Someone Else’s

(Soft feminine cries) ‘Help me.. ‘

Jason was at a loss when he rushed into the ladies where groans were coming from, worried that someone might have gotten injured. When he pushed his way into the only door that was closed, A girl was found sitting in the corner with her black off-shoulder top below her breasts, and panties hanging at her ankles spread wide apart for her fingers to work between.

‘I’m sorry madam. I can’t do that. Can I give you five more minutes? Or else I might have to call the police or ambulance.’

‘NO WAIT! I think I’ve been drugged. I can’t stop.. Please.. ‘

Through her voice, he could hear that she was telling the truth. As horny as anyone might be, there IS a difference when you are seducing someone, or fighting something you didn’t want to do. Two of her fingers were just gorging for something while the other hand took some of the suffering away by her clit.

(In his concerned voice) ‘What is happening? How do you feel?’

‘It’s itchy. It’s just really itchy. I can’t reach deep enough!’

At once, she reached for his belt and headbutt him whenever he tried to resist. Seeing a girl this young out-of-control for sex totally got to his soft spot, since this was a fantasy that he never thought of. Despite his ‘unwillingness’ she finally got into his pants and came face to face with his well-endowed penis.

‘Fuck.. This is bigger than any of my exes.. Shit.. ‘

Something inside her overwhelmed the fear and she began jerking him off, until it reached its maximum rigidity. The sexually motivated girl turned around for the toilet and bent over it, parting her knees as wide as she could for balance.

‘Put it inside me now.’

She was so helpful to reach under her pussy, grabbing his dick and plugging it into her slot. The width of his cock instantly relieved the itch at the sides, and pushing it deeper further eased her discomfort. Jason was having his moment inside of her when he felt a little tingle under the tight skin of his shaft, something like – an itch.

As it covered the surface of his whole dick, his body instinctively started moving. Thrusting slowly at first, the warm, irritable sensation got more intense. Without other options, he went faster and deeper to ‘scratch’ it, to the benefit of them both. She was moaning so happily, and him groaning so satisfyingly, as the itch faded.

(Jason groaned) ‘You know I’m feeling itchy down there now?’

(She moaned) ‘I’m sorry. Let’s keep going then.’


The unconventional couple then went all out fucking hard, listening to their own voices in the surround-sound environment. Slapping hips, gasping breaths, desperate groans, slurping body fluids. She was begging him to cum inside her and he was suffering in the battle of ‘lust versus body’. That was all he could take.



Just like all the porn they watched, he filled her pie full of cream till some overflowed onto her thighs. They were still going despite having their most intense orgasms together.

Knocking their bodies for another few minutes, they ultimately separated to check on their genitalia. The cum-filled pussy felt fine, and his juice-cum soaked cock looked normal.

Out of habit, Jason began cleaning his pipe and felt the horrifying sensation at those areas NOT covered in cum. Her panties soaked enough of it away as well and she was blushing before she was done dressing up.

‘I think my cum is keeping the itch away.’

‘I think so too. Shit man. What have I gotten you into? Can you start first while I call my friend? I think she knows how to fix this. I’m so sorry.’

Jason undid his pants and went to work immediately, holding her behind the door to pound her in standing doggy. Throughout the whole time, she was on the phone with her friend, moaning occasionally as he tickled her G-spot. The crazy urge flooded his mind after the first few minutes and he was fucking her hard again, with an erection that never seemed to have softened. Ten minutes passed and he came into her again, but they no longer ‘detached’.

She remained seated on his lap while he rested on the toilet, fondling her all over uncontrollably.

‘So she says, we will have to wait until our umm.. Parts, absorb your cum. The longer we can stay like this, the less itchy it will be.’

Jason made a call to his partner and reported a bad stomach ache, and asked for the favour he owed him. As soon as that was settled, she began exploring her clit again, primarily to see if there were any visible symptoms, but ended up rubbing her clit to an orgasm that stirred his cock awake.

The pair of exhausted monster suddenly went crazy on each other, fucking their way into the nursing room, where he had another two ‘shots’ at her. At his morning call, they had slept for a long time with him, inside her, and were all healed.

(He said) ‘Okay. I think it’s time to go now. Feeling fine right?’

‘Yeah. But it there’s a relapse.. ‘

‘Give me your number. We will keep in contact. How is your friend now? The one that went through our shit too.’

‘She.. She got addicted to it. After she fixed it the first time, she took one more of that drug and never got it fixed. So she is always turned on.’

With that new fantasy, they parted ways and Jason went back to his station, without any duties until the end of his shift.

(Text from unknown number) ‘Hey. I’m Cassie, the girl Jodie called earlier. Do you want to meet?’

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