprise, she only went one floor down before the sound of keys told me of where she lived.

It was no wonder – midnight.

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