The Other Room

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(Computerised voice) ‘Enter room.’

Just when Carmen thought she knew all about the room she was stuck in, a lit doorway showed itself near the water tap. Soft, white light enveloped her as she showed herself in, to catch a glimpse of a young man lying on his back, limbs spread out in the X-formation, also bounded to the ground by strong bolts.

The door she just walked through, had disappeared without any traces of where it once was. And the room had no indication of any one-way mirror nor cameras.

(Computerised voice) ‘Sit next to him. Masturbate till orgasm twice, ejaculate twice.’

The voice she had been accustomed to, never fail to fascinate her. Clear, precise and concise, she can’t help but acknowledge the wisdom of the mastermind.

Comfortably seated on the right side of the fidgeting man, Carmen decided to begin with him. As much or little experience she had with penises, she would not want to appear as an ‘expert’. After getting a hold of his wiener with two fingers, she gently peeled his foreskin back to expose a clean, pink hood that she couldn’t be more thankful for.

Within minutes of her contact, it grew in length and width, to what resembled one of her exes. Proportionate, healthy and of a seemingly-comfortable fit.

(Computerised voice) ‘Begin.’

That word came as her cue to really begin, and it was of some impatience as well. Not wanting to risk anymore, Carmen wrapped her fingers around his cock and started stroking him up and down, at the same time sticking her other hand between her legs to relief herself.

What better to get herself off with a real life, throbbing dick in her hand? She had gotten wet quicker than ever and was ready to put some fingers inside herself, if not for the strangely embarrassing groans he was making.


His back arched up and down a few times before his belly sucked in really hard, for an explosion of his cum that squirt all over her hand. More cum dribbled out of his pee hole until there was nothing left, and Carmen could only make the best of the situation, to use his cum as lubricant for the second round.

Splitting her mind between him and herself, she brought herself to the first orgasm easily in under five minutes, which was clearly not enough time for him to get ‘up’. Increasing the volume of her moans for him to get back into the mood, she thrusted two fingers this time to get herself really worked up, so he would awake sooner.

After some time, she sensed the stiffness in him and proceeded into his second round. Coupled with moans, more feminine touch and some fake, shivering pauses, he displayed the same signs as she inched towards her own end.

Tightening her grip (on his cock) and quickening the pace of her fingers (in her pussy), the moneyshot where the both of them would climax together, was approaching.

(He groaned loudly) ‘CUMMING! CUMMING!’

(She moaned fiercely) ‘ME TOO! ME TOO! AHHHHH!’

The unconventional couple thrashed around where they were seated and lying, trembling violently till the high was over. While he left a little more mess on his groin, she displaced a puddle of her joy juice on the floor.

(Computerised voice) ‘Green for toilet.’

Carmen made enough trips to and fro the tap and toilet, until her hands were clean. The doorway then showed itself and she found herself back in the seclusion of lights, which might be what she needed then to gather herself.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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