Dad’s Headache

(Ryan whispered) ‘Dear. The headache.. I think it’s getting worse.’

His wife’s hand moved almost instantly across his belly after hearing what he said, reaching into his boxers to hold his growing member. As he has always joked about using sex to cure a headache, he wasn’t surprised that she would remember it, or even do it to help him sleep.

A few strokes was all he needed to get rock hard, and in the dark, there was little to see except to close his eyes, and feel the weight of her head dragging across his chest. The wife of 10 years had done her job well, bearing him two children and taking care of them while he worked hard.

Now that they are all grown up, there was nothing left to do but to enjoy their new-found privacy, without the cries of babies to interrupt them. His mind was flooded with happy, good memories as she went down on him, taking his cock as if she was the horny little girl when they were dating.

Starting with little pecks all over his shaft, the parts with her saliva felt extra cold. Even his balls she had always forgotten managed to spend a good few seconds between her lips, ‘gnawed’ to an ache so good he could only groan to.

Next up was his smaller head, which she took into her mouth to twirl her tongue around, as if gathering all his nerve endings at the tip where she would then suck really hard on it. Pain, as he often described, didn’t make him push her away this time, since it was more preferable than the ringing one in his (big) head.

She was taking his time with him, sucking and making popping noises as she teased him slowly. Moving her lips very slowly up and down, it took her a long time making short strokes to reach the base where he gasped in pleasure. This time though, things were a little different when she could pull off many throat-deep penetration in a row, leaving him breathless when it was her turn to catch her breath.

This mother of his kids, was improving at what they got so used to, giving him new energy as she lazily climbed over his body. Thin, small, and.. lighter. Has she lost weight? Her familiar fingers ran down his chest to his abs, before gently grabbing his cock under her pussy. A ‘missed’ entry told him of how wet she was for him, for his thick, juicy cock covered in her saliva and nothing else.

And there it was, the soothing, warm opening of her vagina that was a little loose after.. no.. no no. She was as tight as she was during their countless rounds of sex during their younger days. It was so perfect being inside her, inside that wild, young, throbbing pussy that received so much of his fearless pounding.

Once she started rocking her body, he knew it was something she learnt again. The knee-scrapping rides were now replaced with a more agile waist, arching back and forth as his cock slipped easily in and out of her soaked cunt. Oh how good it felt, to experience the familiar squeezing sensation at her entry point again. She was filled with life, vigour and lust again.

Sensing his headache leaving his body, his dick got even harder and shallow, fast-paced panting noise grew louder. It has been too long since she rode him to an orgasm, and he knew she was extreme sensitive that night, when she climaxed not once, but thrice while riding his bulging tummy.

There was no stopping this little monster when she fell back on her arms, picking her hips up to slam herself down onto his manhood. Yes, MANhood, Ryan is coming back.

(Ryan whispering loudly) ‘Dear dear! Shooting!’

She lunged herself forward and squatted over his groin, bouncing hard and fast as she tightened her vaginal muscles. The most intense ejaculation fired straight into her pussy, filling her to the brim and then leaking all over his cock. The dutiful wife then dismounted her ‘stallion’ and cleaned him up with her mouth, wasting no bit of cum from his week’s load of storage.

Healed and satiated, she left the bed and Ryan fell back to sleep, unaware that she went BACK to the room where HER mother was asleep in front of the laptop that was still playing her Korean drama.

So, Janice fucked her dad that night.

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