Untouched Places

(Distant sounds) ‘Is it recording? .. Sure? .. Come here. .. ahhh ahhh fuck.. ‘

‘What are you watching?’

Awakened by that recording from somewhere, I opened my eyes to find a blanket-clad Min sitting against the headboard, holding my camera but staring at me intensely.

‘It’s from last night.’

‘Really? I can’t.. I can’t really remember.’

‘Me too. That’s why.. ‘

She aimed the screen at me and I slowly picked myself up to sit next to her. Once I was comfortable, she clicked the ‘Play’ button, and the clip continued from where I last heard.

In it, we were fucking like animals on that very bed, before a camera she could been seen ‘performing’ for. That innocent-but-spiteful girl, whom I could not imagine possessing that wild side, could no longer be seen as the crazy-pill (akin to happy pill).

Halfway through the video, at where she asked of me to guide her to do a blowjob, she set the camera down and pulled her sheets upward (and away from her legs). A spread of her legs, a swipe of her index finger, showed us of how turned on she was.

‘Jhae.. since we already kinda did it.. ‘

I purposefully shifted my hand over her pussy, cupped that perfect mound, and pushed my middle finger into her slit, relieving that urge so ever slightly.

‘And what? Tell me.’

(As she moaned) ‘Don’t be mean. I’ll tell boss.’

For one, we worked under the same boss, whom have let me interviewed and hire her. What started out as a generous offer of her to ‘show me around her hometown’, had obviously took an unexpected turn when we got ourselves wasted at dinner.

As her moans gradually enveloped the room, I was recalling how all of this began. It was on our way back to my hotel, that she confessed of her feelings for me, although I had already told her of my liking for her during dinner. The next thing that happened in the taxi, was her asking me to ‘feel how wet she was’.

‘Let me see if I remember how to eat this.. ‘

Before I knew it, she was on her fours by my side, going down on me in a position she knew I could reach for her privates easily. Of course, I reciprocated her kind intentions and distracted her really badly, to the point she grew frustrated.

‘Last night, it was just you doing all the work right?’

‘I think so? It’s not really work if we enjoyed it right?’

‘Let me ride you this time. That’s the word right?’


I adjusted my position to lie really flat for her climb on top of me, so she could lower herself over my dick. Right at that instance when we connected at our groins, everything that happened last night hit me, and also her, really hard. All the emotions from last night, manifested itself overnight, and was so close to breaking out right then and there.

At the beginning, she only moved up and down in a squatting position, but soon learnt that moving back and forth, gave herself an even better sensation. As for me, I was just groaning and squirming under her control, which I quickly learnt that she could well be a dominatrix.

The more I struggled, the more ‘pattern’ she executed. With each passing minute, I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm, one that could cause undesirable consequences if left to her.

Barely lasting more than ten minutes in that position, I got too sensitive down there and threw her off. I resumed that doggy stance in the video and she obediently gave in, letting me pound her viciously hard until she climaxed to the state of unconsciousness.

As abruptly as she blacked out, she regained composure as quickly and continued climaxing over and over again, in higher frequencies that I could no longer keep up with.

(I groaned) ‘JO! I’M.. I’M GONNA CUM!’

I pulled out of her unexpectedly and she swiftly rotated herself to me, taking my cock in her mouth and allowing me to mouth-fuck her till, till I came.

In all glory and pleasure, she took every bit I had to offer and swallowed them as I ejaculated, until nothing was left, even in my barrel.

‘Ahhh! So filling. How did I taste last night?’

So, she remembered.

‘As good as this morning.’

‘This morning?’

It was her turn to go crazy when I got down on my knees (on the floor) to eat her out on the bed until she blacked out.

To think that that (the above), could continue when we return to Singapore. How fantastical.

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