Drugged Sis

‘You are going to make this cock cum, and until you do, you won’t get your sweets.’

Tied down to his own swivel chair, George thought he was getting his fetish fulfilled by his loving girlfriend, Cindy. Instead, that duct tape over his lips only bit him back when he saw that it was Denise, his one-year-younger sister. Besides the blindfold over her eyes, her hands seemed to be restrained behind her back as well.

Cindy brought Denise right up to him, placed her on her knees, before guiding her head to one of his thigh. Through kissies and brushes of her cheeks, Denise found the cock she was tasked to please, and quickly took the tip into her lips.

No amount of forceful groaning could get to his dear sister, who was quite in her own world for some reason, to register that it was her brother she was sucking. Cindy had began chopping up some powder at the corner of his work desk, thereafter bringing a fingertip of white stuff to Denise nose.

A whisper later, a hard sniff cleaned her finger of any powder. Denise was beginning to suck him harder and faster with that ‘reward’. No way in George’s mind could he believe what was happening. His girlfriend, was actually feeding his new-found knowledge of his sister’s addiction.

Suddenly, Denise began bobbing her head up and down really fast, and even deep enough for him to feel the back of his throat. Whatever that drug was, it had numbed her gag-reflex. On a sicker note, his sister was actually, getting to him. That relaxed tongue, combined with lightly pressed lips, it did felt like a vagina.

He couldn’t ignore how pleased Cindy looked as he struggled violently in his seat, out of frustration if not pleasure. The harder he fought, the happier Cindy seemed to be. Only George would know, that he was about to cum in his sister’s pretty mouth.




‘There you go. He is cumming. Your brother is cumming.’

A momentarily pause was all the hope he got. Denise resumed fucking him with her mouth until his hips buckled for the gratifying load that spilled out of her lips, leaking from both ends to George’s despair.

She was done, and so was he. While Denise showed no remorse to blowing her brother off for cocaine, Cindy had just snorted up a line for her turn. The now-freed George remained expressionless when Cindy brought him into the comfort of his bed, making him fuck her in doggystyle in front of the zoned-out sister.

If he had to be a monster, he figured he could try to be a good one. For instance, give in when Cindy challenged Denise to make him fuck her.

The distance one will go for drugs.

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