Stranger Things

‘C’mon Deana, don’t be shy. He’s clean! Just do what you always do to me.’

Deana put her mouth shyly over Justin’s cock and began making circles with her tongue, to sense a motivating shiver from his thighs. To have agreed to follow them, a pair of strangers, home for some ‘fun’, he knew it was pure luck that nothing untoward happened.

The guy who invited him to their apartment, took his pants off and went behind Deana, his girlfriend, to strip her of those unsightly shorts. As soon as she was butt naked, he slipped his cock into her and pounded her gently, so not to disrupt the pleasure his guest (Justin) was having.

As she grew more comfortable with the taste of Justin’s penis, she went deeper and deeper till he could feel her gagging on him, which accord to her man, was a ‘helpful experience’.

‘Go on, grab her hair and guide her. She can take it.’


That frustrated moan went unheeded when Justin combed his fingers into her hair, thereafter shoving her faster toward his groin. In the midst of some slight suffocation, she actually moaned louder to each thrust coming from behind.

The mind-boggling, triple-play lasted for at least another ten minutes before that guy broke free, clearly more amped up for more action.

‘Come over here dude. Fuck her from behind. It’s my turn to use her mouth.’

Justin stood warily behind her until he saw her resume the blowjob, and carefully dipped his raw cock into that glimmering gap. For one, she was hot, presumably from that pounding she received earlier. Then again, there was only one thing Justin could do inside her, and his cock caused her to clench her teeth, albeit accidentally, on his ‘boss’s’ cock.


A slap went across her face and the choking noises immediately sounded more painful, though Justin could sense her getting wetter than before. Seeing how pain had unknowingly turned her on, he used that to give her a good, rhythmic taste of his self-discipline, which only garnered an orgasm she had to stop sucking to express.

(Deana moaned loudly) ‘OH YES! THAT FELT SO GOOD! FUCKIN’.. ARGHH!’

Her boyfriend went into rage-mode almost instantly upon hearing that, partly turned on and partly jealous of what Justin did to her. He abruptly stopped everything, manhandled her to sit on top of Justin, and mercilessly rammed his own cock into her ass.

As if it wasn’t weird enough for Justin to be fucking a stranger’s girl, he is feeling his ‘boss’s cock through a thin veil of meat. The two dicks pillaged the poor pussy in both holes, to the intense orgasms Deana was going through one after another.

She barely lasted five minutes before collapsing onto Justin, body solely moving to her man’s thrusts that were forcing juices out of her. Drifting in and out of a trance, she just murmured inaudible words while convulsing occasionally.


He left out a few deep grunts before falling on top of her, and pushing himself off them once he emptied his load into her ass. As for Justin, he rolled her over onto her back and pumped her missionary-style, until he came into her defenseless vagina.

The guys then had a can of beer each, snapping photos of the wasted girl. When she finally recovered enough strength to even look at them, it was Justin’s turn to excuse himself from that fucked up couple.

Before he left, they exchanged numbers, so his WhatsApp could be spammed with videos from strategically placed hidden cameras, that he would find himself watching them in their 4K resolution.

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