Her Trickery

Written from the POV from a girlfriend, whose ‘something up her sleeves’ went exactly as she had planned, and further.

Remember that time I slipped some crushed Viagra into your drink? I sat on your dick for as long as you wondered about why it was hard without us getting frisky. I thought I had forgotten about why I loved you so much. But all I could think about when you were inside me, was how much I loved yours. You know? Little S?

That was the only time you allowed me to do anything to him, even agreeing with me to try putting in my other hole. EWW! I didn’t mean to slap you. But honestly, till now, I still couldn’t accept the fact that you got immediately bigger with that suggestion instead of wanting the main lead that would automatically get wet whenever you held my waist?

Right! About that. You have no idea what went through my head whenever you squeeze my waist. I could almost feel you pushing your way through my meaty curtains that hated the way you spread them so wide beyond my limit. I don’t know how to describe to you. The way that my mind screamed out ‘no you cannot fit!’, but whispered ‘what if you didn’t know?’? You were driving me crazy without you knowing!

I could never stop myself from replaying your every entry over and over again when I lie in my empty bed. No I don’t want you next to me. I want you behind, below, in front of me.


Before I digress. Yes! Back to that night I drugged you. Hehe. Remember how worried you were when I sneaked you into my place? Everyone was asleep except us! And little S. He was so cute, so shiny, so red!

Oh! You know how good you tasted? Too bad you’ll never find out first hand. It was more delicious that night though. I think it’s the oysters, or veggies I made you eat. I kept him in my mouth for so long! And I learnt every spot that can make you shiver like crazy! It’s that depressed ring trying to hide from most of the action!

Come think back, it made sense. Whenever you are inside me, my relaxed state wouldn’t come in much contact with it. So that’s why! Whenever I squeeze, you will say bad words! Anyway, I had my fun that night. You are so cute when you cannot express yourself freely, and even more so when you don’t understand why he is so hard despite the torture. Actually, I don’t understand it too.

That was why I took my time to massage him. Half an hour right? I played with it with my mouth, teeth, handjob, ass, but the part I enjoyed most was using my lowest pair of ‘lips’ to rub on the underside of that long pipe.

I came three times, and you covered my mouth three times. I’m sorry for scaring you. :(

After you warned me, I learnt to be good right? I just sat on him, let it throb inside me, and moved. :P How can every move I make be so effective? Up down, left right, front back. Were you just humouring me? That can’t be it right?

It mustn’t be! Cause after I popped that morning-after.. hehe. You just fucked the life out of me. You choked me monster! And your prey liked it. Too bad! Thank you for crying after that. You literally showed me how much I meant to you – alive. :D

Shitz. I should cut out the emoticon or you will bully missy again. I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN YOU BLOW YOUR LIPS ON HER! It’s so unfair when you make me crazy with nothing to grab! Your hair don’t count! But you did redeem yourself though, when you lick it so gently, as if I am your puss.. I meant fellow, female cat. Like grooming me? Yeah you get it.

I was so smooth that night right?! I went for my first Brazilian waxing for you. It hurt so much that I want to bring you for Boyzillian just to hear your screams. Hehe. Umm.. okay. Now that sounds sick. Just kidding k!

WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU LEFT MARKS ON MY BACK! OMG! Nothing came out right when I tried to explain to my volleyball mates! Worst of all, they knew you, and that I lost my V to you. Sigh. That was one of the reasons I was so wild when I met you that day. You literally fucked me over, and made me think about you cumming inside me.

I’ll always remember HOW you did it. Do you even remember? You wheelbarrow-ed me, punished me so hard with your prick, and then cum without warning. I was in such an awkward position when you pleased her with your love, it. isn’t. fair! I want mine in my way! While she felt so plump with your glue, I was ON MY FACE!

You made me so sore on the inside that I didn’t gave you any chance when we went into 69. You wanted to play with her when she was filled, and I.. just went all out to get my mouth filled. You kept kicking and flipping like a fish! But luckily I had a firm grip on my stallion.

You blew so much in my mouth that I suspected you didn’t cum at all at first! I had to swallow two, TWO times to get all of you, and was still disappointed when I realised your final squirt had already gone down my throat.

Will you forgive me? For making you face fuck me till you cum again? I know it hurt you a lot, but.. but your little girl actually has a fetish to be.. to be punished the way you did. I know you kinda just ‘gave up’ and rammed it down my throat until you came. You made me shudder when you asked about my lack of gag-reflex! Like finally, you noticed!

You then went slow, fast, deep, and stayed there for a very, very long while groaning to my delight. I felt happy being your cum dump. I imagined having a title like ‘cum slut’, but with your name in front of it. Will you call me that the next time?

Hint hint, next time.

At the end of your triple-cum streak, I massaged you to sleep. Or did you fell asleep before I started? Either way, I was just so glad that you had fun, and little S finally became small. Sorry that I couldn’t wake up before you to give you a wakeup-blowjob. You didn’t fare too badly though! You guessed right, as to where I would love to wake up by.

Was I wet when you tucked him in? It shocked me awake so nicely that I now want that every morning! Okay. Every morning that I have to rise before you, and I’ll do my part on the days you have to wake up before me. Deal? Hehe. Of course deal!

Thank you S. For everything. You made me so happy without even trying. And I can’t imagine what would become of me if you tried. Like, will I be climaxing when you had me tied to the bed without doing anything else? I can totally feel her shaking already. Damn..

I’ll need to stop here. Ok. Bye. I’m going to rub one off in case you need to know. That’s your cum slut teasing you!

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