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(Computerised voice) ‘Touch yourself and masturbate.’

Taking another breath of the cold, still air surrounding her, Carmen, in her complete nakedness, could not sense anything beyond the chains that bounded her limbs. Despite having both wrists locked together, a longer, thicker chain that was connected to the ground, allowed limited movements. As for her feet, they were kept apart on similarly coarse chains, dead bolted down on the same floor.

(Computerised voice) ‘Now.’

She jolted upright out of fear and began touching her neck, caressing them as sensually as she could for the audience she didn’t know where. Moving down to her breasts, she lifted and bobbled them for a bit, before proceeding south.

(Computerised voice) ‘Pinch those nipples.’

Carmen immediately returned her hands to them and took turns rolling her brown tips between her thumb and index fingers, repeating the motions a few times to let them ‘see’ that they were hard. A few minutes of silence later, she slid her hands down her belly and arrived at her vagina, where it was dry to touch.

Starting at the clit, she let her middle finger circle it till it was throbbing, before gliding between the raw folds of flesh to gather some fluid. Three, or four up-down strides were all it took to smear a beautiful coat of glistening juices over her pussy, to the blissful lack of command.

(Computerised voice) ‘Two fingers. Till orgasm.’

Unfolding her fourth finger to join the middle, another downward trip brought her right to the gates of pleasure, where she let off a soft moan as her pelvis widened for two digits.

As well as she knew of her own body, those two fingers remained embedded as they curled and thrust, to the rising intensity of an orgasm. Having shrouded in a blindfold the whole time, it felt intimately personal to her, as if, there was really no one there, but her mind speaking to herself.

Still gorging herself with her sexually-motivated fingers, the unexplanable comfort pushed her a little further than what the voice asked for. A flash of hot rush and goosebumps shot up her spine, tipping her over the long-awaited orgasm, and delivered a glorious spray of velvety liquid over a distance.

The ensuing, uncontrollable convulsion left her vulnerable and helpless, as her fingers get trapped in her overwhelmed vagina. Just as those intricately-manicured nails scrapped against her raw innards, a second explosion triggered an intense orgasm that caused her to flop like a fish on dry land.

Halfway through her limb-thrashing, illogical murmuring, the voice came over the air once more.

(Computerised voice) ‘Well done.’

Just as she toppled backwards out of exhaustion, a concrete pillar broke her fall. And seconds after that, her bum detected vibrations that resembled footsteps.

*Thud thud thud*

The steps faded into the distance after something was put in front of her, which she could only wonder what it was. If anything, the people who put her there had thought of everything, up to the length of chain that prevented her from reaching anywhere above her neck.

(Computerised voice) ‘Eat.’

A pair of frantic hands then blindly fumbled in the direction of the ‘thud’, for a burger that sat on the floor without any wrapper.

So eat she will.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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