Mother’s Love

‘Jenny jie jie, what do you need me to do? It’s my off day today. So I have all day.’

‘Haha. Good to know. Okay. I need you to help me look through all this files, and see what can be thrown away. There is too much for me to go through alone, so I asked your mother to send you over.’

‘Sure. I will ask you if I am not sure.’

Seating next to the hot mum on the couch, we began going through the thick folders where she filed all her banking, government, insurance, accounting paperwork, accumulated over the years when she set up her own clothing shop that sold women’s intimate wear.

Since I was a little boy, I had seen her around my mum a lot. Although my memories were a little fuzzy, she was someone whom I wasn’t afraid to be myself on the rare occasions we had breakfast together (with my mum). All those days she took care of me when my parents were away, she played a huge part in my upbringing, teaching me things that made me a ‘good boy’ in their eyes.

(She asked) ‘Do you remember that time you stayed with us for a month? You didn’t want to leave at all.’

‘Yeah I do. I was just thinking about that too. Quite the little boy then huh. This house does bring back a lot of memories.’

‘It’s good to see you turn into a good man. My daughter on the other hand, is becoming more rebellious. I don’t know how to teach her anymore.’

‘Well, you can teach her grace, beauty and love through example. The result might not be instant, but it will all make sense to her when she grows older. That was how I learn from you too! I realised you are the role model I needed, and that landed me where I am now.’

‘You know what? I didn’t expect that from you at all. You are still the cute little boy I love, (speaking softer) maybe more than Bernice.’

We had a good time reminiscing the past and managed to sort all of the ten folders by dinner. As agreed, I would be eating with her since her girl, Bernice, will be outside till late – as usual. I have never seen her husband like since ever. In my eyes, she was the complete woman I based my future wife on, strong and sturdy on her own two feet.

For dinner, we had spaghetti over TV, chatting our hearts out while she sipped on wine. Unknown to the tipsy lady, her loose tank top had shifted out of place, exposing her pointy nipples as she brought up my awkward childhood, mostly about me asking her adult questions.

‘I remember you asking me, how can I make little Bernice myself. I just couldn’t stop smiling when I thought about that. You know?’

‘Haha! I know where she comes from now. You did the job of two person alone. I cannot imagine how tired you must be.’

The sudden change in her mood got me scared for a bit, but it all changed when she gave me the yearning, relieved, but exhausted look. She drunkenly caught me by my neck and stared into my eyes for a long, long time, before leaning in for a kiss.

That was no longer the cute and adorable ones, but definitely something that turned her loose. Her soft, womanly pecks reminded me of my first girlfriend, filled with gentleness, love, and the unmistakable sensation of lust. As our emotions exploded all over each other, tongues slithered dangerously into mouths, tasting the remnants of youth left unspent inside her.

She was quick to undo my pants, stripping me naked while I pulled off the only two pieces of clothes she wore. Right before anymore happened, I laid her down on the couch and climbed on top of her, keeping our private parts at a distance. For this independent woman, it was my calling to do something for her. And that sent me planting kiss from her forehead, to her bosoms that were kept in shape by her nightly massage I once accidentally saw.

I couldn’t miss sucking on those succulent tits, especially at the nipples that got her moaning hysterically. Because of how little she, or anyone, played with them, they were extremely sensitive to my mouth. Flicking and sucking hungrily to fulfil my desires for her, she was as responsive as I hoped she still is. To have those mammaries fondled and felt up like her younger days, she had little control over her thrashing abs.

(She whispered loudly) ‘Have you grown up this much?’

‘I’ll let you be the judge once you see him.’

I continued licking my way down her body to her legs which parted ways for me, so I could get to her pussy that were so tight and firm like a teenager’s, perfectly shaved for the yoga pants she ran in. Taking her pearl of destiny between my lips, I ate her out as if she was the last oyster on earth.

Swiping the tip of my tongue up and down the delicate folds, each stroke brought shivers and moans so erotic that I grew harder to. Finally, I buried my face between her legs and rubbed my nose on her clit, poking the little bit of my tongue as deep (which is not deep at all) into her vagina.

I lasted just three minutes in that heavenly breathless marathon, before I could no longer give her more. She saw my effort through my rapid breaths and took over the control, pinning me down on the other end of the sofa.

‘It’s my turn now.’

All of my dick disappeared into her mouth at once, and I lost sight of the rest of her blowjob. Waves of pleasure hit me hard as her lips trailed along the shaft, moving slowly but steadily up and down. I couldn’t focus at all with my muscles twitching violently everywhere, except to succumb to the addictive deepthroat she lashed out at me. There was no memory of her stopping at all, sucking the base and licking the tip, she literally sent me to the heavens from hell.

Once my mind was fading into unconsciousness (from the high), I pulled myself away from under her boobs, standing in front of her with an erection none of us believed.

(I asked) ‘What now?’

‘Do whatever you want to me. I’m not your nanny tonight.’

‘I would like my babysitter to bend over for me then.’

She obediently took up the doggystyle position on the narrow cushion, waiting quietly as I got on my knees behind her.

(I whispered) i ‘Is it safe?’

‘Menopause already.’

Hearing that, I shoved my cock into her perfect hole and delivered a shock through her spine. She had no time to recover or adjust once I started pounding her pussy, driving my cock deep and fast into her. The most sensual, intense love making session overwrote the experience I had with my past girlfriends, claiming the wettest, hottest, tightest vagina my dick was ever forced into.

Surprisingly, I could go as fast as I wanted without the urge to cum, and totally hammered her brains out when her sexy moans turned into crazy screams. From the random words she hurled, I was the thickest, longest, hardest cock she ever had, and it only made me crazier.

We switched to missionary as soon as her legs gave way to one of the orgasms, adding on to the wetness soaked into her fabric seats. Fucking face to face, we kept our volume down with passionate kisses, fuelling our lust as our hips slammed hardest onto each other.

The same thought we harboured was that how we could not get more of each other even through sex. We simply wanted more.

Just like all good things, I found myself nearing climax after twenty minutes of non-stop fucking, feeling both disappointed and excited about the inevitable end.

(In my agonising groan) ‘I’m gonna cum.. I’m gonna cum soon!’

She immediately wriggled herself out under me and let me lie on my back. Her knees then went over my head, pussy barely reachable by my tongue given how weak I was. The desperate mouth I felt going down on my dick brought me back to life, but there was nothing left for me to do – except to cum.

(I told her calmly) ‘Here it comes Jenny jie jie.’

I squeezed my eyes tight upon hearing her ‘Mmm!’, letting go of my load that has waited too long for this moment. Huge spurts left my cock along with my strength, shooting forcefully into her mouth while I felt a tiny stream flow over, and into my lips.

She was actually having an orgasm from sucking my dick!

We rested in that position for a long time after I was done, and slowly returned things to normality once we gathered our strength. At 10pm, I decided to spend the night there like (a long time) before. Without a spare bed, I slept on the couch with a pillow and blanket, all alone but with a well-fed mood.

Some time into the night, loud cranking noises of the doorknob woke me up, and I saw Bernice return in a cage bra and skirt, obviously a party outfit. Although a little surprised by my presence, she got over my intrusion after I let her sit next to me while she sobbed in my arms.

(As she cried) ‘I don’t know what am I doing with my life anymore. I just felt so dirty when those guys groped me like some slut.’

I couldn’t do anything except to lend her my shoulder, comforting her for at least an hour before things started to go awry. According to her, she would like my help to make her feel wanted, not by some random strangers or fuckboys, but someone whom she knew over time.

In the dark kitchen furthest away from her mum’s room, we ended up fucking on the counter, creaming deep into her pussy when things went out of control. Although she was on the pill, the guilt of fucking the daughter of a mum I just fucked was just unignorable.

To sum up Bernice night of tears, we went into her mum’s room and slept together, until I was woken up by Bernice’s handjob under the blanket we were under. Auntie Jenny’s smile at me somehow made me felt better, and the three of us embarked on TWO relationships unknown to the bad-girl-turned-good.

Fucking her mother whenever she was in school, and fucking her whenever I liked. A complete mess I would say.

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