Two Full

(Sister whispered) ‘kor, are you asleep?’

‘Not yet. Why?’

I turned my body around to see my younger sister, Deana, close the door behind her as she walked in. Shrouded in darkness, I couldn’t see what she might need help in until she flipped the switch on my study, revealing her oversized t-shirt clad silhouette.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Shhh.. ‘

That sneaky twist of her head in the direction of our parents’ room, got me worried about anything that I might have to keep secret from them. Not like we didn’t have any secrets between us, but I knew that they (our parents) would be the one to provide the most comprehensive solution(s).

(She continued) ‘I need your help to take these off.. I didn’t dare to.. umm.. Remove them.’

‘Them?’, I replied in a confused tone, without any idea of what she was referring to, until.. she raised her shirt above her belly, and showed me a pair of micro shorts she wore underneath.

She turned her back to me and kept peeling them down her ass until about halfway, something alike a wedgie prevented her from going any lower.

‘Can you see it?’, she asked while reiterating that ‘stuck’ area, tugging against some resistance which (her panties) clearly sank inward near her lower-half-ass.

‘Yeah. I can see it. Do you want me to pull it down for you?’

‘Slowly k? I’ll get on my knees so it’s easier for you.’

‘On your knees?’

Other than watching her get into doggie-style on my bed, I didn’t get an answer. For some reasons, THAT was her ideal position for me to remove them for her. So I went for it, sliding it over her ass until I could see what stopped her.

It was an anal plug, and another similar looking contraption that was buried in her pussy as well. I knew at that moment, what was I staring at. Having done my fair share of online shopping for male ‘toys’, she actually got a pair of dildo/ anal plug embedded panties.

When she ‘oui’ at me, I woke up from my trance and gently slid the plug out of her ass, before moving on to the dildo that revealed its length through the moans she made. Six, or perhaps seven, inches of rubber was inside her, not counting that plug.

(She sighed) ‘fuck.. I’m so wet.. ‘

By then, she had turned herself over, spread her legs in front of me, and swiped a finger across her pussy. Since I was sitting in front of the lamp, I couldn’t see much, providing the factor of ‘ignorance’ for my own good.

Just when I thought that awkward assistance was over, she grabbed my wrist and tucked all but my index and middle fingers back, gliding them along that wet slit in sheer astonishment.

‘It’s so wet right?!’

‘Yes yes. It is. You can go back to your room now and.. HEY. HEY!’

Before I realised, those two fingers had been forced inside her and I knew better than to stay put than pull them out, fearing that I might hurt her. Although it was utterly wrong to be doing this, my heart couldn’t help but feel her excitement throbbing through her vagina, leaking so much nectar with just my fingers.

In a new attempt to slow back out of this, I wriggled my fingers rapidly, in hopes that it may distract, or satisfy her enough. Instead, the moment I ‘cycled’ inside her, she began thrusting them deeper, breathing her moans out with each stroke.

I took over that tiring job and let her lie back in pleasure, catching glimpses of her rubbing herself as I fingered her to cloud nine. We sort of got caught up in giving her orgasms for a long time, until she got listless.

(She whispered) ‘Can I play with yours? I haven’t really spent quality time exploring that part of you guys.’

‘Really? You guys?’

‘Okok. Your guy. Hehe.’

She made me keep my fingers inside her while she lowered my shorts, which at that time, I had long given up on being righteous. We had went so far that the end is closer than undoing any of it.

In a curious, careful manner, she gripped it loosely and went ahead to pump it up and down, relieving my urges in that very simple motion of hers. Caught in that mesmerising, addictive exchange of orgasms, I could tell how much she was focusing on my gratification as I was on hers.

The next thing that could happen, happened, when we looked too closely into each others’ eyes. Our faces got pulled gradually till our lips touched, and it was then our monsters, broke free.

She swiftly pulled me on top of her while our hands continued working, unconsciously transiting to (her) using the tip of my cock to rub her clit. We had nothing more to say once I felt the tad of warmness engulfing the first inch, spreading hastily to the other six inches right down to my groin.

For the most unthinkable part, I was inside my own sister.

The incestuous sex then went on without much mental effort, except for the part we could only moan loudly into each others’ necks. My hips were just slamming down on her autonomously, elevating our exotic sensations to new heights.

She was warm and tight, while I was hard and unforgiving. From the way she made out with me, I began to suspect that it was just ‘now’ that she had a thing for me – in a romantic way. It was that easy to buy my mind, especially when she was such an easy sibling to care for.

Having ravished her pussy with the full might of my cock, she was smiling the whole time to every orgasm.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming mei! I’M GONNA CUM!’

She threw her feet around my back and pulled me in really close, freeing my dilemma on how and where to cum. My eyes shut instinctively and the last burst of my strength was released, in liquid form that sprayed her innards with my precious seeds.

I recalled worrying about us, from cumming so much inside her.

That night, she slept in my arms, with my cock rest peacefully on her pussy. As usual, our parents left for work quietly so they wouldn’t wake us, and we woke up to another round of sex before heading to the doctor for some Plan B.

It just so happened to be my off day, and the last day of her school holiday. What an important day that was, for us not to waste a minute more.

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