Obliging Husband

All high and loud from the alcohol, I was one of the few sober ones who stayed away because I couldn’t hold my liquor well. Still, I was dragged into the game improvised to add some ‘hype’ for the birthday girl, who was a customer-turned-friend from my workplace.

As ironic as fate is, out of 52 poker cards, I just had to hold the one she called out in a drunken stupor.

‘Queen of Hearts!’

Upon flipping my card around in a laid back smile, a shot glass filled with some liquid was held to my mouth. An ‘ahhh’ later, I swallowed the whole thing with a ‘tequila face’, thinking that it must be something strong only meant for the ‘winner’.

‘Okay J! Time to head up!’

‘Head up where?’

I began feeling a little tipsy and weak, but could still manage my way up the stairs (to the only bedroom) of the chalet. Feeling even more confused, the high I felt was clouding and clearing my mind of any doubts I had.

In a minute, I was shoved to the bed and Ella, the birthday girl, collapsed beside me.

‘You.. are one lucky man.’


My eyes got too heavy to open but they did once my clothes were being stripped off, pinned on my limbs to facilitate the job of other party goers.

Naked, I was next to the lady who was being stripped as well. I could only look at her husband in fear, since I could guess what I actually ‘won’. He saw my worried face at once and came up to my ear with much hype, whispering words I couldn’t believe.

(Ella’s husband whispered) ‘She’s yours tonight. You have my permission.’

(Loud cheering) ‘COW-GIRL! COW-GIRL! COW-GIRL!’

Those words repeated at least ten times before some other girls helped Ella up, perching her on top of my belly. The moment she laid hand on my dick, did I realised how hard I was. I wasn’t even turned on with the number of spectators!

The drowsy girl then picked her ass off and slid lower to my groin, where she sat over my rock-hard erection. Bright LED lights I recognised from cellphones blinded my eyes, but not the tingling sensation in my cock when she began riding.

Usually sensitive all over my body, the bouncing motion of her was pushing pleasure into my head, accumulating like a clot until I gave off the loudest groan. The onlookers cheered even louder as she went faster, moans turning sexier as lust overwhelmed the initial ‘dare’ hype.

In the wild flashes of light, I made out two pair of hands pushing on her shoulders, slamming her back down whenever she rose. My body was glowing red by then, filled with whatever drug they included in THAT shot. A different sense of energy was building up gradually in my muscles.

After three minutes of her cowgirl stint, I dragged my body backwards a feet before shoving her back forward, holding her down until I got on my knees.

(Someone shouted) ‘OOO! TARZAN WANTS DOGGY!

That single phrase sent my dick right back into Ella’s pussy, stretching her deep to a point that sent her screaming. My fingers locked themselves at her hips and my body started thrusting, moving with confidence that I wouldn’t cum before I want to.

Minutes passed in violent, vigorous sex that broadcast our ‘joyous’ occasion for all to hear. I couldn’t think of anything but to keep going until that ‘urge to cum’ has reached its peak. Everyone was touching, caressing her as I pounded her from the back, jerking her body so hard for the cameras before her.


(Crowd cheering) ‘IN-THE-MOUTH! IN-THE-MOUTH!’

I instantly pulled out to the first cry and let them flip her onto her back. To make things easier for those fuckers to film, I kneeled over her chest and let her husband put one of her tired hand on my dong, somewhat guiding her to jerk me off for the finale.

The impatient, mind-fucked girl suddenly went berserk and stroked me really fast, making me shiver uncontrollably on my knees. All it took her was a minute of tight, wet, fast handjob to get me grunting again.

(I screamed) ‘I’M CUMMING NOW!’

Someone raised her head up into my groin and I saw my dick plunging into her mouth as cum burst out from the tip. Just like how irresponsible that hand could be, her head fell back onto the bed with much left in my balls, causing the rest of it to spray over her face till I had nothing left.

Still drowning in cheers and some jeers, I was helped off her lifeless body and left on the bed, while she was placed next to me by her husband.

(Ella’s husband whispered) ‘I now ask of you to spend some time with her. Make sure she is fine. I’ll clear the room for you two.’

True enough, the bedroom was emptied as quickly as it was crowded. The two of us spent an hour talking about what happened that night, and came down to see just three other people, who surrounded her husband.

‘The videos are meant just for the three of us. I got them either to send their copies to me and keep what they have, or delete them. These three buggers are the only ones sending.’

As he requested, no one stayed overnight except for us, and the couple took up the bedroom to create more creaking noises while I slept on a mattress downstairs.


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