Dad’s Prize

(In Don’s drunken voice) ‘Ohhh.. that feels so good.. go a little gentler. Yeah.. that’s right.. ‘

Emily loosened her grip on his cock and continued pumping, utilising whatever little saliva she had to keep her father in a good mood. Being his only family since mum left them, he had put himself up for the tough job of fulfilling all the duties of parents, constantly tending to her every need at any time.

Unlike fairy tales, things only got more stressful when she entered a junior college, marking the start of a mad rush to accumulate her university fees. It was that night that Emily encountered, for the first time, the drunken stupor of her always-up-for-everything father.

Influenced by porn and sketchy peers, her curiosity about ‘incest’ soon caught up with her, and a semi-conscious figure of authority provided no better chance for her to live out her fantasy.

‘ARGHH.. if you keep going.. I’m going to.. Can you use your mouth dear?’

A part of Emily turned fearful, but the other was afraid he would never ask. Clearing her throat of any phlegm, she laid her chest on the space between his opened feet and took the tip in. The hint of saltiness somewhat made him a little more ‘appetising’, giving her the motivation to take more of him bit by bit.

‘OH YES! OH FUCK! Keep going. Go deeper baby.. ‘

As a former anorexic, she had long lost her gag reflex. That very ‘skill’ was put to good use again, as she took that dick, almost as long as her hand, down her throat. The more she sucked on him, the further her mind wandered. Scenes where long, white American dick penetrated small figured girls replayed in her head, groaning and frequently screaming to their size.

‘Mmmm.. ‘

‘That. felt. so.. good baby. That’s enough.’

Was it? Emily disappeared into her room for that one condom her friends gave to her as a gag gift, finally presented with the opportunity to use it. She capped her dad on, and proceeded to lower herself over it, aided by some saliva she applied with her fingers.

‘TIGHT TIGHT! It’s too tight! STAY! Stay still for a while.. ‘

That advice couldn’t come at a better time seeing how much discomfort she was going through, and that pause gave her vagina time to loosen up.

Hearing no more sound from dad, she carefully rocked her hips back and forth, like she had seen on porn. True enough, he started groaning again and this time, had his big hands on her small waist. Guiding her along the way, they exploded into a sexual frenzy when he suddenly sat upright, using the smoothness of his sheets to glide his butt in the direction of his little girl’s cunt.

In and out he went, plummeting her into orgasms as his cock rammed its full length into her. Shortly after, he went onto his knees and hammered her vertically downward, hitting that sweet spot of hers so rapidly she began squirting to her own surprise. He literally nailed her by her oversensitive G-spot she read so much about.

‘Come! On your knees!’

Although he had given the command, his patience got the better of him and he ended up shifting her into the doggy style he asked for. Slamming his meat between her buns again, he unleashed those years of faithfulness, minus the times he might have jerked himself off.

As for Emily, who was getting fucked mindless, the two fistful of bedsheets did little to express the craziness she was going through. Orgasms after orgasms, his thick cock seemed to be ever determined. She knew that for a fact, it was a matter of time before she would faint to his violent demise.


The hardest, most painful jabs stretched her vagina inward so thinly that she could feel every spurt of his cum, ballooning the condom in every direction. It was warmer than anything she had inside her, and also satisfying in an indescribable way.

Just like how he sat up, he collapsed into bed after he delivered his load. Emily was all that was left to help him remove the condom, that was filled beyond her imagination.

Hmm.. how would daddy taste like?

For a good or bad reason, Emily would go on to use that little sachet (of cum) as leverage – to let him allow her to do as she pleases to please him (and also herself).

A fuckin’ win-win.

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