(As Sarah sobbed) ‘Is your sister home?’


‘And she asked you to come for me.’


‘Can you.. sniff stay here.. sniff with me for the night? I’ll understand if you.. ‘


Being someone almost eight years her senior, it did felt a little awkward hugging her in just a hotel’s towel, though I understood the relief she needed. After all, the birthday party she only invited her class to, was wrecked beyond imagination. Empty beer bottles, broken glasses, disorganised funiture, it wasn’t that hard to see why she was crying in the bath.

Throughout the whole time I cleaned the mess up, she looked at me for just as long, with grateful eyes I easily melted to. Close or not, it didn’t matter if I was only invited to help decorate, plan my sister’s best friend’s party. It broke my heart to see such a joyous occasion turn out this way.

Once I had tidied the room up enough to sleep in, I joined her in bed and held her for as long as she wanted, minutes adding up to an hour before she stopped crying. That was one of the times I knew better than to attempt any words of comfort.

‘I’m tired now.. will you sleep with me?’


I pulled the sheets over us and felt her arm go over my chest, snuggling up close to me like a little girl, albeit naked. Given how the room was still reeking of wine and beer, I knocked out before her but wasn’t left that way, when I sensed a hand slipping into my pants.

(I whispered) ‘Sarah? Don’t.’

‘Not even a belated birthday present?’

‘I’ll give you something else. Take your hand out.’

She broke free of my grip on her wrist and shoved her hand deeper into my underwear, grabbing my dick with as many fingers as she needed. To be fair, I was soft until that moment she poked her nail into my pee hole, causing a near-instant response to her advance.


I turned my head to see a glass of wine sitting at the night stand, with a straw! As logical as it may seem for her to drink to forget all that happened, it clearly blurred her lines. The towel, it was gone, and the sheets had been flipped away to expose her.. gorgeous B cups.

My resistance was still in place until she sat on my belly, staring down at me menacingly.

‘I had actually intended to ask my crush to stay over for the night, to give him this. But.. but when I saw him making out with Janice.. ‘

At that moment, her head plunged into my neck and bit me really hard, to a point I would toss her away if not for the fear of hurting her (more). Nonetheless, I pulled her by her hair away and let her ravage at my body, to hopefully appease the sense of unfairness she felt.

On my hindsight, I let her get under my skin and got turned on to her likes, stirring an already-built-up, intense sensation of lust that was inevitable. In a flash, I was naked, and groaning to her inexperience hands.

‘How do I.. ARGHH! I wish I had watched more porn!’

Her frustration came from my lack of response when she tried to improvise ‘moves’, only to cause more discomfort than pleasure. I couldn’t let that get in our way, so I rolled her onto her back and started kissing from her neck down, across her chest, on her nipples, over her belly, and finally, between her labia.

For her first time, it wasn’t surprising at all to see her react so violently to every little trick I had. She was literally exploding with orgasms one after another. By the time I was worn out, she was too. All that was left on me, was her hand that was still desperately trying to please me.

(She whispered weakly) ‘Can you guide my hand?’

(As I panted) ‘Yes.’

Cupping my hand over hers, I folded her fingers in and gripped my cock a little tighter, alongside the up-down motion she was already onto. Slowly, my exhaustion overcame me and she was instead recovering (her strength).

‘How do I do a blowjob?’

‘Just.. ahh.. just do the same action like your hand, but with your mouth.. ahh.. ‘

My eyes remained closed until a super warm, humid orifice blew me away, with lips gently sealing around my girth. Carefully, delicately, up. Gracefully, thoughtfully, down. A peek under my tired eyelids showed me of her observant method she used to regulate her strokes.

Under the control of such an innocent, unhurried character, my mind was succumbing to her call. It was the second, or third time my orgasm was ‘lured’ instead of ‘timed’. I couldn’t come up with a better description than ‘to go instead of cum’.

(I whispered loudly) ‘Sarah? I’m shooting.. I’m shooting.. you should.. ahh.. oh shit.. out! OUT!’

I sense her throat gagging, then sliding down over my cock all the way till her lips touched my groin. That minute, gentle grasps her throat did conjured the biggest, most intense, much soul-draining ejaculate I had ever come across.

It throbbed so wildly, so hard, so submissive in her mouth. It had literally surrendered to her unsuspecting, completely trusting prowess she wasn’t so much conscious about. To her, it was just a huge load in her mouth, or rather, straight down her throat.

‘AHH! Was it good?’

(I muttered) ‘Heavenly.. ‘

‘Hey! Open your eyes! Is it even that good?! OI!

My strength, life, spirit, soul, were all absent from my body. She had took all I had, right down to my mini selves, away. I sure felt guilty as hell when I woke up to her snoozing on my chest, but I made up for it by eating her out awake.

I hoped my sister didn’t mind Sarah using ‘sleepover’ as an excuse to spend time in my room once everyone was asleep.

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