Green Blue Red

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*Click click click.. *

(Computerised voice) ‘Wake up.’

Sure enough, the constant, rhythmic clicking noise woke her up, to surprise her with firstly, the absence of a blindfold. Still, the room was completely blacked out, save for three small, glowing dots, but the new-found comfort was what soothed her. Next, was the increased in mobility without any chains tying her down to the ground. Her wrists were still cuffed together, but abled her to walk beyond that space.

(Computerised voice) ‘Orientation. Red to sit. Green for toilet. Blue for food.’

Carmen did her best to walk as quickly as she could in the dark, to the green LED light on the wall, which revealed a corner where she would do her ‘business’ on a triangular, porcelain toilet bowl built into the ground. Beneath the blue LED light, was a classic, bronze tap, mounted into the wall at her eye-level. At least there was a way for her to wash up after using the toilet.

(Computerised voice) ‘Sit at green.’

With more to explore, Carmen knew what she had to do. She returned to the Green LED on the floor and sat with her legs crossed. The room seemed big, but she understood how it might be just the small LEDs.

(Computerised voice) ‘On fours, keep chest on ground.’

At where she was, she got on her knees and rested her breasts on the icy, cold concrete floor, awaiting the next set of instructions. Minutes later, the voice asked of her to masturbate between her legs, and music, music came on.

Unhindered by any visual distractions, Carmen slipped her hand between her thighs and pushed the fleshy mound back and forth, partly to thank her ‘audience’ with some teasing, for what she just received.

Without realising, her ass began swaying left to right as she fondled her privates, kempt of any pubes, progressing to a gentle, clit massage to get her going. The music playing overhead somewhat eased into the mood sooner than the first time, and she was already fighting the urge to get ahead of herself.

A fingertip accidentally went too far back and slipped into her entrance, to which she totally went for it and dipped more of that finger in. In no time, her index and middle alternated plunging into her sweet, wet hole.

(Computerised voice) ‘One finger. Delay climax until notice.’

‘Arghh.. ‘, Carmen sighed as she paused to calm herself down, certain to never find out what penalties might there be.

She returned to rub a clit for a while before replacing her finger (into her pussy), half digging to put up a show, half trying to feel as little as possible. For one, Carmen was a fighter that had her mind over body.

(Computerised voice) ‘Two fingers. Delay climax until notice.’

Another finger joined the first and it proved tougher to hold herself back, from just reaching orgasm. On top of the sheer width of two fingers that stretched her vaginal walls thin, she was still required to act the ‘struggle’ of ‘edging’.

Her daring plan to move between her clit and fingering went unobstructed, giving her a little more grace to work with. Finally, after a long while, the voice came on.

(Computerised voice) ‘Orgasm.’

The girl, aching in her shoulders and arms, wasted no time to finger-fuck herself silly, till a screeching, relieving scream signified her blown-out-of-proportion climax. Her twitching body laid slumped as she gradually recovered her strength, to sit herself upright.

(Computerised voice) ‘Blue for food.’

Somehow during the course of her ‘performance’, someone had slipped food through a contraption of some sort. There was two burgers this time, also served on the floor.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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