Sis on Pill

As rare as it may be, Pete was still glad to have one of his sister’s friends over, no matter for fun or school work.

(Pete asked) ‘Xiao mei. Your friend?’

‘Yeah! This is Shu Yan.’

‘Oh hi. I’ll just be in my room alright.’

(The girls whispered) ‘Oh my god! Your brother is so cute! .. SHHH!’

Pete closed his door on the girls’ talk and fired up one of his favourite porn videos, shrinking the ‘always on top’ VLC window smaller than usual so he could do his office work while ‘listening’ to it (on his headphones). What seemed like a daily routine came to an end when a voice spoke over his ‘music’.

‘.. you listening to?’

‘What? Oh sh.. ‘

His attempt to close the obvious, guy-banging-girl-in-doggystyle scene only failed spectacularly when the double-click landed on the ‘maximise window’ icon, enlarging the carnage full-screen.

(Yan whispered loudly) ‘ORH HOR!’

‘EH! Wait wait!’

When he finally closed the player, she was just laughing so hard at his flustered face. Not only was she NOT going to rat him out, she got educated on what ‘privacy’, ‘fetish’, ‘urges’, ‘sex’, meant.

‘Your sister is in the toilet with a stomachache. So meanwhile.. ‘

Yan skipped joyfully behind him and after a few seconds, she dropped a pair of panties landed on his lap. At that instant, his sister shouted at Yan to ask if she wanted anything to drink, forcing them to end the conversation there.

(Yan whispered calmly) ‘Open that window! I’ll see ya later.’

The only window in his room, faced the common corridor and was low enough for someone to climb through. Understanding what that meant for Yan, he spent the next thirty minutes eavesdropping on the girls bidding their goodbyes. Two minutes later, a silhouette of Yan appeared at his window.

A hop, a skip, brought her into the room of that ‘hornified’ brother, who still has her panties lying by his keyboard. The pair knew that they had to keep very quiet, or risk messing up the girls’ friendship.

In a flash, she made herself very comfortable in his bed, stripping her cardigan off to reveal her bralet and white shorts in their full glory. That lustful, dreamy eyes that stared at him so seductively, he couldn’t believe how mature girls her age could be.

Stopping shy of just one step from his bed, she yanked him into her arms and threw the blanket over them.

(She whispered) ‘kiss me?’

The sweet, floral scent, combined with her plump lips from the rush of blood, he, nor any men, could resist sticking their tones between them. Their ferocity led their hands under each other’s tops, fondling for too long before freeing their chests of any clothes.

Lying side by side and still making out, shorts were torn apart for the nudity between, exchanging loud gasps that has caught his sister’s attention. Since he hasn’t locked his door after Yan left, none of them noticed the onlooker’s eyes peering through, at the tryst illuminated by the corridor lights.

By luck or chance, Yan flipped the sheets away and let Pete climb on top of her, pecking downward to her pussy in much haste. Thereafter, the fiery duo unleashed a series of groans and less-inhibited moans in forgetfulness of the other person in the house.

Hearing such, wild, sex-filled whimpers, little sister was getting wet on her own. There was no more information she could use from the spying, until much later. It was Pete’s turn to lie on the bed as Yan sat between his opened legs, bending her back forward until her mouth was over his cock.

The first words she said, came out too loud, incidentally for little sister to ‘understand’ her brother better.

(Yan whispered) ‘you’re big! .. do you think Can it fit?’

(Pete replied confidently) ‘Mmm-hmm!’

Although Yan really meant her mouth, little sister was imagining someplace else, wet, and was occupied by fingers. As manly groans emitted from Pete, Yan continued rubbing herself to stay in the mood, like little sister who was outside. That mutual pleasing went on for at least ten minutes, before Yan whispered into Pete’s ear.

Moments later, he slipped a condom on, and helped Yan into doggystyle facing the computer, where the full-screen VLC player was playing the porn scene she caught him at. As the female lead got hammered senseless, Pete’s cock was just beginning to poke into Yan’s part, causing her to fumble for something to hold onto as the rest of it docked.

In no time, they were fucking like mirror images of the porno-flick, going so far as to match their rhythm. Ten minutes passed like that to three individuals, two of whom were getting filled with meat while one of them perspired like a tap, trading morality for lust.

The switch to reverse-cowgirl lasted half as long till Pete expressed his orgasm in a frenzy, ending it all with an exasperated sigh of contentment. On Yan’s part, she dismounted her quickie partner and carefully removed his cum-filled condom, only to suck his load out like an Asian ice-pop. You know, the frozen ones you suck from its tip?

Pete was quick to pull her into his arm for a cuddle, leaving his sister to return to her room to finish herself off. Some time after that, Yan left and the whole house was quiet again, though with two very tired siblings.

Unsure of what time (in the middle of the night) it happened, Pete was awakened by his sheets moving, in the effort of his sister. He forgot that he was still naked.

‘Hey, xiao mei. What’s up?’

‘Did you feel good inside Yan?’

‘Oh no.. ‘

In the dark, he couldn’t make out what she was doing when she bent down, only to inhale deeply when her mouth was felt around his cock. The devastation of finding out that his sister knew what he did with her good friend, entangled with that sick, wrongfully-good sensation pulsating through his spine.

For sure, he got hard again, and it was harder than with Yan. His thigh could feel pointed nipples pressed against it, and a casual brush of his palm across her back told him of her nudity. Once she had adjusted herself to let his hand reach further, he was greeted with the bristles of a comb sticking out of her.

Its removal garnered a cute yelp from her, followed by a sensual ‘mmm’ of relief when he placed a finger on her clit. In time, she got wetter, and he got harder. Hard enough to the point her mind wandered further than any of them should.

(Sister whispered) ‘Do you have anymore condoms?’

‘No. That was the last one.’

‘Kor.. if I told you that I am on the pill, will you do me raw?’

That word, or words, blew his mind up like fireworks. His very own sister, a person whom was already so wrong to have sex with, offered a solution that provided an outlet to his other fantasies. Incest, raw sex, yet still safe. Wrong, wrong, right.

Letting her decide was as irresponsible as saying yes. But that reasoning of ‘fault’ was hard to ignore. He didn’t want to be the one getting blamed, or even jailed. Right! That should be enough for him to say..

‘So I assume it’s a yes?’


She took his hand and let him pull himself up, while she slipped under him to be dominated. A family member he had taken upon himself to protect, to provide, had now presented him with an opportunity to ‘please’.

‘I’ll guide you in.’

Every sentence she said, were in one specific direction, the one he should walk away from. Yet, the tip of his penis was already touching the sides of her fingers she had spread her pussy with. Each inch he took, it broke him a little at a time. Even when he was fully buried inside her, that pleasurable urge seemed to be dampened by righteousness.

‘Pete.. can I call you that whenever we play?’


Did it help? Yes. Zooming out from a micro to a macro view of their relationship did strengthen him a little.

‘Pete. Fuck me like you fucked Yan.’

Well, it was more than ‘a little’ that he grew. Before his eyes was no longer his little sister, but a woman. A woman not defined by age, but by experience. A woman who was responding without restraints as he pounded her pussy sore, pumping his thick shaft in and out of her unbelievably tight hole.

Her nails, dug into his back as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deep within as he resisted for another clench of her thigh muscles. They were fucking so hard because of the crime they were aware of committing. When any one of them realised, the other one refuted. It was pure lust that drove them so deep and fast into each other.

(Pete groaning) ‘Jas! Haa.. JASMINE! I’M CUMMING!’

(Sister moaning) ‘oh fuck! OH FUCK! CUM INTO ME! CUM INTO.. MEEEEE!’

Her eyes rolled white as his hips slammed into her pelvis, lining her insides with a hot, generous amount of semen that would find nowhere to inseminate. They were both, ‘home’.

Like how he dozed off the first time, they knocked out together and stayed that way until they heard the door closed a little too hard, signalling the departure of their parents whom had long left their independent kids to themselves.

(Sister whispered) ‘Pete.. it’s up already.’

‘It’s just morning.. might as well right?’

And again, they went like bunnies, but with less worry. It is now his responsibility to ensure her timely intake of that pill which will allow them to fuck anytime they want.

Shu Yan aside.

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