Staircase Revelation

(She uttered) ‘Thank you.. ‘

Those two words came as soon as she broke away from my kiss, one that none of us were prepared for, especially after she had came to me for comfort. Being best friends for a while now, I only had gratitude for her, and definitely not being around until this happened.

For some reason, we ended up in a quiet, motionless kiss that we lost ourselves in, while I was supposed to just offer her my embrace for her to cry in. None of that loose tank with black, lacy bra, nor short, flaring pleated skirt, tempted me anymore than seeing her in a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

The respect I had for her could be well above the ‘best bros’ in my life.

‘You can.. Do this.. ‘

Without waiting for my response, Angeline took my hand and tucked it under her skirt, landing cushioned by the soft, warm mound between her legs. ‘Smooth’, was the first thing that came to my mind, not that she didn’t know. That staircase we were at was our ‘middle ground’, a housing block which we travelled an equal distance to be at.

It was dim, secluded, enough to let my mind, and this time, my fingers, to wander.

Sliding my palm across her belly, the tips of my fingers came in contact with her clit, a spot she easily moaned to as soon as I rubbed. It was beyond happiness to see a close friend be so relaxed and even enjoyable.

In response to the work I was doing, she undone what she needed to to get into my shorts, where a throbbing cock was shamelessly waiting. It seemed so surreal to be drowning in pleasure, with both our genitals getting stimulated by someone we trust so much.

(I whispered) ‘You’re so wet.. ‘

‘I know right. And you? Are so so hard for me.’

I pushed my way deeper into her panties and slipped my index into her pussy, where a moist, tight tunnel welcomed me, for me to thrust into. She picked up her speed pumping my cock in the direction of her eyes, watchful of my every twitch and groan as pleasure overwhelmed my senses.

(She whispered shyly) ‘My body wants this.. Can I?’

‘Anything for you.’

A smile lightened the tensed mood and she picked herself up to squat over my lap, slowly lowering herself while we admired the connection we were about to establish. An inch at a time, we sighed each time she descended a little lower, till our minds became one.

(We whispered) ‘Fuck.. ‘

I placed my hands over her waist and carefully rocked her back and forth on my lap, squeezing my cock between her narrow vaginal walls. Things gradually got more intense when she threw her arms around my neck, before bouncing atop to get the maximum depth I could offer.

I couldn’t let her tire herself out for long, no matter how much I enjoyed that lazy treat. She gladly let me turn her over and placed her knees on the steps, while I stood behind her, pushing my cock through her feminine end to regain our sexual bond.

Doggystyle it would be, as I pounded her deep and hard, using her abrupt gasps and sighs as a cue for my performance. It didn’t take her too long before she started climaxing, one after another in this position she seldom did.

(She moaned) ‘ARGHH! My knees.. Going weak! Cum already!’

Without warning, an unbelievably tight sensation overcame my shaft, making it truly sensational with each stroke through her pussy. That bad girl was making me cum!

True enough, I lost. It barely lasted five minutes.

‘I’m gonna cum! I’M GONNA CUM!’

I pulled out of her way before I came and kept jerking myself, until she turned herself around to take over. Her thin lips then took me into her mouth and the rest was just momentum, on top of a little bonus ‘tongue action’.

Within two minutes, I lost vision for a bit as I unloaded everything I had with all my might, partly due to her enthusiastic sucks that drained me of my soul. For the first time, I didn’t see any leftovers oozing from the tip.

Once we were done cleaning up, dressing up, she went right back into my arms and we cuddled for a long time.

‘Am I yours now?’, she asked.


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